The Return of Wanyama (Animal)


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Chapter One: Wanyama

To say Jade, or Cheshire as she was mostly known as was stressed just wouldn't really cover it; beside the fact that she was trying to avoid being captured by the Titans like all the other Brotherhood of Evil members but she was have trouble concentrating on escaping. Why you might ask? The simply answer is because she saw him, she saw, Wanyama, which in Swahili translates to Animal. Wanyama who was once the most deadly mercenaries, but now he is a member of the Teen Titan no less; Cheshire hadn't seen him since her father, Sportsmaster sent him to spy on the Doom Patrol. He never came back from that mission, and Cheshire never heard from Wanyama, her Emerald prince.

'It can't be him; it just can't be him. He wouldn't have abandoned me to be a Titan. He's a mercenary for Christ's sakes!' Cheshire thought as anger and confusion were bursting through her mind as she moves in the shadows, trying her hardest to avoid the Titan's searching for any Brotherhood members who were not yet frozen.

Cheshire almost made it to the exit of the fortress when the voice of someone she really didn't want to see came closer to her, and she could feel her heartbeat quicken but she forced it to slow down. "Somebody is here, Star."

"Are you sure, Friend Beast Boy?" the Tamaranean princess questions her teammate.

"Yes. Her scent is very alluring…ugh, what I meant was she smells really ni… I can handle this, why don't you go on ahead." Beast Boy rambled on, hoping his teammate would just leave so he wouldn't be as embarrassed.

Starfire only gave Beast Boy a questioning look before turning to leave, before asking her friend a question, "Friend Beast Boy? Starfire states as she takes his silence as a queue to continue. "So does this mean that you find her scent, as you humans would say 'turns you on?'"

"Starfire, please just go, there are something's that you just do not talk about in public. That is one of them." Beast Boy panics and pleads with Starfire.

As Starfire walks away from her teammate, Beast Boy sees a smirk appear on her face and a playful glint in her eyes. 'This will teach him next time when he mocks, Friend Robin's and mine relationship.'

'Wanyama thinks my scent is alluring. It turns him on. Some things never change I see.' Cheshire thought as she couldn't stop it from happening but her heart flutters in her chest, and her face reddens; Cheshire has never been so grateful to have a mask covering up her face than right there, right now. But her sensation on interrupted by the facts of the real life situation going on in front of her.

After Starfire had left, Beast Boy addresses the figure in the shadows that he was smelling. "Alright I know you're there, so why not just come out nice and slow." Beast Boy orders in a rare voice of confidence.

Slowly descending from the shadows, Beast Boy saw a female figure emerge from the dark, the young man really didn't know who she was but had to guess that she was that Cheshire girl that Speedy was talking about earlier. This was her; the girl who just caught him saying that he was her scent to be in fact alluring; holy crap could someone be anymore embarrassed than Beast Boy was at that very moment. When Cheshire made her way out of the shadows and into the light Cheshire got a better chance to study the man she thought to be Wanyama.

'He's lankier, Wanyama wouldn't be caught dead being that small, but the face, the fangs, his ears, his skin, even his voice is the same…well that might be a little different but it's him, it's Wanyama.' Cheshire pondered her thoughts about Wanyama while she was backing up into the suns light just outside of the fortress.

"L-Look I don't know who you are, but you better stop moving, right now!" Cheshire almost laughed when Beast Boy commanded her to do just that and stop moving, even when they were younger she never did has he told her to do.

'Does Wanyama not even remember me, even if I have the mask on surely my scent hasn't changed that much. Has it?' Cheshire continues to ponder in her head, her thought still on Wanyama as she continues to walk backwards.

"Look lady, don't ma-" Beast Boy never got a chance to finish his threat, for Cheshire threw a smoke tablet down to the ground and disappeared only saying three words, that ultimately left, Beast Boy feeling confused.

"Hello again, Wanyama." Cheshire greets as she smiles behind her mask as she escapes through the smoke.

'Who the hell is Wanyama' Beast Boy wonders to himself, as he walks back to where Robin told the other Titans to meet up at before they all leave for Jump City; the entire Titans, original, East, and all the honorary Titans were. The Titans are going to spend a couple days at the Titans Tower in Jump City, before going their own respective ways once again.


The green skinned Titan was still thinking about what Cheshire had told him as he enters the meeting room; he bypassed all of the other Titans as they offer him their congrats which he ultimately doesn't hear but his instincts forces him to smile and wave at the people while he walk over to the unoccupied couch that the Titans set up. After he sat down, Starfire came and sat down beside him.

"Friend, did you capture that human female who's scent turned you on?" Starfire ask as she is oblivious to how awkward talking about such things are in public.

"No, Star I didn't…and can you please stop saying that her scent turns me on, please." Beast Boy calmly pleads with Starfire. "And can we not talk about her right now? I just wanna rest until we leave for Jump." he adds as he sets his head against the arm rest as he closes his eyes.

"Of course. I'll let you sleep, as you Earthlings would say 'little brother'." Starfire concedes to her friend's/brother's wishes.

"Thanks big sis." Beast Boy replies to Starfire, as a big smile forms on his face as Starfire returns the very same smile.

Beast Boy instantly fell into a dream filled sleep, Beast Boy slept dreaming about Cheshire and that damn word "Wanyama" whatever that means. When he woke up all the Titans were gone except for Starfire, Robin, and Harold.

"Are you ready, Beast Boy?" Robin asks the now awoken Beast Boy.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Beast Boy answers as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes.

"Starfire, told me about what happened earlier with the female villain." Robin comments to Beast Boy as he offers, Beast Boy a hand up.

