Chapter 4- How to write a good fanfiction

Part 1- Making a plot

When you are making a fanfiction, you NEED to have a plot, without one the story will be ruled by your cats, and that wouldn't be great at all, if anything do what I do and write a brief timeline about what will happen in your story, so that way you don't get off track.

Part 2- Making a clan and characters

It's best to have an allegiance at the beginning of your book to keep the reader from getting confused, like who's deputy? It's easy to make one follow this example:

Leader: leader's name and description goes here.

Deputy: deputy's name and description go here

Medicine Cat: med cats name and description here

Warriors: all your warriors' names and descriptions go here

Apprentices: all your apprentices' names and descriptions go here

Queens: all your queens' names and descriptions go here.

Elders: all your elders' names and descriptions go here

Characters: Now this is the fun part, if you need help go to chapter 2, it has a list of prefixes and suffixes, however if you still need help pm the amount of cats, clan name, clan territory, major traits, how many cats of each rank (keep it under 15 warriors), and I can have a clan ready to use in a week max.

Part 3- Writing the story

The really fun part is writing the story itself, if you need help pm, I'll give you some ideas. Make sure to spell check and grammar check your story! If it doesn't make sense people won't read it. It's best to have a person look over it before you post the story/chapter, (I believe this is what Betas are for) it can be a friend or beta, who cares, right?

Part 4- Any questions?

If you have any questions message me, also message me if you have an idea for another chapter of this guide, or if I should add something.

Part 5- Trivia!

Hawkfrost and Mothwing had a brother, what was his/her name?

Firestar and _ are kin, who is the blank and how are they connected?

What was Firestar's kittypet name and what was his friends name?

Review with your answers first person to get all 3 correct wins! Go!