It was a good thing, Wyldstyle mused, that coolers were waterproof- even ones fitted into double-decker couches. Who knew the stupid thing would become useful? It was cramped, sure, but at least nobody had drowned. Probably. She couldn't exactly do a head count right now. So for all intents and purposes, she assumed that nobody had been eaten by a shark between getting into the coolers and now, because that was a totally plausible possibility.

Who knew the stupid couch would become useful?

It had actually been Emmet's idea to climb into the coolers. To be honest, none of the others had even given the couch a second glance, so it would make sense that he was the only one to be thinking about it when they were all about to drown. When their faulty ship had fallen apart (mostly due to the lack of cooperation that had gone into building it), there had literally been no other plan than 'take deep breaths and get in the couch', so in the heat of the moment, none of them really questioned why.

After sitting there for who knows how long, there came a noise from outside, then the couch was moving. Wyldstyle pressed herself against the cooler walls, startled. What was happening? Had they been found? No, there was no way they could have known they were in here, right? Still, something was happening, and she had to figure out what. So Wyldstyle pressed her ear against the side of the cooler, listening. It proved to be a fruitless venture, as not much sound could get through, and nobody nearby was talking, if there was anyone nearby at all. She made a small, frustated noise and sat back, trying to come up with a new plan.

Should she risk opening the top for a peek? It didn't take long for her to decide that yes, she should. So she pushed up on the top of her cooler compartment thing until it popped up. The sudden way it opened made Wyldstyle cringe. After taking a moment's pause, she slowly lifted her head up, pushing the lid further out of the way as she did so. Careful, careful...

Oh my gosh.

She dropped back in with a whumph, one of her hands over her mouth. There had been a robot right there. Holy bread on a pickle stick. It had had its back turned, thank goodness, but it had still scared the heck out of her. Once she had regarnered her wits, she resumed her super sneaky ninja spy business and peeked out again, being extra conscious of the robot.

It looked like they were on some kind of... barge-thingy? along with a bunch of loose pieces and half destroyed structures. The robot that had startled her earlier was standing close by. Just sort of chillin'. Serial code A0012C, she saw printed on its back. This must be garbage collection. Now, what did she know about garbage? It was... hold on... was it... I think it gets... Taken to the tower! To be repurposed!

They were being taken right where they wanted to go. This was perfect! Get there, sneak out, find the Kragle, and put that thing on the thing! She sat back down in the cooler, closing the lid behind her as best she could.

There was no way they could mess up something simple as that.

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