Title: On a Bed of Angels

Author: A. Beautiful. Disaster

Rating: R

Summary: Summary: How can such a cruel thing happen to the most undeserving? A man so sensitive, a man so sweet and gentle How can someone have such a beautiful thing taken from him? A nick piece

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em

Author's Notes: Wow. I am back! Finally. My writers block is gone.well almost gone. I can't actually write, think, and figure out what's happening next. So here's the ninth chapter which should have been up here ages ago. Enjoy.


Sara sighed and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand as she made her way down the hall towards the break room. Her mind wandered to Nick as she tried to work the kinks and knots that had settled themselves in her neck. She was so god damn worried about him.

The guilt was tearing him apart and the worst thing was, Sara didn't have a clue as to where he could be. His temper was flaring and he had left the house so quickly, that she didn't have time to voice her protest of him driving. He wasn't thinking straight.

Sara bit her lip. She hoped he hadn't gotten into a car accident.

She rounded a corner and tiredly shouldered open the door to the break room. Her mouth was screaming for coffee and her muscles protested every movement she made. She didn't to sit down for a while.

She stopped dead as soon as the door had swung shut behind her. Coffee was just going to have to wait.

Nick's still and silent form was hunched over the table, his head nuzzled in the crook of his arm. Sara let a small smile of relief cross her face. He was safe and for the time being peaceful. His breathing was deep and even and Sara did not want to disturb his slumber. With all the horror that had happened mere hours ago, she knew that this would be one of his only chances to catch up on some sleep.

With a sigh, Sara's feet betrayed her thoughts as she walked tentatively over towards Nick's still form. With slight hesitation, Sara placed her hand gently on Nick's shoulder. In a split second of her touch, she felt his muscles tense and soon after his whole body jerked from his silent slumber. Sara jumped along with Nick and tightened her grip on his shoulder to steady him and to prevent him from falling off his chair.

"Whoa, Nick it's me." Sara's voice was calm and even as if she was soothing a small child. Gasping for breath Nick shook his head clumsily. Rubbing his eyes from sleep, Nick swallowed hard but felt as if his throat was collapsing in on it's self.

He couldn't breathe.

Sara sensed his uneasiness. With a finale squeeze of his shoulder, quickly made her way to the sink and poured a cold glass of water. She smiled sympathetically as she handed Nick the glass, which he welcomed greedily. In moments, the glass was empty and Nick could breathe just a little easier.

"You okay?" She asked lightly as she pulled a chair up next to Nick. She watched as his brown eyes traveled to the empty glass before flicking across her face. He shook his head and opened his lips but no sound made it past his tongue.

Sara looked down at her hands, her eyes burning with fatigue. She heard Nick clear his throat with another attempt to speak.

"I-didn't know where to go." He told her sheepishly.

She looked up at him, her hair falling across her face. His eyes were blood shot and she could tell that they hurt him to keep them open. He needed a hot shower, something to eat and a nice long rest but that wouldn't happen until Lily was safe.

"I don't know If I can ever go back home." He confessed as he painfully looked away

"Nick." Sara uttered his name for comfort. She was at a loss. She didn't know what to do, how to react. She cursed herself, wishing she could do something of importance and not choke on her own words.

Deep in thought, Nick ran a hand through his tousled hair trying to form words on his tongue.

"I had to move after Nigel. I couldn't live in that house anymore, you know." He looked up at her, his brown eyes glassy with unshed tears. She nodded, noticing that his Texan accent was more pronounced than usual.

"I couldn't live in that house knowing he had been there. It just didn't feel safe anymore." He shook his head as if trying to shake the words from his mouth.

"I felt like he was still there. Like he was still watching me."

His voice died and Sara reached across the table and squeezed his hand lightly. He warmed to the touch and she was glad that she could offer some comfort to him.

"And now this with Lily." He bit his lip as if it was painful to utter her name. "I don't think I can go back to that house now. Not after." He stopped abruptly, he couldn't find the words to explain it to her but Sara already knew what he meant.

He didn't need to tell her anything.

With a sigh of frustration, he pushed himself away from the table. Sara winced at the sound his chair made as it slid across the floor.

"I can't take this!" He shouted as he smacked his palm against the table. Sara flinched and sat uneasy in her seat. He rubbed the bridge of his nose as he began to pace around the room.

"I can't keep moving! I can't keep running! And I sure as hell can't let my niece die!" His voice escalated and Sara tried to keep a calm expression and not show how frightened she was by Nick's sudden temper.

"I can't do this Sara!" He turned to her and when he saw the scared look in her eyes, he turned his gaze toward the ground, assumed.

"I failed her Sara. I failed her," His voice was calm now, barely above a whisper. He grabbed the chair and dragged it back to the table. He collapsed onto it with a heavy sigh as tears began to roll down his cheek.

"I can't just wait around here while my niece is out there dying." He told her but he did not attempt to move. Sara sighed as she racked back her hair.

"Catherine and Grissom are still at the crime scene," She paused uncomfortable. Using the words "crime scene" when describing Nick's house left a bitter taste in her mouth. "We found two prints and a denim fiber. They are still searching for more." She watched as he shook his head.

"We will never find him Sara." He told her, as he looked her in the eye. "The odds that the two prints you found, are neither mine or Lily's are slim. You know that."

She nodded sadly. He was right.

"There's always hope, Nick." She assured him. Nick glanced at the door before his eyes flickered back to Sara. He stood up suddenly and Sara mimicked his move.

"Where are you going?" She asked him as he reached the door. He turned to look at her as he spoke.

"To find Lily." He stated simply. "I'm not going to sit around here and wait for luck and hope; I'm going out there to look for her." He started to push open the door when Sara's next words stopped him in his tracks.

"Where are you going to look?" She asked and he hung his head. He didn't have a place to start. He didn't have a clue but two prints and a denim fiber. Jokes. They were nothing but jokes of evidence. Nothing. Useless. The abductor left nothing of himself behind, Nick was convinced of this.

He left without answering Sara's question. He didn't have an idea of where to start, but he knew that she was out there somewhere. And he was determined to find her before death did.

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