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Hotaru Goes to Destiny Islands
Chapter Five
Vale (Saturn Angels)

~*Last Time*~

Hotaru bowed slightly, "I am sorry for the inconvenience this causes but I am also thankful that you allow us to stay here. Thank you, and I promise my and …my brother will both behave."

Edea didn't notice the pause in Hotaru's speech so she smiled at the young girl, "You remind me so much of my daughter…" she sighed sadly then smiled, "I'll have the food brought to you as soon as it's made. You two go and get settled in your room."

~*This Time*~

And that's exactly what they were doing, settling.

Hotaru was seated comfortably on one of the beds with her eyes closed listening to her CD player that currently was playing the Tenkuu no Escaflowne movie soundtrack. She had her favorite song playing softly on repeat; the song was called 'Sora' it was performed by Shanti Snyder. In her point of view Yoko Kanno and Gabriela Robin were geniuses. She always sang along with the song, even though she had almost no clue what she was saying, she took a deep breath before singing along with her favorite part, "Lalalalalalalalala… lalalalalaa. Fontina Blu Cent…Des cravi esca letisimo. Lalalalalalalalala… lalalalalalaa. De quantian, La finde reve…" then she remembered she wasn't alone in the room and opened her eyes slightly to look at Riku who was watching her with a raised eyebrow and curious gaze.

"What…are you doing?" Riku asked confused.

Hotaru blushed, "Singing to a song that I like…"

He blinked then furrowed his brow in confusion, "Singing along? How…can you sing along with that thing? Does…it sing?"

Hotaru's held her hand up to her mouth trying to muffle her giggles, she'd never thought of the possibility that he didn't know what a CD player was, "No, it's a CD player, it plays CDs…umm, how do I explain? CDs…are small discs that have songs on them, so when you use a CD player you can listen to the songs…um, well here I'll show you."

Riku watched her questioningly as she got up taking off the weird things that she put on her ears. She walked over to his bed then handed the 'CD player' and ear-things to him. He stared at them then looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "I don't hear anything."

Hotaru smiled slightly, "Well that's because you don't have the headphones on." She said pointing to the weird black things that she'd had on her ears.

He continued to stare blankly at her, "Headphones?" he asked.

Hotaru's smile widened slightly and she giggled a little before shaking her head in mild amusement. She grabbed the headphones and placed them onto Riku's head, he was about to take them off not sure if he liked the feel of something soft against his ears or hated it. Then he heard it. Music! He could hear music coming from the little strange device.

Hotaru snickered at Riku's shocked expression, "Like it?" she asked.

Riku saw Hotaru's lips move but he couldn't quite hear what she said so he reluctantly took the earphones off, "What?"

"I asked if you liked it."

Finding no other reply Riku nodded, "How does it work though? Is it…magic of some sort?"

Hotaru smiled then shook her head, "I guess you could say that. But it really isn't that difficult to make music and put it onto a CD…where I come from many people make their own CDs…"

Riku looked genuinely interested but she decided she didn't want to speak so much about her hometown due to homesickness, "I have more CDs that you can listen to." Hotaru said changing the subject.

Riku smirked and nodded, "I'd like to hear more of your…CD's… they're interesting."

Hotaru nodded, "I have a bunch of different ones from different cultures," she jumped off Riku's bed and walked over to hers grabbing her unlimited spaced CD pocket then she walked back to Riku's bed and sat down on the edge. "Alright, umm what kind do you like?"

"What kinds are there?"

"Um, well I have some weird chanting stuff, pop, rock, hard rock, metal, heavy metal, some soundtracks, soft songs, jazz, blues, instrumental…"

He stared at her not really understanding what any of those were, he guessed at a few like instrumental, and blues. "Just…anything."

Hotaru nodded then looked through her CDs finally choosing one, "Here, it's an Iron Maiden one, the CD is called 'Brave New World' it's hard rock." She pressed a button on the CD player which opened it and she took out one circular disc and replaced it with the one that Riku assumed was 'The World Needs a Hero'.

The song started out without words, just a strange strumming sound on an instrument Riku had never heard before but right away he liked the sound of it. He didn't know why but he liked it. When the song finally did begin he wasn't very surprised to find the singer was male. It wasn't as melancholic and melodious as the first song he had heard was but he still liked the CD better then the first he had heard, maybe because the first he had heard was a hymn type song?

(* * = lyrics to song)

*Hand of fate is moving and the finger
points to you.
He knocks you to your feet and so what
are you gonna do?
You're tongue has frozen now you've got
something to say.
The piper at the gates of dawn is calling
you his way.

You watch the world exploding every
single night
Dancing in the sun, a newborn in the light
Say goodbye to gravity, and say goodbye to death
Hello to eternity and live for every breath.

Your time will come,
Your time will come.

Hotaru giggled at Riku, who currently was drumming his fingers along with the beat of the song and moving his head slightly. It was funny how it seemed to be instinct to do that.

He took the head phones off after hearing about fifteen minutes of the CD and he gave the CD player back to Hotaru.

Hotaru stopped the CD, "Enough?"

