When Cordelia told Sumia to choose her own destiny, she hadn't expected her to embrace it so eagerly, not had she expected Sumia's ideal destiny to involve wrapping arms around her waist and planting an unexpected but soft kiss to her lips. Nor had she expected herself to be so eager to return the kiss, fighting through the embarrassment as her cheeks turned as red as her hair. But there she was, sitting on the edge of Sumia's bed with a hand creeping around to lose itself in her best friend's light brown locks, her lips moistened by another girl's tongue, and an odd lack of second thoughts or shame to be found anywhere.

The flower petals that lay discarded all over the floor and bed cast the entire situation in an oddly romantic light, making the entire room smell of a fresh garden and making both girls a little less nervous about their silent confessions. Each time their lips brushed together or one stroked the other's cheek, it was a way of admitting affection without needing to say it, since words would not only make them have to accept some awkwardness in the situation, but make them have to stop their gentle back-and-forth kisses. Neither wanted to stop kissing, or tackle the reality of what both silently carried through their deep, years-long friendship. Secrets both had intended to keep locked up within came out in the oddest of ways, but the moment was too sweet to face them.

There was simply nothing to say that hands slowly creeping along thighs didn't say with much more clarity. Slowly, Cordelia found herself being led down onto the pillow, her bright red hair cascading all about her as Sumia lowered them both down. The clumsy girl was nervous about what she was about to do, sure, but there was an odd sense that she'd able to do it without messing up, that a first time with Cordelia on a bed of flower petals was such a beautiful storybook romance moment that it would all come together for once. If she was to choose her own path, she decided to choose one where she and her long-adored crush and best friend could get the happy ending they deserved.

Of course, she wasn't confident enough to be as subtle about it as they always were in books, spending whole hours just worshipping Cordelia's neck with her lips or caressing her thighs with her fingers for days on end. She was a nervous virgin pulling herself through by sheer willpower, and she knew that it was best to just go for it before she faltered. There would be plenty of time to kiss every inch of fair, gorgeous flesh once she'd heard that panted, afterglow-tinged, "I love you," come from the so-called 'perfect' Pegasus Knight. Of course, she couldn't help but go for her neck for a moment, just to feel the way Cordelia's soft, affectionate purring made her throat vibrate softly as the noise rumbled in her chest.

Words couldn't convey everything, though, and soon enough she forced out an, "I want to go down you," that she didn't mess up nearly as much as she expected to. She was glad she had her face nestled into her friend's shoulder, because the warmth filling her cheeks was unbearable and her entire face as an adorable, embarrassed pink.

That request, being the first words said since Sumia's surprise kiss, made Cordelia similarly rosy in the face, and her fingers fretted with the hem of her dress. "Okay," she said, sounding much more confident, but inside being just as nervous as Sumia was; she just hid it better. She hadn't ever wanted to confess her crush on her best friend, not wanting the most meaningful friendship in her life to be forever made awkward by that sort of admission, but there she was, having the girl she adored kissing her neck and asking her for sex. It was like a dream, down to the way she squirmed only to get rose petals stuck in her hair, but she didn't complain about it, hoping instead that if it was a dream, that she'd never wake up.

With the dress pulled up, Sumia quickly moved down her body, not pausing to wonder if she was coming off as too eager, her mind focused solely on the object of showing Cordelia that she loved her. If she let it any other thoughts it would make her reconsider, and she wasn't going to have that. She found a pair of lacy white panties, so pristine and expected, and she gladly slid them down the redhead's gorgeous legs to find her slit, topped off with a neatly tended-to tuft of red. It was just like she'd always imagined it would be, and her chest tightened as she leaned forward, wiggling a soft fingertip gently between the puffy lips and planting a kiss down on her nub.

Cordelia gasped and twisted, head rolling back and hands finding Sumia's cheek, caressing it gently and encouraging her onward. She was surprised just how well her advice had been heeded, how her best friend suddenly became very eager to effect things herself instead of looking to the skies for guidance and passively letting it all happen. It was sweet to see, and meant that she didn't have to shoulder the awkward burden of going first.

Slowly Sumia found her stride, lapping gently along all the sensitive flesh that had previously gone untouched by another, her finger pumping to the steady rhythm of Cordelia's breath, noted by her loving gaze upward being interrupted by the rise and fall of her breasts with each passing exhale. It was a nice pace to go, especially as Cordelia's breath began to quicken, fingers sliding along her face to running along her shoulder. Soon enough her tongue slipped in as well, easing between her slick labia and lapping at her inner walls, coming in from below as the finger pressed upward, rocking along the ceiling of her pussy. That combination soon made Cordelia go from respectably holding it in to confessing just how well it felt, the hand on Sumia's shoulder gripping it tightly and a curse shooting past her lips, carried by the force of an intense, ragged moan.

That was all the encouragement Sumia needed, fingering and licking harder, quicker, not caring about matching pace with her lover's breath as she simply went for it, eyes closing so that she could take in everything non-visual; the moans, the feeling of her thighs rubbing against her arms as Cordelia became restless and began dancing atop her finger and tongue. Sumia had done it. Against all odds, she had successfully eaten the woman she loved out and showed her how much she cared, going as far as to render the redhead an impassioned, vocal mess. Pride swelled in her chest, but she kept going, eager to see it through.

Inexperience meant she didn't have much longer to go before Cordelia howled, hips rising up off the bed as she sucked in a hard breath and bit down on her tongue to keep from waking the entire building. A quick spurt of clear fluid struck Sumia in the forehead completely by surprise as she writhed on the bed, muffled moans and screams providing a sweet soundtrack by which Sumia continued to gently lap at her folds just for good measure. She only stopped once the squirming had, when Cordelia lay, eyes closed, all the energy from her drained. Though breath was scarce, she managed to get out all the she to say. "I love you."