"Fan out! Scuba cops, scour the entire ocean if you have to. I want that piece of resistance FOUND!"

The rubble from the failed submarine bobbed to the surface of the water. Bad Cop smiled to himself. Maybe Good Cop had been getting in his way. As the sun set in the distance, its reflection glinting off the surface of the water, he turned his flying cop car around to head for Lord Business's HQ. With a smug expression on his face, he put his foot on the gas pedal and said with a smirk, "The special is no more!"


"What?" he snapped at the robot that had come up beside him, and slammed on the brakes. "I've told you all not to inturrupt me when I'm having a dramatic scene!"

"Well, to be honest, it wasn't very dramatic-"

"Shut it metal brain. It had better be pretty freaking important."

The robot- serial code A0012C- bobbed a bit nervously in the air. "Well," it started, "the boys just wanted me to inform you that we have doughnuts."

"What!?" A0012C flinched. "Doughnuts!? I'm a busy man, a very very busy man, and you thought that it would be okay to-" Bad Cop paused in his rant, seeming to mull over the offer of doughnuts. They were pretty tasty, now that he thought about it. Maybe if... "Wait, what kind?"

"What- what kind, sir?" The sudden change in mood startled A0012C. "Um, there's glazed-"

"Glazed? Just rinky-dinky glazed. You-"

"And cream filled!" the robot hurriedly finished. Oh please like cream filled doughnuts.

"Oh." Bad Cop considered this for a moment. "Like, the ones with the little... what are they called? The- you know, the things... Whatever." He shot the robot one last glare. "I suppose I could go for a cream filled doughnut right about now..."

The robot was surprised. And relieved. It had thought for sure that it was as good as decommissioned for a moment there. Bad Cop's temper was legendary, and every robot in the squadron knew he was called bad for a reason. Stories circulated about him melting down anyone who annoyed him. They said he ate nuts and bolts for lunch- all that was left after he got done with you. There were even rumors that he... hmm. Actually that one may be a bit much, but the first two were definitely true and not exaggerated in any way. There was a reason they'd sent the runt to talk to him. Oh man, A0012C hated this job.

"The doughnuts are over here sir."

And so we find Bad Cop sitting in his car hovering above the ocean, watching the search for the fabled Piece of Resistance being carried out below him and eating his cream filled doughnuts. Why anyone would think to bring doughnuts to a raid like this was completely beyond him, but here they were. Preoccupied as he was, he almost didn't notice an inconspicuous couch bob to the surface of the water. However, an almost is an almost. He wasn't particularly interested in it, but he saw it. And as he lazily watched it as the sun set, he saw everyone else completely pass over it. Finishing the doughnut, Bad Cop decided that maybe he could hang around a little bit longer, supervising the search and the like. After all, this was his favorite time of day. You know, the way it's still bright out, but not bright bright- the way you coud still see the orange reflection of the sun on the clouds in the distance, and it starts to get a bit chilly- Sunsets savvy real good, ya dig?

So, he kept an eye on the search and the couch- what even was that, some kind of bunk bed couch? What was the point? Ugh, the stupid thing must have come from... what was that place called? "Cloud Cuckooland," someone had said. From what he'd seen before they'd blown the stupid place to bits, it was full of weird stuff. Seriously though, weren't those Master Builder guys supposed to be geniuses or something? Why would they make a bunk-couch? Out of all the ideas in the world, what idjit came up with that? Assuming, of course, that everyone in Cloud Cuckooland was a Master Builder, which wouldn't make any sense now that he thought of it. There had been too many people there, way more than how many Master Builders there were supposed to be. Did they just let anyone build whatever they wanted up there? Probably. No good builder would make something like a bunk-couch.

A robot flew up to him, breaking Bad Cop out of his thoughts.

"Sir, our search has come up negative. The piece of resistance is still unobtained. We have gathered all wreckage and debris."

"Have you?" he said, raising an eyebrow at it.

"Affirmative," the bot said with a nod.

"What about that thing?" He gestured towards the double-decker couch.

"What is that?"

"A couch. Debris. Wreckage. Ungathered. Take it too," he ordered.

"But sir, it's useless. There is little to no correlation between it and Master Builders. It's too stupid."

"Well yeah, I get that. All I'm saying is it could be used for scrap."

A0012C- of course that's the robot talking- mentally sighed in relief. It had been a horrible idea to question an order like that. A0012C was always having bad ideas, it seemed. Nobody liked A0012C. Thankfully though, Bad Cop seemed to have mellowed out a bit after his doughnut. "Of course, sir, scrap. We'll get right on that."


He watched the robot go inform the others that they'd be taking the couch too. A few of them looked about in confusion before spotting the unassuming object floating up and down on the waves. It seemed they hadn't noticed it.

Bad Cop went to yell at the scuba divers for a bit for not having found that stupid Piece of Resistance yet, but he honestly wasn't too worried. After all, it was at the bottom of an ocean, so there wasn't any way anyone was getting at it if they couldn't. Plus, the special was dead, along with the Master Builders he'd been with, the rest of them were safely locked up- they pretty much had this in the bag.

Well, no bodies had actually been recovered, so the bit about the special being dead was a very strong maybe. Really though, there was no way he could have survived. The dysfunctional submarine had clearly exploded.

So, Bad Cop and the rest of the crew on the surface packed up and left the scuba cops to their business underwater, leaving the surface of the water clear. If you had been crouching in, say, a double-decker couch, now would be the perfect time to come out of hiding and possibly even be rescued by a pirate ship watching these goings-ons from just past the horizon. However, the couch was with the rest of the bricks left from Cloud Cuckooland, being carried back to the office to be disassembled and repurposed, efficient to a point.

So Metalbeard turned his ship around and left, the sun finally dipped entirely over the horizon, and the stars twinkled overhead as Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vesuvius, Unikitty, Batman, and Benny all desperately tried not to sneeze.

Well, at least one of the robo-rumors is definitely true and not exaggerated in any way. Also oops look at that a tough character with a soft spot for sunsets.

Hello there friends. Hey buddy, you are looking good today. Yeah, you. Anyway first fanfic. Kind of a short chapter. I am very inexperienced in the ways of actually writing, so please forgive me for my lack of general skill, and possible OOC-ness, and dialogue that drags on and stuff like that. And continuity errors. I've only seen the movie once. Gonna see it again with some of my friends sometime though! Pretty rad, ehhh?

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