He chuckled slightly, "Actually I just figured I should stop listening to it so we could eat."

Hotaru blinked, "But the food hasn't arrived yet."

There was a sharp knock at the door and then a young woman with blonde hair and bright blue eyes came in with a large tray covered with food, "Edea told me to bring you some food, and that you were very hungry so I brought a lot. I hope you like what I made. My name's Quistis Trepe and usually I'm the one behind the counter giving people rooms and Zell is our cook but today Zell was sick so I traded places with him and Edea took over my job. Though I honestly think it should have been Edea who took over cooking, she's a fabulous cook. Much better then me I'm afraid, so would you like me to leave this at the table? Or would you rather me give you some company?"

"We're fine thanks, and yes just leave it on that table."

Quistis nodded at Riku, "Oh…and…I honestly don't like the choice of room that Matron Edea assigned you two to."

Hotaru sweatdropped and Riku shrugged.

"Well, you two don't be mischievous."

"We won't be." Hotaru assured her smiling. Soon after that Quistis left the room closing the door behind her.

"Well, I guess we should try and eat what we've been served." Riku said as he walked to the table and sat down in one of the seats beginning to eat without having the manners to wait for Hotaru.

"How'd you know that Quistis was out there? You couldn't have heard her…"

Riku smirked, "That's a secret."

"Oh come on, you can tell me!"

"I could smell the food." Riku said simply then he shrugged and continued eating.

"Oh." Was Hotaru's response as she made her way to the table and she too sat and began eating the food that was in front of her. She looked at the large pile thinking there was no way that they would be able to finish everything on the tray.

But they did finish it, though Riku ate more then his portion of the food. Afterwards they both sat content with the silence, Hotaru was just about ready to doze off when Riku suddenly seemed to have a very good idea.

"Hey Hotaru…are you up to a little game of Ding-Dong-Ditch?" Riku asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Hotaru blinked up at him, she knew very well what Ding Dong Ditching was, in fact Chibiusa had begged her to do it with her quite a few times. She wondered how the game could be known here as well. Perhaps some child from earth had come before her? Hotaru reluctantly shook her head, "Riku, I don't think that's a very good idea. These people took us in without money after all."

Riku rolled his eyes, "Oh come on, just this once. Are you going to be all prim and proper all your life? We're kids, and we're expected to do this sort of thing."

Hotaru bit her lower lip, struggling to come up with a reply. She knew it was wrong to do it, but she always wanted to try. And surely they wouldn't be as harsh here as the people back in Juuban or Tokyo. "Sure, why not?" she asked after a long pause.

Riku nodded approvingly before walking towards the door and motioning for her to follow him.

About a minute later, Hotaru rounded the corner forcing her breathing to be quiet and trying hard not to laugh out loud after seeing an old man's face looking very annoyed at being awoken in such a way. He grumbled and walked back inside, only then did Hotaru begin giggling softly. Riku snickered and he in turn went to their next victim's door.

Hotaru cautiously crept up to the third door, and knocked loudly on it before dashing off to a safe spot where she could still see the person's face clearly without being seen.

A young man, seemingly in his mid twenties or so answered the door, he rose one thin brown eyebrow as he scanned the hallway for any sign of the person who knocked on his door. He had long unruly brown hair, startling blue eyes that seemed full of sorrow or something akin to guilt, and a thin scar; that never would completely heal, that ran from close to his eyebrow and down the side of his face until it stopped at about his cheekbone; that marred his otherwise exceedingly handsome face.

Hotaru blushed slightly at the realization that was he wasn't wearing a shirt. 'Don't look any further then his face.' she mentally repeated this phrase over and over willing her eyes not to travel any further.

He looked straight at where she was; crouched hidden well behind a rather large leafy plant, for a moment. His gaze stayed there for a while, looking solemn before he turned, went back inside his room, and closed the door behind him.

"Did you know him?" Riku asked, startling Hotaru from her reverie.

"What? Oh, uh. No…"

He rose an eyebrow, "You were staring at him, did you like what you saw?" he asked slyly.

Hotaru blushed beet red at Riku's comment and stuck her tongue out cutely, "Don't be ridiculous. I was just…er…wondering where he could've gotten that scar."

Riku looked unconvinced but shrugged nonetheless, "Actually, I think I've met the one who gave that scar to him. The man's name was Seifer and had an identical scar, though it started on the other side. He told me that if I ever met the one who gave him his own matching scar, to keep in mind where I saw him just in case our paths crossed again. According to him that man in that room is named Squall Leonhart."

"Squall Leonhart?" Hotaru questioned, tilting her head to the side.

Riku nodded, "Seifer also told me that Squall calls himself Leon now, after the death of his girlfriend or something like that."

"How sad…" Hotaru mumbled.

"Sad? I just think it's pathetic."

Hotaru rolled her eyes, "Well you would. Aren't you even a little sympathetic?" she asked.

He shrugged, "At any rate he seemed to get over his girlfriend's loss pretty quickly. Now he hangs out with two girls, who I heard were very pretty, named Aerith and Yuffie. I wonder why he's here right now instead of being with them? Well, supposedly they each have their own dark pasts as well though I heard that instead of becoming all stoic and gloomy like Leon they hid their depression under a mask of happiness."

