Welcome to the ultimate warriors guide! Here you will find a guide to naming cats, personalities, plots, ideas, trivia, poems, and so much more warriors stuff! This is the Official Unofficial Warriors Guide!

Chapter 1- Cat Genetics

So to start off this Official Unofficial Warriors Guide are simple genetics and what's accepted and not accepted.

First off- unacceptable coat colors

There are some unacceptable coat colors or eye colors that most authors don't seem to know about.

*Violet eyes are impossible, I mean how many of us have really seen a real life cat (not pictures, they can be edited) with violet eyes? I guarantee none of us have, so please don't waste your time trying to prove me wrong.

*An orange tabby is really called a red tabby, however this just puts a weird picture in my mind so it's okay to say either one. (Though I personally lean toward the orange tabby side)

*No strange markings, like a star on their forehead (Starkit's prophecy), a moon on their paw, things like that, not only does it make the cat seem Mary-sue it's just not possible.

*Cats cannot have things like this: A black she-cat with red paws, it's not possible

*Silver eyes

*Gray eyes

Second Thing- acceptable coat and eye colors

*Golden eyes are possible!

*Blue eyes

*Green eyes

*Amber eyes

*Two different eye colors are possible. (Known as "odd-eye cats")

*And there are many acceptable coat colors, if you have one you're not sure about, message me, I can help.

Third Thing- Genetics

Most authors on here don't know a thing about cat genetics, (and I've helped many) so here are common cat genetics. (Nothing too hard, trust me.)

*Cats MUST have white fur somewhere on them to have blue eyes. (Yes the Erins have broken this rule, many, many times, this does not make it ok to follow them)

*Tortoiseshell toms are impossible, they are infertile, rare, and cannot be found in the wild. (Look it up)

*Pure white cats with blue eyes have a large percentage of being deaf. (To be exact it's 80%) An example of this is Snowkit, Speckletail's kit.

*See? Wasn't that easy?

Fourth Thing- Recap

Just a small recap of this chapter of the guide.

*Cats must have white fur somewhere on them to have blue eyes, and white cats with blue eyes are normally deaf.

*Violet, Silver, Gray eyes are not possible.

*Purple, Green, and many other ridiculous colorings are not possible.

*Following genetics makes you a better writer.