The sun shone brightly on the expectant crowd, beating down with its harsh light. A few puffy white clouds floated serenely across the open blue sky. The wind that gently blew them brought a promise of cooler nights. The crowd waited with baited breath on the banks of a river, its surface calm and quiet. Watching the platform that bobbed gently near the banks, the crowd grew noisy and restless in the summer heat; their impatience growing with each moment. A few boats passed by setting the platform to dancing gently in their wake. All of a sudden silence fell on the gathered people as they heard someone tapping a microphone amplified over hundreds of speakers scattered all around the immediate area. This is what the people had been waiting for. This man was the man they had all come to hear. A voice boomed out across the water loud and clear. 'Ladies and gentlemen welcome and thank you for coming.' He moved away from the mic for a second and coughed gently to clear his throat, then staggered as the floating platform suddenly rocked wildly. The platform was set up with a large projector screen and this started to sway alarmingly. The crowd gasped then chuckled nervously. Was this part of the speech? The platform continued to rock wildly with the man struggling to stay upright, not fall over the edge and avoid being crushed by falling projector screens, He looked like a drunk gazelle covered in ants. The crowd started to laugh lauder at his predicament. Finally, his less than graceful movements brought him to close to the edge and he toppled over, letting out a terrified squeak not unlike a mouse that has had someone stomp on it vigorously. The hysteric hoard on the banks nearly fell over with glee as this great man fell overboard. Then the laughter stopped abruptly as the man rose from the water which was now turning red with blood. He was quite obviously dead, but he still rose up from the water anyway. There was screams from the crowd as the reason behind the man's death rose slowly beneath him, bearing him up into the warm air. The crowd started to panic and all run in the same direction like sheep. The object of panic was steadily rising and looked not unlike a baby mountain emerging from the depths of the river except that is was green and scaly. The entire river started to bubble and froth and an eerie glow emanated from the deep water. The crowd eventually worked out which way to go and proceeded to run in every which direction, some even ran right into the river like fat hairless lemmings. Two people in the crowd, a young couple, had managed to escape before the confusion of panicked sheeple thanks to a curious gift of Foresight that they both possessed. They took off running before the rest of the crowd had even started to scream. Another man, smarter than the rest, watched them go before deciding to follow them. He caught up to them and proceeded to introduce himself while they ran. The couple looked bemusedly at him before silently agreeing to let him tag along. Meanwhile the baby mountain had continued to rise out of the water and was now a decently large mountain with a tail. And a head. The creature looked reptilian in form but was quite obviously not normal. It looked around itself, searching for something to eat no doubt, while water cascaded of its immense bulk. It took a hesitant step towards the bank, completely obliterating the few remaining crowd members, before heading towards the large city nearby. Helicopters started to follow it.