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"Where are you going after school?"

Stiles watched as Isaac nearly jumped a mile in the air. The werewolf had been acting strange all day and was Stiles was worried. Ever since the Kanima issue had been resolved and Boyd and Erica had gone missing, Isaac had gravitated towards Scott and Stiles, clearly uncomfortable with the only other remaining beta in his pack and it was hard not to feel protective of the curly haired teen.

"Nowhere. Wait- Um, Derek's loft," Isaac stuttered out nervously.

Stiles didn't have to be a werewolf to know that Isaac was lying. He wasn't the Sheriff's son for nothing, "Uh huh," he said, scrunching his eyebrows at the boy, "Well, you do know that Derek is going with Scott to Deaton's to question him again about what he might know about what happened to Erica and Boyd, right?"

Isaac laughed nervously, "Oh, is that today? Huh, I forgot."

Another lie. Stiles internally sighed, wondering when Isaac would pick up the fact that even though he might not be a human lie detector like the wolves could be, he still wasn't that easy to lie too, "Well, I better get home. I'll see you later." He said lightly.

"Yeah," Isaac nodded, avoiding Stiles' eyes, "I'll see you later."

Stiles nodded, turning from the werewolf and walking down the hallway. Isaac was definitely up to something and Stiles was going to find out what before the younger boy got himself into trouble.

Two Days Later:

"Coulson, Parrish, Anderson, Drake, Manning, get over here!" Fury ordered. The four young agents scurried over with Coulson behind them, "Beacon Hills, California. In the last six months, there have been two serial killers and now there are four missing teenagers. Vernon Boyd IV and Erica Reyes went missing a month ago and it was assumed that they had run off together. However, two days ago, Isaac Lahey and Przemyslaw Stilinski went missing. While they had connections to Reyes and Boyd, they had no reason to disappear and local police are under the assumption that they went looking for their friends and ran into the same trouble as the others. Stilinski is the Sheriff's son and this case has hit the national news. We need to go."

The five agents were flipping through their files and Drake, the promising new recruit with her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, questioned, "Why is this a S.H.I.E.L.D. case, sir?"

"Read your files," Fury said, "Something's not right in Beacon Hills."

As the agents flipped through the files, Fury took note of the strange expression on Parrish's face when he hit page three, "Parrish, did you notice something?"

"The Lahey kid looks familiar," Parrish spoke slowly, frowning at the picture attached to the page.

Fury nodded, intrigued by the comment since Parrish had shown no signs of remembering his past since he was found near the area where Stark had escaped.

"Coulson. With me," Fury ordered, swiftly turning around and walking over to a secluded area with Coulson behind him. He pulled out the thicker file that he was holding and flipped through it before coming to the section on Isaac Lahey.

"Look at this," He said, pointing to the area of the file that listed the teen's family. Coulson leaned over, a startled expression coming over his face as he looked at the picture of Isaac's brother, a near doppelganger to Agent Parrish.

Camden Lahey: Missing in Action.

"Keep an eye on Parrish," Fury demanded, "It's getting harder to justify having an Amnesiac as an Agent, but this could go south very quickly if something happens to those kids."

"Werewolves?!" The Sheriff exploded as Derek shifted back into his human form, "You're telling me that werewolves took my son even though you and the other kids are werewolves too!"

Lydia, who was standing near the window, noticed a group of five adults walking towards the house. She quickly turned to them, shaking her head furiously and hoping they understood to stop talking, huffing as she was ignored.

"It's an Alpha Pack," Derek explained, arms crossed, "They're dangerous and they're after my pack but I don't know why yet."

"So this Alpha Pack took my son?!" The Sheriff yelled, face red, "What exactly is an Alpha Pack? What does that mean?"

Lydia watched as the door swung open and one of the men who were outside leaned against the doorway, "I thought it might be werewolves."

Derek immediately transformed, making the other four adults startle slightly, "Derek!" Scott hissed, although his own claws were out, "The other officers could check in at any moment. Shift back!"

Derek slowly shifted back however he kept his claws out and flashed his eyes threateningly. Lydia resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the lack of subtlety.

