notes: follow-up request fic from tumblr. i hope you enjoyed these snippets just as much as i enjoyed writing them.

"It's right there!"

"Where?! I don't see anythin'!"

"Goku, how can you not see it when I'm pointin' right at it?!"

"But they all look the same to me!"

"That's because you're a color-blind blockhead!"

Chi-Chi paced the floor of their bedroom, ranting and raving with enough anger to rival Vegeta on a bad day, eyes narrowed and breath ragged.

It wasn't even 24 hours ago that Son Goku was out in the vast fields of Mount Paozu, stretched out in the grass like a lazy house cat, cloud-watching. He'd trained for two weeks straight non-stop, from sunup to sundown, and though the idea of a break was borderline silly - because he could go far longer than two weeks of training without rest - the comfy grass, delicate breeze, and warm sun had a way of pulling him in, sinking into his bones and beckoning him to sleep.

He'd been just about ready to shut his eyes when Chi-Chi's ki, loud and strong, overtook his senses. He'd sat up just as quickly as he'd laid down, honing his energy throughout the area for any threat that dared to lay a finger on his wife (especially while he wasn't home), and relaxed when he found none. Chi-Chi's energy even managed to calm down, frightening as it was, and with the thought of danger put to rest, Goku'd found himself drifting off once more.

But then, her ki spiked again, and this time, rather than search for an unknown enemy, he pressed his fingers to his forehead in a familiar gesture and transmitted himself home, only to be met with the most ear-rattling, teeth-shattering scream he'd ever heard in his life.

All over something as ridiculous as a piece of hair - a gray hair that he couldn't even see, no matter how much she pointed to it and yelled out its location. The hero sat on the foot of their bed, elbows resting over his knees as he watched his wife burn a hole in their floor. He'd have to do this right if he ever wanted to get out of here.

"Chi-Chi, don't ya think you're overreactin', just a little bit?"

And just like that she was in his face like a red-eyed, angry bull bent on tearing its performer apart. "That's just the kinda talk I'd expect outta someone who's hair ain't changed a day since they were born!"

"But I don't even see anythin', Chi-Chi," Goku whined as he threw himself back on their bed. "What's so bad 'bout a gray hair? Dr. Brief has a head full of 'em!"

"Exactly!" she cried. "It means I'm gettin' old, Goku! Do ya have any idea how I feel right now?!"

"Not really," he drawled tiredly.

"Just look at it!" she exclaimed, bounding up to him once more. Goku sat up on his elbows and regarded his wife through half-lidded eyes. In between her fingers was a thin strand of silky, silvery hair. Oh, he thought. Now he could see it.

He reached for it, bulky fingers caressing the blade of hair as if it were the most interesting thing he'd ever seen, and without so much as a second thought, he gave it a tug and pulled it out. "See," Goku said, waving the thread around with a victorious smile, "all taken care of."

Chi-Chi flew back, hands flying protectively over her head, expression a cross between shock and anger. And the next thing Goku knew, she had her hands around his neck in a choke hold, voice just as loud and boisterous as her ki. "Why would ya go an' do a thing like that?! Do ya have any idea what a gray hair stands for, you idiot?! Who told ya to pull it out?!"

"But I thought you wanted to get rid of it?!" he bellowed, unfazed by her grip around his neck.


"Chi-Chi," Goku whined.