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Sheriff Stilinski sat in the room, surrounded by his son's pack and the four young S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, waiting on Coulson to escort the Avenger's to his house. He was fairly certain that this was the last thing that he would have expected to happen in his life a few days ago, but now here he was in a world where werewolves were real and superheroes were looking for his kidnapped son.

As horrible as his situation was, he knew it had to be even worse for the Reyes and Boyd families. He knew that the last time he'd seen them; Mrs. Boyd had been practically catatonic. He couldn't imagine having one child missing for six years only to lose another. As ridiculous as the whole thing was, if the Avengers were willing to help track down these kids, he certainly wasn't going to turn them down.

A knock on the door seemed to echo through the house as Derek got up to answer it. Scott, who was sitting next to the Sheriff, started bouncing with nervous energy. The Sheriff knew that as much as he loved the Avengers, he was mostly excited that help had finally arrived.

Derek opened the door and Coulson led the Avengers into the room. Captain America stepped forward, walking over to the Sheriff and shaking his hand, "Hello, Mr Stilinski. I'm Steve Rogers and I'm here to help find your son," He paused and then turned to the rest of the occupants in the room, "We need to know everything you can tell us. Where were they last seen? Do you have any idea where they could be? Do you know of any ways to fight the Alpha Pack?"

Since Derek was the Alpha, he stepped forward and took control, "Erica and Boyd were last seen by Chris Argent when he helped them escape a hunter who was holding them captive. The hunter grabbed them after they tried to leave my pack so I'm not sure how far away they were when the Alpha Pack got them. We didn't even know anything was wrong until we saw the symbol for revenge on my door. Isaac and Stiles were last seen leaving school two days ago."

"Revenge for what?" Bruce asked curiously.

"I honestly don't know," Derek replied, arms crossed, "I don't think I've ever spoken to any of them before."

"Gee, I don't know. It's not like your uncle went on a serial killing rampage a few months ago," Jackson snarked.

Tony raised his eyebrows and Lydia shrugged, "They tried to kill him. It didn't stick."

"Okay. What?" Tony asked incredulously.

Lydia pretended she didn't hear him.

"Yeah, he came back somehow. I really don't get that," Scott piped up. Jackson rolled his eyes as Derek shot him an annoyed look.

"Okay… So they're possibly looking for revenge for something Derek's Uncle did to them. Does anyone know how to contact Derek's Uncle?" Steve questioned them.

They all looked at each other, "If anyone knew how to find Peter, my grandfather would have probably killed him a couple of months ago," Allison spoke up, as if that was a perfectly normal thing to say.

The Avenger's paused and Tony spoke up, "These kids are violent," He observed.

Natasha just shrugged, as if to say 'I've seen worse', and Clint nodded in agreement.

The Sheriff had to hold in his amusement at this. It didn't seem very appropriately timed, anyway. After all, his son was still missing and being held captive by Alpha Werewolves. Alpha Werewolves who could very easily kill him. If he lost his son, he didn't know what he would do. Stiles was all he had left.

"Alright…" Steve started, "Back to square one. Does anyone know how to track them?"

The Sheriff shook his head, "All their phones have turned up in the middle of the woods and the wolves can't catch a scent. They think they might have a druid, whatever that is, helping them."

Clint looked horrified, "A druid too?" He whispered, "A dark druid?"

"We don't know," Derek answered, "It could just be their Emissary."

"Is it really all that much better if they're working for an Alpha Pack?" Natasha asked.

Derek thought for a moment, "Probably not." He admitted.

Tony sighed, "This'll be fun."

Six Days Later:

Agent Parrish waited outside the warehouse for the signal as the Avengers and the Pack ran inside. He had his gun in his hands, ready to shoot at any enemy. They had a plan to deal with up to seven alpha's and once they had confirmed how many were in there, the Agents were to sneak inside and find the children while the other's fought the kidnappers.

Lightning shot out of a window and Coulson blinked for a moment before saying, "I think that's the signal," as he rushed inside and the others quickly followed.

It was chaos. Transformed werewolves were slashing at each other and showing their fangs with various colors of glowing eyes throughout the room and Parrish couldn't help but think that there seemed to be more fighting on their side than there was when they came in. Iron Man was circling the roof of the warehouse, firing anytime he got a good shot and Thor was throwing his hammer at what was officially the scariest thing he'd ever seen in his life as the other's assisted the werewolves.

