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Author's Note: This is the final chapter of Wanyama the Return.

.There was supposed to be a Star/Speedy.

When we first thought of a suitable partner for Starfire, we thought of Speedy….granted, mind you that it was before we turned him into a crazy, drug addicted asshole. JP didn't like that pairing from the very beginning….I'm sure that's why he decided to turn Speedy into a total asshole. Besides, Bushido does offer a good partner for Starfire.

Speedy was sitting on the Titan's roof as he hangs his legs over the side as he fights the tears away.

'I can't believe I lost Cheshire to Beast Boy. But I guess it's alright if he is the one to make her happy.' Speedy thought as he failed to notice the approaching crying figure of Starfire.

"F-Friend Speedy? Are you the alright?" Starfire asks as she sobs and sits down beside the red archer.

"No I'm not, Star." Speedy replies as she double his effort on not crying.

"Then why are you crying?" Starfire questions as she used her concern for Speedy to outweigh her sadness.

"I-I'm in love with Che-eshire and she is with Beast Boy." Speedy chokes out as he turns to see the Tamaranean in near tears. "Star? What's wrong? I don't like seeing beautiful girls crying."

Starfire chokes on her tears as she answers. "I saw, Clorbag Robin cheating on me with his ex friend that is a girl, Batgirl." Starfire breaks down and throws her arms around, Speedy's neck as she cries into his shoulder. "I-I can't believe he would do this to me."

"Shh. It's gonna be alright, Star." Speedy comforts as he pats, Starfire's back in a soothing manner.

"No it won't." Starfire sobs.

Speedy removes his mask re reveal his eyes. "Look in my eyes. Tell me if I'm lying to you." Speedy challenges as he lifts Starfire's head. "I swear to you, it will be alright."

Starfire looks up and is surprised to actually see, Speedy's real eyes. Not the white of his mask but his real brilliant colored eyes. 'Robin had never showed me his eyes, but Speedy has.' Starfire thought as she got lost in the depths of, Speedy's eyes. 'Beautiful.'

"Star, are you okay?" Speedy asks as his breath hitches in his throat.

Starfire lunges at the archer and collides her lips to Speedy's. The two melted into the other's embrace and all thought of how they were hurting just vanished from their thoughts.

.Cheshire called Lex Luthor or Professor Ivo to send the White Monster to attack the Titans.

When we were doing the events of the episode 'Things Change' we were deciding on what kind of path to take, as you read we took more of a spying approach to Cheshire and Beast Boy with minimal but strong physical contact. But our first idea was to have, Cheshire call in favor to call in the white creature so she could get on the Titan's computer.

Cheshire makes a call to LexCorps as she hears the phone rings and picks it up "LexCorps, Mercy Graves speaking." said the clerk on the phone.

"This is Cheshire, calling on a request from Mr. Luthor." Cheshire respond as the call was transferred to Lex Luthor's phone.

"Hello, Ms. Hyugan, what can I help you with?" Lex Luthor asked.

"I need you to send me one of your pet projects to aim at the Titans." Cheshire requested.

"Just send me the money into my account and I'll send in my white elemental drone towards Jump City." Lex responds. "Now why are you targeting the Titans, dear?"

"Let's just say I'm having a reunion with my missing Emerald Prince." Cheshire replied sweetly as she hangs up the phone.

.Cheshire originally was supposed to disguise herself as the school girl/the Catgirl from Trouble in Tokyo.

When I first started writing the chapter that took place in Japan, I was constantly thinking on how to fit, Cheshire into the movie. And JP came up with this idea right here of having, Cheshire be the girl who leads Beast Boy to the karaoke bar. I wasn't a big fan of that approach so we had it that Cheshire followed Beast Boy and the Japanese girl, and she was jealous when she saw the girls chasing, Beast Boy.

Cheshire looked at Beast Boy, who stood alone on the steps of the Japanese comic book factory. She decides to take this opportunity to sneak up on him, but not as Cheshire. She then spotted a pink cat girl that hid behind the corner, forming herself into a school girl as she eyed on Beast Boy.

'I'm not going to let that girl have Garfield!' Cheshire thought as she jumps up from the shadows and kicks the cat girl in the face, causing her to ooze into inc. 'But you know, that gives me an idea of cheering up Wanyama.' She thought as she begins changing into just like a school girl.

.Wanyama dances with all three of his daughters.

In the wedding chapter my original concept was to have Wanyama dancing with all three of his infant daughters at the same time instead of one at a time, and then not show him dancing with the other two.

Garfield and Jade separate as the DJ announces the starts of the father/daughter dance. "Will all the fathers and daughters please get onto the dance floor, all fathers and daughter."

Garfield and his wife walk over to their friends Rose and Katana who are holding the children during the husband's and wife's first dance as husband and wife. As Jade sits down, Rose and Katana stand up and pass along, Garfield's three infant daughters into his arms as they purr knowing they are in the strong protection on their father's embrace.

"How are my three angels?" Garfield coos to his daughters as he walks onto the dance floor.

The three angels only purr and burry themselves deeper into their father arms as, Garfield starts to turn and sway to the music.

