An Alphan's Destiny

Space:1999/Stargate Universe Crossover by Mr Scirev.

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Chapter 1

Of all places to end up. On an ancient starship, which cannot get to earth, and cannot be controlled. Just like our moon.

Mike Ryan had been through hell and back, but he was glad he survived. He told of his story, how he was on this moonbase on the year 1999, how somehow nuclear waste had blown up and the moon had left earth orbit. The moon ended up near some space anomaly, a black sun, and he had been on an Eagle – a spacecraft used by earth – and the forces from the anomaly had pulled and tugged at the Eagle , indeed at his very being, until something happened. Explosions all around him, but he felt some presence, it was calming, like an angel.

And then there he was, in some other region of space, still in his Eagle, which was quickly dying. He used a fire extinguisher to stop the fires, and sent out an SOS signal using the waterhole band of the electromagnetic spectrum. This was an area which was relatively free from other signals, so it was expected that most alien spacecraft and other transmissions might use this.

He had never dreamt that he would be rescued. It had been a couple of days and he did not have much fuel or indeed food left.

Suddenly not far from his position, he saw a large Starship appear out of nowhere. He broadcast to it and the people on board received his message.

They were from Earth!

But they seemed surprised. Their moon had never been sent out of orbit into space.

He asked to come aboard and was granted permission. After some time, it was clear the anomaly had sent him right into another universe. The earth in this universe had never been through a World War III. This earth had however had been to much further space than the one in his universe. They had discovered Stargates, ring like devices on Earth and on other planets which allowed for space travel without starships. But they also had a number of Starships. This one was not built by Terrans, however, but by the Ancients. And the scientist Rush had lead these people on board this Starship when an earth base on another planet called Icarus was attacked. He could have taken them back to earth but he took them to this Starship.

The Starship – whose name he learnt was Destiny - could not be controlled. It had been built by the Ancients, whoever they were. They could not easily go back to earth. They had a stargate but they could not use it to go to earth because of energy requirements, only to nearby planets.

These people were NOT experts. So totally unlike the Alphans, who were all carefully selected specialists in various fields. These people ended up here by mistake. He felt sick at the thought.

So Ryan had ended up from the frying pan to the fire. Gone were the large expanses of the Alpha Moonbase. He was now limited to this Starship, however advanced it was.

He kept dreaming of Earth, his Earth, not the one in this universe, and of Alpha. He thought of Commander John Koenig, Professor Victor Bergman and all the others. Had they all been killed by the Black Sun?

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