Title: On a Bed of Angels

Author: A. Beautiful. Disaster

Rating: PG.-13 for now may move on to an R.

Summary: Nick closed his eyes and leaned against the door frame releasing a heavy sigh from deep with in his chest. He felt her hand gently rest on his shoulder trying , as best as she could, to comfort him. Slowly, he opened his eyes and lifted his head. "Please." He pleaded with her. "Don't let her be dead."

*My very first CSI fic, be gentle!!. R&R please!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own CSI or any of it's characters.

Inspired by Sheryl Crow's "Safe and Sound"

She slept light. A blue blanket was wrapped tightly around her body and she shivered in her sleep. A long strand of dark hair fell across her face, porcelain in the moon light. Long shadows danced eerily across the walls and ceiling laughing and whispering unspoken secrets. She stirred in her sleep and rolled over to her back, her elegant hands tangled in her hair. A cool breeze blew through the open window and she curled up tighter in the blanket to try to starve off the cold. In the distance a car alarm went off, a dog barked and the door down stairs clicked shut.

Her eyes flew open and she swallowed loudly to chase away the dryness from her throat. She listened, her deep brown eyes focused on the bed room door. Nothing. She wiped her hair from her face and shifted to turn on the lamp that rested on the oak table next to her. Light flooded the room and she blinked a few times, waiting for her eyes to adjust. Down the hall a floor board creaked under the weight of someone's foot.

"Uncle Nick?" She called out and was satisfied when her voice did not falter. Silence. Nothing. Nothing but her heavy breathing. Nothing but her heart pounding in her ears. Nothing. She hated being alone. She always had.

"Uncle Nick?" She yelled a little louder hoping her uncle was home. Silence greeted her. She untangled her limbs from the blanket and swung her feet over the side of the bed. Soft carpet meet her. She inched her way towards the bedroom door, her bare feet shuffling silently against the floor. She reached for the handle and froze, holding the cold metal in her hands. Silence. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. One. Two. Three. She pulled open the door quickly and her eyes snapped open. Darkness greeted her.

She stuck her head out into the empty hall, her long hair falling from her shoulders. She reluctantly walked out of her room and into the middle of the hall. Her back ridged and every muscle in her body stiff. She hated being alone. She always had. She always will. She stopped, looking to her left and then her right. Nothing. The hairs on the back of her neck rose and she walked quickly towards the stairs, darkened with shadows. She ran down them, her long legs tackling them two at a time. Fear crept down her spine like cool breath against her skin.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she made it to the bottom and felt cool tile against her feet. With one glance over her shoulder she inched her way towards the wall, groping for the light. Her hands ran over the switch and with a flick of her wrist she was surround by a white glow. She leaned against the wall and in the luminous hallway she was still as death. She listened, her eyes focused on the stairs. Silence. Racing towards the kitchen, she quickly flicked on the harsh florescent lights. She had managed to get her breathing under control but her heart raced in her chest.

She leaned over the sink and pulled back the drapes from the small window. She peered into the darkened back yard and found nothing but shadows. Was her mind playing tricks on her? Was the creaks just part of her uncle's unfamiliar home? She had never been here after dark, before tonight, and she laughed at herself for being so foolish. Houses crack. Houses make noises. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily. She hated being alone. She always will.

Her eyes slowly opened and fixed on the back door. Her face became smooth as stone and just as white. Her mouth dropped open. All she heard was her heart's steady pounding in her ears and her frightened uneven breaths. Houses crack. Houses make noises. Houses do not unlock, locked doors.

She raced for the phone, his cell number repeating over and over in her head. She had the black portable with in her grasp. Her fingers wrapping around it when she was struck from behind. She gasped as she felt her legs give underneath her weight and the phone fall from her grip.

Her head hit the corner of the cupboard as she went down, landing hard on the linoleum floor. She felt the air pushed from her lungs and she struggled to breath as she blinked away the stars that were encroaching on her vision. A moan escaped her lips once she found her breath and she turned over on her back. It hurt to move. It hurt to breathe.

The hands that griped around her wrists were strong and tears swilled in her eyes as pain traveled to her finger tips. She tried to kick her attacker and screamed in frustration when he dodged her foot. Slowly, he went down on his knees and leaned forward so that he was on top of her. Her lips let out another scream as she struggled to get from under him. Her attempts were futile. She closed her eyes tightly, shutting out the man's cold green stare. She could feel his breath against the side her face. His threatening voice in her ear.

"Fifteen old girl, whatare you to do. No daddy, no mama to save you." His voice was thick with a southern drawl and he taunted her maliciously. "No one cares for you girl." He told her as she felt his body brush her own. "No one can love you." She felt his tongue drag across her ear. "No one can love you they way I can." A shutter racked her body as a hot tear spilled down her cheek. The attacker released his grip on one of her wrists and moved to wipe away tear. Her eyes flew open and she acted.

With a swift motion she drug her nails into the side of his face and dragged them across his flesh. The attack roared in pain and released his grip on her other wrist as he brought his hands to his face. She scattered from underneath him and stumbled getting to her feet. The girl only managed to put a few steps between her and the man when he lunged for her. His fingers gripped around her ankle and with a swift pull he brought her to the ground. Her knee collided with the floor and she screamed at the pain that coursed through her right leg.

The attack gripped her by her long hair and pulled her head backward. She screamed in pain and started to cry when the ominous thought settled in her mind. No one could hear her. She was alone. No one could save her. No one could help her. She was all alone.

He pulled her on to her back and hit her hard enough that her head snapped back. The coppery taste of blood slowly filled her mouth. Her eyes fluttered and she fought to keep them open but darkness surrounded her. When she opened her eyes she was lost in a fog, darkness at the corner of her vision, creeping closer until it swallowed her whole.