Garfield slowly turns in a circle while standing still as he hands in eldest daughter in his arms as she snuggles into his chest. Garfield turns around and see's his wife dancing with his father in-law while Artemis waits her turn. Rose is dancing with Slade, both who are two of the better dancers that he has seen. Lex is dancing with his daughter Lena.

Garfield looks down in his arms and notices that all three of his daughters had fallen asleep while they were listening to the soft music and the swaying of their father. "It's all in a day's work." Garfield whispers to himself as the current song ends and a new one begins.

.Raven is jealous of Cheshire.

Before we decided to put Raven with, Red Star there was a small portion of time when we thought we might have, Raven actually be jealous of, Cheshire because she had feelings for the green changeling.

During the boat chase.

'How dare she steal Beast Boy away from me- I mean, us.' Raven thought darkly as she approaches Cheshire and Tigress while they defend themselves.

During the jailbreak

'HE HAD SEX WITH THAT TRAMP! HE MATED WITH HER!' Rage screamed in outrage in Raven's mind, after she heard that her Beast Boy call Cheshire his mate.

During the scene when the Titans find Beast Boy and Cheshire in each other's arms

"I hope we're not interrupting something?" Raven snarls as she glares at the almost naked Cheshire holding Beast Boy close to her bare chest. 'How dare that tramp getting close to my Beast Boy.'

Raven watches as the near naked girl jumps away from Beast Boy and jumps out the window and disappears.

"Who was she?!" Raven demands.

"I-I t-think she was the girl from Jap-pan." Beast Boy replies as he starts to stutter.

"What girl, there were dozens." Raven demands, feeling her jealously consuming her.

"She's the one that led me into the alley, and we...sort of...never mind." Beast Boy started and stopped before he went further to what he wishes.

"What did she do?!" Raven sneered, trying to pressure him more.

"Well, I mean, she was the same girl I met at the diner, and then I made out with her in the bathroom." He stammers.

"YOU DID WHAT!?" Raven shouts in anger and jealousy.

.Batman comforts Superman.

It originally started out as a joke. Superman gets his feelings hurt by, Starfire and Batman as he friend comforts him. There is nothing wrong with a good bromance.

Batman confronts the hurt Superman as he placed his arm on the Man of Steel's shoulder "Don't let her get to you, she doesn't understand the situation."

"But she hurts my feelings." Superman replied, as Batman just rolled his eyes.

"You're my best friend. Does that make you feel better?" Batman states before he was swept up in Superman's arms.

"Yes!" Superman exclaims as he hugs his best friend who isn't happy with the large amount of physical contact.

"Clark? I have kryptonite." Batman warns in his gruff voice.

.Batman turns Wonder Woman away.

When we first decided that Wonder Woman was to save Batman, I decided that he should confess his feeling. JP wanted this scene right here, but I wanted a scene when Batman throws caution to the wind and just accepts, Wonder Woman into his life. Ultimately that scene made it into the final cut.

Wonder Woman enters, Batman's eye sight and his heart skips a beat and breaks at the same time of what he was about to do to the woman that he had fallen in love with. 'Alfred was right; Diana truly is an angel, a creature of light.' "Diana?" Batman greeted as he mentally prepared himself for the worst thing that he will ever have to do.

"Yes, Batman?" Wonder Woman responds as she removes the object keeping him on the ground.

"I love you, Diana." Batman confesses as he feels his heart soar at finally confesses his feeling, but it is short lived.

Wonder Woman starts moving his head towards her to kiss him, but Batman stops her movements; Batman breaks out of the Amazonian's touch and looks her in the eyes with a coldness that breaks her heart.

"While I love you and would love nothing more to be with you for the rest of my mortal life." Batman states as he keeps his features stoic.

"W-what are you saying, Bruce?" Diana chokes out as she feels her eyes moist with tears as fear of her Dark Knight turning her away.

"I'm saying we can't be together, Diana. You are a creature of light and love while I'm a child of the dark and hate and fear. I would only hurt you and corrupt you like I did to Talia, Selina and many others before you." Batman gruffs out as he turns back to the fight raging all around them. "I'm sorry, Diana but I will always love you….I-I just can't allow myself to be with you." Batman turn to the heartbroken Amazon before turning back to the battle. "We need to get back to the fight, Diana."

.Wanyama, Cheshire joins the Suicide Squad.

Before the idea of Cadmus, there was the Suicide Squad….and yes, Harley and Boomerang were to be the children's aunt and uncle.

"Auntie Harley, when are mommy and daddy coming home?" Nya asked as she eats her grapes from her bowl.

"Ms. Waller has sent them to an important mission at Berlin, sweet pea." Harley replied as she watches her husband, Captain Boomerang, playing checkers with Nya's brother, Mark.

"King me!" Mark declared as he won the game.

"Dang it, beaten by the wallaby." Boomerang responded "Best 2 out of 3, mate?"

"Bring it on, uncle Boomy." Mark responds.

The door of the base reveals Wanyama, Cheshire, Deadshot, and Bronze Tiger coming towards the base.

