Chapter 1

The wind blew softly, making what remained of the leaves on the bare trees shake and fall off. It was mid-fall and with winter approaching so soon, he had taken extra shifts to help his mother pay the gas bill. It was around ten at night, when the short man got to his front step, struggling with the door, mumbling curses under his breath, as his eyes glared at the keys, daring them to piss him off. Hearing the click, after a few short moments and turning the knob, the man walked inside, set his keys down and flipped the switch.

Nothing. He couldn't see anything two feet ahead of him. He flipped the switch again and groaned. Had the fuse gone out again?

"Mom! Sorry I'm late!" he yelled as he took the short walk from the door to the couch and set the bag and work hat down on the couch.

"Hanji didn't come in today! So Mike had me work a double shift! And..." he paused walking towards the kitchen and flipping the switch.

Nothing. Again.

"Why is it so fucking dark!" he growled to himself. Taking out his phone, he shone a light to guide him in the darkness.

"Eren! Eren!" he called out to his sibling.

"Did you do the dishes?" He walked towards the sink, where the onslaught of plates and cups floated at his sight.
"Eren! You didn't do the fucking dishes!"

"Levi!" He hears his brother call out to him and he wants so badly to ignore the boy to finish the dishes, but the call causes him to turn, eyes rolling, walking from the kitchen into the hall quickly.

"Eren I should kick your ass for not—-" Then he sees it. A tall figure, completely covered in the shadows and not even the light from his phone could help him. He backs up, eyes wide, body shaking, gasp escaping from his oxygen chamber. That wasn't Eren. With his back against the wall, Levi slides down, staring as the thing limps toward him and turns his head to the side, trying so hard to get air into his lungs.

Nothing. Silence?

He slowly turns his head to face the long empty hall.

"Eren…?" he asked quietly. He gets up and runs, panting as he pushes the boy's bedroom door and only the remains of a messy bed, open computer and toys greet him, he looks at the microphone on the bed.

Armin was here.

"Shit that's right…" He mumbles before turning and swinging the door to his mother's room.
"Mom! There's someone here—-" No one was in the room, a half made bed and a misplaced remote stare him in the face.

"Hehe! Levi~!" The sound of the child laughing, his child, his brother. His eyes scan the area the best he could, closing the door to both Eren's and Carla's room.

"Eren! Eren! If this is a joke...if—-if your on Armin's shoulders or if Armin's on your shoulders..." he walk quickly back to the living room.

"...this shit isn't cute!" He stops, slowly walking to the closet.
"Are you in here?" he throws It open and sighs.

"Of course your not..." he goes to close the door, when suddenly he hears it. The voice lost all childlike innocence and it calls out once more.

"LEVI!" He spins around as sharp claws dig into his chest.

"Holy shit!" his eyes widen as the blinding white light covers him.


Groggy, eyes opened, but unfocused, head spinning, legs shaking, stomach growling, ready to hurl whats left of his courage, the man stood still in the middle of a large, floating, rock? Yes, that's right, but was he seeing correctly. The green grass, moss covered rock, drifted slowly in the middle of nothing. He blinked, tried to focus his eyes, he looked behind him slowly, and a huge wall stared him in the face. There was a hole in it's face. Wait the wall had a face? He blinked again, yes indeed the wall had a face. A girl with a crown of flowers was carved onto the wall, she looked like she was sleeping, and on her right cheek was a hole leaking spiraling black and white light, about the size of, what he was standing on. It seemed to be a emblem but it was huge, almost lifelike, with the words [Maria] under it.

"Where the hell..." He groaned his eyes settled on the direction he traveled in, well not for long, as the chunk of what he now knew as "Wall Maria" slammed into a huge tree and sent him crashing down, through a jungle of leaves and branches.

When he finally hit the bottom, landing on his back with a painful groan, he opened his eyes lazily, just in time to see the black shadowy creature fly from the opening and screech loudly. The thing had wings?!

This was getting out of control. He stood quickly before getting up. The thing had wings, and it was moving towards him fast, if this wasn't time to put his legs to use; which had been made to outrun, thanks to years of track, then he didn't know when that time would be. The major question would be, where to run to? Looking around quickly, he sees he's surrounded by many trees. Many. Big. Ass. Trees.

"Where in the hell am I?" he groaned out.

Deciding to try and lose the thing in what seemed to be a forest. He hears the ear piercing, glass shattering, blooding curdling screech. The thing is catching up to him and he speeds up when suddenly it hits him.

No, like it literally hits him, right in the face. What he guesses is the fault of a tree branch has now caused him to slow down momentarily and trip causing blood to come out his nose, and in that moment he realizes he's in the best hiding place covered by foliage. Now he just had to stay still. He could see the outline of the shadow, stopping suddenly, then turning, sniffing and groaning. Mocking him with the voice of his beloved baby brother.

"Levi~ won't you come out and play with me?" And all he wants to do is cry, because he doesn't know where he is, or where Eren is. He hears a deep growl when the thing doesn't hear a response after so many attempts and inhales a breath as it flies off. Then suddenly, right next to his ear, he hears a all to familiar voice and a twisted laugh.

"Well! Well! Well! Looks like I finally found the Purrfect Purrrson."