Hotaru suddenly became grave at the familiarity that came with those words. How many times had she herself worn such a mask to hide her sadness?

Riku seemed to notice her sudden quietness and he tapped her shoulder and asked her, concern lacing his words, "Hey, Hotaru? Are you feeling alright?"

Hotaru nodded, "Yes, Riku I'm fine." she said standing up, "should we just go back to our room? I'm starting to feel a bit tired."

He nodded as well in response to her question, "Yeah, that'd probably be best. We need to catch up on some sleep if we're going to go and search for Kairi and Sora tomorrow."

Hotaru nodded again, a small smile on her features as she noticed they'd both nodded, she cleared her throat and stood up heading back to their room. "Alright then."

They both made it to the door and Hotaru turned the knob only to find it locked, she rolled her eyes, "Riku, can you unlock the door?"

Riku stared at her looking a bit confused, "What do you mean? I don't have the key."

Hotaru blinked looking confused, "Well, neither do I."

Riku sweatdropped, "Are you sure it's locked?" he asked, without waiting for a response he turned the doorknob only to come to the same result as Hotaru.

Hotaru sighed exasperated, "Well how are we going to get inside then?" she asked.

Riku snapped his fingers, "I have an idea. There are balconies in every room. It shouldn't be that hard to get across to our own."

Hotaru paled at the thought of one of them falling, "Are you sure that's such a good idea Riku? It sounds dangerous…"

"Where's your sense of adventure?"

"I've seemed to have lost it," she replied before shaking her head, "Plus how are we going to get into any of the other rooms?"

"There's no one staying in the blue room…" he said as he walked towards said door, "the door is kept unlocked. And it's not very far from our room."

Hotaru sighed, it seemed they had no choice.

She followed him into the blue room and out onto the balcony, glad that Riku was right about no one being in that room. "Riku?" she asked as she looked at the distance between each balcony. "Wouldn't it be smarter to just go and get Edea or Quistis to open the door to our room?"

Riku shrugged, "We're already here, Hotaru. We may as well finish what we started." Hotaru covered her eyes as she saw Riku prepare for the jump. She heard him grunt, as he most likely jumped off the balcony's railing, and then a thud followed by a short silence.

Had he…hit the ground below them? She opened one eye to see Riku, rubbing his back looking slightly disgruntled, but he was on the other balcony now nonetheless.

Hotaru made her way to the railing, and looked down below, "Riku…I won't make it."

"I'm right here Hotaru," he said with an encouraging smile as he held his arms out over the other railing, "I'll catch you."

"Why do I doubt that..?" she muttered to herself as she climbed up onto the railing, looking down once more before closing her eyes and going for it. She opened her eyes somewhere during the jump, felt her feet hit the cement that the railing was connected to, and so then flung her arm upwards to grab onto Riku's hand but she barely missed it and ended up grabbing onto the cement that her foot had hit.

"Hotaru!" Riku reached down through the bars of the barrier.

Hotaru let out a shuddering sigh as she looked down at the ground. Her brows furrowed in confusion as she saw something begin to move. Who would be up this late at night…? Her eyes widened as she realized that the thing that was moving was almost like a shadow itself. It seemed almost bug-like…with large glowing iridescent oval-shaped yellow eyes. It looked at Hotaru then, and she made up her mind that they were hostile. More and more appeared out of no where and Riku saw them to.

"Riku what are they!?" she cried fearfully, feeling very vulnerable hanging from the ledge like that.

Riku shook his head, "I don't know, I've never seen anything like that before!" he said, beginning to pull her up.

Hotaru helped Riku, by trying to climb as well and not much longer they had her onto the balcony. Hotaru looked over the railing at the strange creatures, "At least they're down there…"

All of a sudden the shadows seemed to seep through the balcony floor and were on the same level as them. Riku wasted no time in kicking at one, which went back and fell through the railing but they kept appearing one after the other. So in turn Riku grabbed Hotaru bridal-style - one hand beneath her legs and the other behind her back - as he made it to the other railing and jumped to their balcony.

Without looking back to see if they followed he set Hotaru down in front of him and turned the knob to the door, it was open and they both ran inside.

Riku slammed the door shut behind them and Hotaru was shaking. Sure, she had fought youma before…but when she fought them it was always one at a time and there were all the other senshi there. These seemed to appear and multiply all at once without warning, and all she had for protection was Riku. Who seemed to have no supernatural powers.

She sighed heavily and collapsed onto her bed, "You don't think they can come inside…do you Riku?"

Riku looked wary as he watched outside from the window. He shook his head, "I'm not sure Hotaru…I…don't think so though, or else you'd be hearing shouts from all the other rooms…" he paused as he kept watch, "…They seem to have left. But…I'll stay up for a while just to make sure. You go ahead and sleep."

Hotaru nodded slightly and slid underneath the covers, "…Goodnight Riku. Don't do anything reckless…"

She heard a quiet chuckle but got no reply before she slid easily into the comforting hands of sleep.

~*~*~End Chapter Four~*~*~

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