"Agent Coulson, S.H.I.E.L.D," The man in the doorway said, handing a badge to the Sheriff, "We got wind of some particularly concerning events in this town, two serial killers in the last six months as well as four missing teenagers. Our researchers put together a file and when the Director read over it, he decided that it was time for S.H.I.E.L.D to get involved," Coulson turned to Derek, "I need you to tell me everything you know about this Alpha Pack."

Derek hesitated and after a few moments of silence, Jackson stepped up, "If you ever want to find the others, you might want to tell them. Or do you ever watch television?"

Agent Anderson stepped forward, "We're not hunters, Sir. S.H.I.E.L.D knows about werewolves but we're not in the habit of killing them unless they start killing themselves."

The Alpha grimaced but gave in, "They're a Pack of Alphas. There are no Betas, and the rumor is that they killed any they had. My Uncle looked into it and he says there are five of them."

Jackson rolled his eyes and spoke up, "Well, since Derek's the only one in the world who trusts Peter, I say there's probably about fifteen and he's hoping we'll get ourselves killed."

Coulson raised his eyebrows and Lydia shrugged, "It's true. Peter tried to kill me a couple of months ago."

Agent Manning looked concerned, "So you're telling me a Pack of Alpha Werewolves kidnapped four teenagers for unknown reasons and we have no idea how many there are?"

Coulson just nodded, "Sounds about right. Let's go, Agents," he said before turning around and marching out of the room as Lydia watched in confusion.

As he turned the corner, he pulled out a cell phone, hitting the speed dial before placing it at his ear, "Sir, I think we're going to need the Avengers."

Stiles stood in the center of a ring of Beta's, trying act like he wasn't bleeding as the three other werewolves growled at their kidnappers.

"Stand down, puppies. I can deal with these idiots," Stiles said lightly, a grin on his face.

"You. Are. Human," Boyd hissed angrily, growling as the female Alpha stepped forward, a vicious smile on her face.

"Actually, I've already been over this with Matt but I'm not human. I'm the Abominable Snowman but it's summer so I can't transform," he said sarcastically.

Isaac whimpered softly as the one who seemed to be the lead Alpha moved closer as well.

He sighed, "Fine, fine. You guys can play first," he said, shooting a sideways glance at the unknown girl who was sitting in the corner, watching the scene calmly.

"Your pet human won't live too long if he treats his superiors like this," The female Alpha said menacingly.

Stiles scoffed, "Excuse me! I'm-"

Erica shot him a look, "Not now, Stiles."

He crossed his arms and pouted slightly, settling for glaring at the woman. He wasn't anybody's pet and he could be just as useful as the wolves when he tried. The silent standoff didn't last long as the Alpha werewolf that the female had called 'Ennis' seemed to grow impatient, lunging for Isaac and clawing his side.

Suddenly, the room turned into a war zone. Erica dived at the female Alpha as Boyd took on Ennis. The girl in the corner got up to take on the twins and Isaac moved to help her. Stiles was glad that the lead Alpha seemed happy to let everyone else do the dirty work as he watched and while that was definitely something Stiles needed to keep an eye on, it helped that there wasn't a werewolf attacking him as well. He also absently noticed that the twins didn't seem to be as ferocious as the female and Ennis and decided that that would be something important to remember.

"Oh, come on!" Stiles shouted, "No. There's a really annoying Beta back home that I wouldn't really have cared much if you took, but he's off limits!" He declared as he leaned over Isaac, who had just been thrown into a wall and knocked out.

Stiles watched as the female Alpha knocked Erica down with a particularly hard blow and lunged for Stiles. The lead Alpha suddenly barked, "Kali. Dead hostages are no use to us."

Kali snarled and grabbed Stiles, slowly running her claws down the side of his arm before turning around and walking haughtly back over to the lead Alpha. As Ennis threw Boyd to the ground and the twins tossed the other werewolf into the nearest wall, they walked over to Kali and the lead Alpha, "Let them heal," The leader ordered, "They're no fun if they're not fighting."

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