"Oh yeah; I don't know what happened, first she was walking back and then she disappeared into a screen of smoke." Beast Boy then proceeded to tell Robin the whole tale about his encounter with Cheshire, minus the detail about fining her scent alluring as he accepts Robin's helpful hand.

"That's okay; we all had a rough day today." Robin reassured. "So…." Robin pauses as he is unsure on how to phrase the next words to leave his mouth. "You found her scent, as Star put it, a turn on?" Robin joked, cracking up; earning the attention of Starfire and Harold, and making, Beast Boy blush as red as a tomato.

"Hey, are you two ready?" Harold asks the two Titans as Robin laughing dies down and Beast Boy continues to blush.

"Yeah, let's go. I need to get some pizza in me." Beast Boy jokes which earns a giggle from Starfire before, Harold uses his trumpet to open a portal that leads them back to Jump City, California.


The four Titans step through the portal to be walk into the common room of the Titans Tower; the common room was crawling with all the Titans doing their own thing. Jinx and Kid Flash were flirting on the couch, Cyborg and Bumble Bee were doing the same only in the kitchen; as Beast Boy proceeded to walk over to the fridge, Beast Boy decides that he should get a piece of pizza before he decides to go to the shore and clear his mind. As Beast Boy gets his pizza he is greeted by Bumble Bee and Cyborg.

"Good job today, B." Cyborg comments as he smiles at his best friend as he takes Bumble Bee's hand.

"I agree with Spark, BB." Bumble Bee agrees as she smiles at the shorter boy.

"Thanks guys." Beast Boy responds as she walks down to the shore as he is ignored by all of the Titans except for the eyes of Raven and Argent.


Beast Boy sat on the cliff of Titan Island, looking over the bay of Jump City, the wind breezing against his skin soothed his heart, the scent of the ocean calmed his spirit, and the sounds of the waves crashing against the cliff brought his internal struggles to a stop. But he knew that it wouldn't last for long, sooner or later. Beast Boy would either leave or somebody else would come out and disturb him; a villain could start committing a crime, or as Beast Boy feel now that somebody is watching him, so he decides to leave and continue his thoughts in the privacy of his own room.

As he got up to walk back to the tower, he heard the monotone voice of Raven. "What are you doing out here, I'd think you'll be celebrating with the rest of them."

"Nah, I'm too tired and too lost in my thoughts to do that." The green Titan replies while walking past the resident Empath, who could feel his confusion.

"Red Star asked me out today." Raven confessed to Beast Boy.

"And what did you say?" Beast Boy questions, Raven as he narrows his eyes at the empath.

"I told him, that I'd have to think about it." Raven responds as she can feel, Beast Boy' anger.

"What! Why would you do that, you told me you've had a crush on him since you first met him." Beast Boy scolds, Raven like she was a little child.

"I did it because I don't think I'm ready for something like that; with my powers somebody could get hurt." Raven defends hers decision to Red Star's proposition as she becomes defensive.

"Rae, you defeated your father. I'm positive you can handle a date with a guy that you like; just take a chance and if you can't do it then Red will understand." Beast Boy reassures, Raven.

"Thanks." Was all Raven said, before she disappears into her newly created portal that leads to her room.

"Did Raven just thank me? Weird." Beast Boy mutters to himself, as he continues his walk up to Titans Tower.


As Beast Boy walked through the halls the Titans that he passed congratulated him on his success leading the defeat on the Brotherhood of Evil; Argent hugged, Beast Boy as she whispered into his ear. "Good job, mate.", Aqualad gave him a high five, Jinx, and Kid Flash gave him their praise, Cyborg and Bee just smiled and Cyborg said he knew he could do it, Red Star gave Beast Boy a salute which the changeling gladly returned, Robin told him how he will be expecting more from him now, and Starfire gave him a bone crushing hug and said "I'm pleased that you lead our victory, Little Brother Beast Boy. We must have some of the pudding of victory tomorrow."

Sensing Beast Boy's panic at the prospect of eating any Tamaranean dish, Robin said "Hey Starfire, why don't we just go see what Raven and Cyborg are up to tomorrow, so we can all celebrate Beast Boy's victory at the pizza parlor instead?"

"Oh, of course, Friend Robin, let's go. Have the night visions of joy, Brother Beast Boy." Starfire yells, dragging Robin behind her, trying to find, Raven and Cyborg.

Beast Boy lightly chuckles at the antics of Starfire and once again continues the walk to his door which is only ten feet away. After Beast Boy punched in the code for his room, he walked over to his desk where the picture of his mom and dad was set; in the picture were none other than Rita and Steven Dayton, his parents and his old Doom Patrol partners.

"I hope you'll proud of me for stopping the Brotherhood. I did it for you." Beast Boy spoke to the picture of his parents before flopping down onto his bed, mumbling that same word that's been going through his head all night. "Wanyama"


Cheshire sat on her bed in her motel room that she rented for herself to stay in Jump for the following two days before she will need to find a warehouse to stay in; sitting on her bed, Cheshire looks at her old picture from when she was five years old, and she with her was her little sister, Artemis who was one years old at the time, her father, Sportsmaster who trained her and Wanyama, and finally, Wanyama himself at age seven in the picture, it was the first day of their apprenticeship under, Sportsmaster. They trained for six years together, becoming as close as you could be at that age; a tear drops from Jade's left eye as she remembers how he left and never came back, and that it killed her knowing she would never again see the boy that she fell in love with. Before lying down, Cheshire puts her picture away, turning off the lights in her room; muttering to herself, Jade falls asleep. "Father may have said I couldn't try to find, Wanyama…but father didn't say anything about, Beast Boy. Soon I will have you, my Emerald Prince back here in my arms where you belong."

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