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Survive Without Fear

The sun was shining, reflecting off the crystal water of the lagoon where Gilligan was fishing, but striking out when Mary Ann approached.

"No luck, huh?"

"I think they went on vacation, I've been fishing all morning."

"Why don't you take a break."

"I can't, Mary Ann."

"Not even for a coconut cream pie?"

He dropped his pole in the sand and turned to her. She produced a coconut cream pie from behind her back and he licked his lips.

"You sure know how to cheer a guy up."

"I figured you'd be hungry."

She smiled up at him as he took the pie and dove right in. She giggled at how he was getting pie all over his face and hands.

"My goodness, Gilligan, you act is if you hadn't eaten breakfast."

He stopped to take a breath.

"I could've had more, but you guys have to eat, too."

She chuckled as he inhaled the pie and began licking the plate when they heard an unfamiliar noise. They listened closely, but saw no sign of what was making the sound when they looked up to see a helicopter. The two began waving and jumping for joy as the helicopter started to descend.

"We're saved! We're saved!" shouted Gilligan.

Mary Ann was overcome with emotion that she kissed Gilligan on the cheek getting some pie on her face. She licked her lips as Gilligan turned, laughing that she had pie on her nose and chin. He pulled out his handkerchief and gently wiped her face clean before he wiped his. The helicopter landed at the edge of the shore of the lagoon and they watched a man get out and secure the helicopter so it wouldn't drift. Another man emerged and advanced towards the two Castaways.

"Boy are we glad to see you."

The man gave Gilligan a strange look as his friend had joined them.

"Ramoo, I thought you said this island was uninhabited?"

"It was."

The man sighed in frustration shaking his head and running his hand over his face. Couldn't his companion do anything right?

"May I ask who you are and what you're doing here?"

"My name is Gilligan and this is Mary Ann. We were shipwrecked on this island a few years back."

"Just the two of you?"

"No, there's five more back at camp, Mr..." Mary Ann answered.

"Mr. Kincaid, my dear, Jonathan Kincaid."

He took her hand and tenderly kissed it earning a momentary jealous glare from the young sailor.

"We'd better go back and tell the others," Gilligan said.

"Imagine being rescued after all these years!"


The two had been halfway to the jungle when they stopped and glanced back at Kincaid. Gilligan approached to see what the man wanted.

"Do you have any game on this island?"

"Oh yeah, we have cards, checkers, chess..."

"I mean wild game like a boar."

"Yeah, we have boars, apes, birds, frogs, lizards, bats, and rodents."

Gilligan turned around and followed Mary Ann back to camp. Kincaid glanced at Ramoo, frowning.

"Hmm...not much of a challenge."

"Boars and apes are challenge."

"Not this time, Ramoo. What would you say if we hunted the most challenging prey?"

"Who that?"

"Man, Ramoo, and there are seven to choose from."

"Hunt all of them?"
"Maybe, but disable the radio, I don't want them alerting the authorities once they find out the news."

Ramoo did as he was ordered while Kincaid took in the scenery and grinned. This was certainly a perfect place to hunt without the distraction of other hunters trying to bag the same game within a certain time limit. He was the champion of hunters, but there were times he had almost been bested, not by his prey, but other hunters who got in the way. Those who incurred his wrath were dealt with, physically or financially, making others regard him in such a way that some wouldn't enter tournaments if he was entering. He had just entered into one of the most prestige tournaments in the sporting world and needed some practice. His companion, Ramoo, suggested a deserted isle that would challenge him and in a way he had been right.

When they arrived at the camp the Castaways showered Kincaid and his companion with gratefulness. There were shaking of hands, pats on the backs, and cheek kissing from the ladies. They were excited and he couldn't blame them, but he decided to let them enjoy their moment before shattering it. He glanced at Ramoo who was trying not to smile from getting his cheeks kissed by the ladies and Kincaid broke out with a chuckle before addressing the group.

"No thanks are necessary, folks."

"Kincaid, what brought you here?" the Professor wondered.

"Hunting, my good man."

"Well, there is certainly plenty of game on our island," Skipper stated.

"That's what Ramoo told me, but we weren't expecting people."

"Mr. Kincaid, when do we leave? I want to get back to Hollywood and turn my little adventure into a movie."

"In due time, my dear."

Conversations broke out among them and soon they left their heroes at the communal table while they packed for their impending rescue.

"Who do you think would make for a challenging prey, Ramoo?"

"All are good."

"Where's your sense of the hunt?"

He shrugged his shoulders not knowing how to answer, they all seemed to be challenging in their own way, but knowing his friend he wanted one that would put up a fight to the end.

"They need to be agile."

"And nimble," added Ramoo.