Anderson, Drake, and Manning ran for their assigned kids and for a moment, he wasn't even sure if they were alive. Stilinski and Boyd looked to both be out cold and the girl appeared to be having a seizure. It wasn't until he heard screaming from the closet that he heard Coulson yell, "There's five of them!" as he headed for another young girl in the corner.

He rushed for the closet and furiously tried to open the door, to no avail. He quickly turned around to see Hulk, who seemed to be enjoying repeatedly slamming a female Alpha into the ground, nearby, "A little help here?" He called.

Holding the female Alpha by her feet, Hulk walked over and yanked the door open with his free hand, "Little man, save child." He ordered before tossing that Alpha down and grabbing the next closest one.

As the Hulk stepped away, he turned to look inside the closet and froze as a rush of memories hit him.

He was five and riding his bike for the first time.

He was eight and a beautiful woman was placing a newborn baby in his arms.

Eleven, and he won his first swimming competition.

Fourteen and he was crying in the hospital with a little boy in his lap as the doctor's said, 'She's gone'.

Seventeen and shoving a curly haired little boy into his bedroom before slamming the door behind him as his father threw a bottle at him.

Eighteen and trying to pry himself away from a crying young boy as he headed to basic training.

Three days past twenty and running in with his troop on a rescue mission for Tony Stark before the road in front of them blew up.

His vision cleared he sucked in a breath as tears sprang into his eyes, "Isaac!" he sobbed out as he realized that the sobbing and bruised boy in front of him was his brother. He leaned down, trying to grab hold of the teenager who struggled weakly and screamed in his grasp, "Isaac, Isaac. It's okay! It's Camden!" he exclaimed, trying desperately to calm the teenager, "You're safe now, I promise. It's Camden, it's your brother."

Jacob Manning ran into the warehouse with no idea what he was running into. Due to 6'4 frame, he'd been assigned to rescue Vernon Boyd, the largest of the teenagers.

Natasha was holding her own quite nicely with a second female alpha that they hadn't know existed while Steve was helping Scott in a fight against a rather strong Alpha they had identified as Ennis and Derek and Jackson were up against a smaller male Alpha. He knew that Allison, her father, Clint, and the Sheriff were near the windows, shooting at the Alpha's, catching them by surprise whenever they had a clear shot.

Manning rushed toward the one of the unconscious bodies on the ground, recognizing it as Vernon Boyd, bleeding severely and cold to the touch. Manning froze in horror at first, believing his hostage to be dead, before realizing that the boy was still breathing. Sighing in relief, he carefully pulled the boy into a fireman's carry and his eyes darted around the room, trying to find the rest of his team mates.

He spotted Drake, who was dealing with the Stilinski boy who was soaking wet and panicking. Parrish rushed by, holding the hostage he had been assigned to and looking as if he had been crying as well.

He rushed after him, hoping to quickly get Boyd onto the helicopter that would take him to S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters where medical treatment was waiting.

Ryan Anderson flew into the warehouse, eyes darting through the room to spot the victim he had been told to find. He was looking for the only girl of the group so he hadn't expected her to be hard to spot, but he wasn't prepared for her to be having a seizure. He rushed towards her and quickly moved her onto her side as he tried to remember everything he had been told on how to deal with a seizure as he waited for the girl to stop convulsing. Once she stopped, he noticed that she had passed out.

Quickly making sure she was breathing, he scooped up the female beta and bolted from the room. His only concern was making it out of the warehouse with his hostage so he paid little attention to the rest of the fighting in the room. He just needed to get the girl out safely.

Quickly finding a way out of the room, he darted for the door with Erica in his arms. Spotting Manning with the Boyd kid, who was also unconscious, he followed after him as Manning climbed into a helicopter. Stepping in after Manning, he handed Erica to the S.H.I.E.L.D paramedics before shouting, "Go! Go!" to the pilot, knowing that the children would need urgent medical attention.

Isabelle Drake quickly headed for her hostage, who was the only human of the group. She spotted him fairly quickly since he was leaned against the door, soaking wet and next to a tub of water. He seemed dazed but glancing frantically around the room. She took a quick note of the fighting going on in the warehouse. It puzzled her that there was an unknown, large Alpha fighting alongside the Hulk, but she knew she didn't have time to worry about that.

Darting to the Stilinski kid, she quickly kneeled next to him, making sure it would be safe to move him. He was clearly injured and there was panic shining in his eyes. "It's okay," She tried to reassure him; "We're here to rescue you."

"Where's my dad?" He croaked out, "Where's Lydia? Are they dead?"