"Mommy, Daddy!" Nya shouts as she and Mark transformed into a puppy as Nya rushed towards her father, Wanyama, as Mark rushes towards his mother, Cheshire.

"It's good to see you too, my cubs." Wanyama said as he held onto Cheshire's hand.

.Starfire and Speedy starts the Outlaws.

When we first put Starfire with Speed we knew that they couldn't stay as Titans, so we decided to have them join create the Outlaws, and that the Red Hood would somehow join them.

Roy felt heartbroken and guilty after Wanyama beats him up. As Roy was thinking of leaving the world, it was Starfire that helped him cope. Since then, she and Roy started the Outlaws with Tigress, Static Sock, and another individual who goes by the name 'Red Hood.'

.Titans and Wanyama reunion.

Before JP and myself got through with the second chapter we decided on an ending scene. Wanyama, Cheshire have a reunion with the Titans in a neutral area. We didn't even think about introducing Rose or Katana into the story then so they will not be in this scene.

Wanyama and his family are currently on the private jet that his father in-law gave to him and Cheshire as a wedding present; the plane is a C38 Transport plane with a dark emerald and dark jade paint job with Wanyama written on the nose with a tiger's face painted on it.

"Dad when are we going to get there?" Nya calls out as she puts down her Superhero Monthly journal. What nobody knew was that, Nya was deciding on if either she should continue with the family business or join the Titans to be with her secret crush.

"Soon, my little kitty." Wanyama told his daughter as he pat her head.

"Don't call me that! At least not in front of Pedro." Nya complained as she whispered the last part, forgetting that her father and brother could hear her. 'No!'

"I can't wait to see, Aunt Starfire and Uncle Arsenal." Mark comments as he forgot not to mention the name Arsenal around his father and to save his sister from their father's inquirers.

"I don't understand why that idiot just decided to call himself, Arsenal after his arm was cut off." Wanyama mumbled and growled before he calmed at his wife's touch.

"Roy didn't know at the time about your uncle, Gar. You will have to forgive him sooner or later." Cheshire replies to Wanyama as she kisses his cheek.

"Yes dear." Wanyama agrees as he takes the plane down for a landing in an old abandoned airstrip in South America.


"Where are they?!" Raven growls as her husband Red Star puts a comforting hand on her shoulders.

"It is alright my bird. Cheshire had forgiven you for your actions a long time ago." Red Star comments to his wife as she starts to worry. She and Cheshire didn't part on the best of terms.

"I suppose your right." Raven agrees as she kisses her husband. "Have you noticed anything strange with Pedro? He has been hiding his emotions since we left this morning. I DO NOT like it when my children hide their emotion!"

"I think he has a crush on, Nya." Arella answers as she walks up to her parents.

"Are you sur-" Raven was asking before she and Arella were alerted to the emotions of pure joy from Pedro and who they can only guess is Nya since the person is female.

"Mom, Dad, everybody? They're here." Pedro calls out as all the other Titans including Nightwing, Oracle, and Cyborg turned their heads to the smiling boy.


"Wanyama." Nightwing coldly greeted as he was elbowed in his ribs by his wife.

"Nightwing." Wanyama greets in the same and also gets hit in his ribs by his wife.

"So," Nightwing began "How is the criminal life, Garfield?"

"Oh you know," Wanyama replied "Working with connections, made some contract deals with LexCorps, and some classified businesses." he said as he held his wife as he watch the kids….teenagers hang out together.

'Nya and Pedro seem to both have feelings for one another.' Wanyama thought as he heard and smelled Raven and Red Star getting closer to their location.

"Hello, Raven, Red Star." Wanyama heard his wife greet the two new Titans to join the group. "Where is Cyborg?"

"I'm right here, Little Lady." Cyborg replies as he runs to catch up with the others. "Is my little grass stain treating you right?" Cyborg asks Cheshire as he puts his arm around Wanyama's shoulder.

Cheshire puts her hand on her stomach and smirks. "Yes he is."

"You're pregnant again." Raven allows a smile to cross her features. "Thank god. I feared I was going to be the only one to be pregnant."

"Fear not, Friend Raven and Sister Cheshire for I'm also pregnant." Starfire greets as she rushes her best friend and sister in-law in a massive, but gentle hug in joy of all three being pregnant at the same time.

Wanyama laughs as he watches the scene unfold. "I feel sorry for you guys. You get Raven pregnant for a whole twelve month of pregna-" Wanyama was interrupted by his wife.

"Maybe we should visit for the remainder of my pregnancy so we can all spend time together." Cheshire tells her fellow pregnant women as they all smile.

Starfire's eyes bug out in joy. "That is a glorious idea. All three of us can go through the hormones, and mood swings together."

"Joy." Raven sarcastically said. 'This might be fun. Not for the guys, but for us…oh yeah.'

And that's the way the cookie crumples. This is the ending of the first installment of the Wanyama saga. My only regret is that it never reached one hundred reviews….but I'm pretty damn proud of the number of reviews that I got. If you want I have a poll on my profile to check out.