In the Howells hut they were packing their trunks and suitcases. Mrs. Howell was folding her furs when she had a dreadful thought.

"Thurston, I do hope they haven't crossed us off the social register."

"They wouldn't dare!"

"Well, darling, we haven't paid our dues in years."

"Yes, we have."

She stopped packing and turned to her husband in confusion.


"I've been sending money in a bottle once a year."

"Oh, darling, you think of everything!"

She pinched his cheek when Kincaid knocked.

"Come in," Mrs. Howell said.

"Mr. Kincaid, the man of the hour, what can I do for you?"

Mr. Howell led Kincaid in and motioned for him to sit while he went back to counting the money he was packing.

"Just a little information about your stay on the island."

"To say the least it was a long holiday," Mrs. Howell commented.

"Really? How did you manage?"

The socialite placed her suitcase on the ground and turned to the hunter with a grim expression remembering the early days on the island.

"It was quite dreadful in the beginning, but with a little hard work we've come to think of this place as a home away from home away from home."

"And Lovey means little work. No Howell does manual labor!"

"Only in emergencies, darling."

Kincaid knew people like them; lazy, fat tycoons and their well-fed wives who gossiped about other rich women's husbands that were having affairs, but he was baffled by these two because they seemed fit for their age and station.

"Well, how do you two stay fit?"

"Thurston and I stroll the island once a day."

"Yes, it's quite refreshing especially when we get lost."

She chuckled at her husband's retort as he admired Kincaid's gun. He muttered his appreciation and Kincaid let him handle it. He pointed it and startled his wife as she threw her arms up in surrender.

"Almost caught her on the rise."

They chuckled and she mouthed 'Oh Poo' lovingly as Kincaid left their hut making notes. He visited the Professor next who was reading one of his books. Like the Howells he expressed his gratitude and Kincaid questioned how he managed to stay fit.

"Physical labor and exploring the island for solutions to any problem that happened to arise."

"Interesting for a man of science."

"Work has to be done and we all have to pitch in."

"So it seems."

He left the Professor's hut and continued questioning the others.

Kincaid strolled through the jungle contemplating his decision after speaking with all the Castaways. They would all make his hunt fun, but there were at least four of them that would make for a challenge and he couldn't decide, so he hatched a scheme to make his quarry present itself to him and had sent his companion scouting. He finally met up with Ramoo by a cave with a totem pole next to it.

"What you find out?"

"Plenty, my friend."

"Good, Ramoo ready."

"This is the most central cave on the island?"

Ramoo nodded.

"Good, we'll share the news with them after dinner."

He patted the man on his shoulder and laughed.

Cheering, singing, and overall happiness echoed around the table during dinner as Kincaid observed them. He cleared his throat when they had finished and they all smiled at him.

"I have important news."

They turned to him giving their full attention.

"I am taking one of you with me on a hunting trip."

They all cheered and clapped in excitement.

"You don't understand, one of you will be my quarry."

Their smiles wiped from their faces except Gilligan's who kept clapping until the Skipper forced him to stop.

"Skipper, what's a quarry?"

"It means he's going to hunt one of us."

Gilligan's face fell and became scared as he tried to hide behind his big buddy. He gazed around at everyone noticing the terror in their eyes and he gulped, trying to swallow the lump in his throat.

"Yes, but I haven't decided. To make it a fair fight there will be a race tomorrow to make my decision easier."

"But you can't hunt us!" the Skipper exclaimed.

"Yes, there is plenty of game on the island."

"Indeed there is, Professor, and I've hunted them before. I've always wondered what it would be like to hunt the most elusive prey, a human."

Mr. Howell hugged his wife close to him seeing signs she might faint and scowled at the hunter.

"That's murder!" Mr. Howell shouted.

"Not necessarily, if I don't kill my quarry. Listen, if you participate then I will make sure you're rescued."

"And if we refuse?" Skipper asked.

Kincaid grinned.

"I suggest you get some rest."

He walked away as the Castaways gazed horrified at each other.

"He wouldn't dare kill a Howell, would he?"

"I'm afraid he would, Mr. Howell," the Professor stated.

"What about us women?" Ginger asked.

"And children?" Gilligan piped up.

"All of us are in danger," the Professor announced.

"Some rescue he turned out to be," Skipper remarked.

"At any rate we should try to rest up for tomorrow, we are at his mercy and if we don't go along with his demented plan it could mean all of our deaths."

They all swallowed at the Professor's words. Did they really have to listen to this madman? Couldn't they overpower him somehow? Then again this man was a renowned hunter who never missed, but still, couldn't they risk it? Those were the questions they silently thought of as they tried to sleep that night.