"They're waiting for you, buddy, but we have to get out of here," Drake said urgently, quickly deducting that he was not too injured to be moved.

Stiles shook his head furiously, "Are they okay?" He questioned, "Please, are they okay?"

"They're perfectly fine, Stiles. They're waiting on you. Your dad's right outside."

She reached down to try and help him up but apparently he didn't need any help as he was already on his feet and bolting to the door.

Agent Coulson suppressed his shock upon spotting the dark haired girl in the corner, immediately changing his plans from assisting the Avengers to rescuing the additional hostage. As he rushed towards the girl, he noticed that she was clearly burned badly. The teenager didn't seem to be very responsive, her head between her knees as the fight raged on around them.

He reached out to the girl and carefully touched her arm, jumping back in shock as the girl suddenly screamed in pain.

A roar echoed through the room that seemed different from the rest of the fighting and he looked up to find Alpha Hale staring at them in shock, "Cora!" Derek yelled before glancing at the Alphas and back at him, "Get her out of here!" He ordered before turning back to the Alpha he was fighting and attacking them with twice the ferociousness.

Coulson nodded, scooping up the girl and quickly saying, "I'm sorry, sweetheart. We have to get out of here," He ran past the raging werewolves as the girl screamed and thrashed in his arms.

He'd only just made it to the helicopter when a loud explosion reached his ears. He turned around and saw, to his horror that half of the warehouse was on fire. Quickly handing the thrashing girl to one of paramedics, he ran back into the warehouse to help.

If it weren't for the injured children being rushed out to the helicopters, Tony would be greatly enjoying himself as he flew over the heads of everyone else, firing at the bad guys every time he had a clear shot. He watched in confusion as Derek set upon the Alpha he was fighting with double the intensity just as Coulson ran past with the hostage they hadn't known was there.

There was suddenly a loud thud from the back of the warehouse and the Alpha Pack stopped their fighting and rushed to the other side of the room just as a line of dust descended from the ceiling, preventing the other's from following.

There was no time to regroup before the shield disappeared and there was an explosion from just beyond it.

Tony was thrown back, crashing into a wall along with the rest of the Avenger's and the Hale Pack, "JARVIS, Damage report?"

"Life support functional. Outer suit damaged. Further fighting not recommended," The voice spoke back.

Tony sighed, "Something tells me that the fighting's over with today."

He quickly got to his feet, looking through the smoke at everyone else. He noticed that Steve seemed to be hurt, but not hurt enough not to be able to get himself out of the warehouse. He looked to his left, spotting the slightly annoying Beta from the Hale Pack lying unconscious.

"Everyone alright?" He called into the smoke.

Thor called back, "I am unharmed, Stark, but Natasha seems to be injured. I will carry her."

Tony grimaced and picked up Jackson, making his way out of the blazing warehouse. He spotted Scott and Derek closer to the door as Hulk rushed by him, heading towards the flames.

"Hulk smash bad wolves!" The Hulk shouted.

"No!" Tony called, "Hulk carry good wolves," He said, gesturing to Scott and Derek, "They're hurt."

The Hulk huffed but walked over to the two unconscious werewolves and scooped them up, seeming to pout as he left the warehouse.

Knowing that the Beta in his arms would most likely heal within minutes, he deposited Jackson near the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D paramedics and headed for Clint.

"I know we hit at least three of them," Clint was explaining to Coulson, "We weren't expecting the explosion, though. We couldn't see through the smoke."

Coulson nodded, "They can't get far, then. Those arrows had wolfsbane in them."

"I'm not sure about that," Tony spoke up, "They obviously had their Emissary with them and whoever that is would know how to treat them."

Coulson grimaced at that but obviously agreed, "You're right. We need to get on the helicopters, though. We have to get back to headquarters."

"Stark!" Thor yelled suddenly and Tony and the others turned to look in his direction, spotting the large, deformed looking wolf that had come to their assistance stumbling out of the building before collapsing and suddenly splitting in half, two identical young boys rolling apart from each other as they hit the ground. One of the few remaining paramedics rushed for them and soon they were loaded onto a helicopter themselves.

The Captain turned to Coulson, "They may have helped, but they were already in that warehouse, make sure S.H.I.E.L.D keeps agents with them." He warned and Coulson nodded, rushing to climb onto the same helicopter before it took off.

The rest of the group quickly split up into the remaining helicopters and took off, headed to the helicarrier for medical treatment and debriefing. They needed to find out what had happened to those kids.