Classic: Chapter 1: Airplanes

This is my new story, I have been working on it for quite a while. But I have taken my time, since I was also working on my other story "Anarchy." This story is quite different, as it is more of a high school setting and the characters are younger.

I still use lyrics as my muse, and will try to update every week once again.

"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky, are shooting stars?

I could really use a wish right now."

-Airplanes: Cover by The Ready Set



Dawn didn't know that she would see her brother so soon. Weeks had passed since summer vacation had ended and the school year started, their senior year. Their parents had been divorced since the two were babies, she went with their mom, and he went with their dad. Of course school breaks and holidays would be switched around, so the children could see the other parent and each other. She knew her brother quite well; frequent visits, phone calls, emails, even texting kept the two in touch on an almost daily basis and in a close relationship, not tainted by the fights most siblings went through in younger years. They shared the common experience of a divorce.

She heard the doorbell ring and walked over to answer the door. Her father stood on the side of the door, dressed in a black suit and white shirt. He was of medium height and build, having the same emerald green hair and eyes that her brother inherited. Dawn looked just like her mother, royal blue hair and sapphire eyes. He brother and her were often told they didn't like siblings. However, they both held the same ivory complexion of their mother, lean build and nose of their father.

"Dawn honey, I'm sorry it took us so long." Her father hugged her tight, pulling her out of the house she grew up in. She hugged him back but didn't let her tears touch his expensive suit. Her father passed her on to her brother, who was waiting behind their father with watery eyes. He gave her a brave smile that she couldn't quite return, holding her tight against his body. Her father took the two heavy luggage containers containing her things from the doorway, and shut the door behind him.

"Come on kids, let's go." Their father still called them kids, even though the two siblings would soon be adults, and lead them towards the sleek black car he had drove.

Dawn watched the familiar neighborhood pass by the window in blurred colors. She would be leaving soon, going to live with her father and brother in a different country. After the funeral of course, which they were nearing now.

They stood in front of the fresh grave with the wooden casket suspended above the hole. The words were short, wishing of better days ahead, and pity to the children left behind. Dawn stood between her father and brother, the weak surrounded by strong. Her brother wasn't his proudest at the moment, letting tears fall freely. She sobbed instead, being closer to their mother.

Johanna Berlitz had died mere days ago, driving home and killed instantly in a pitiful car accident. Dawn had been in school when it happen, and pulled from class. Her father immediately handled the situation, promising his daughter that everything would be okay.

The funeral finished with the cloud dark and heavy. Her father held her tight against his side when they walked back to the car they had drove here in. She curled into the leather seat, tugging on her seatbelt and pressing her forehead across the cool glass. The car was quiet; her father driving and her brother in the passenger seat, looking out his own window.

She left her life in Sinnoh behind in an airplane, letting a new chapter begin.



Dawn was still amazed every time she entered her father's home, even though it was more of a small mansion. It was a large brick structure, four stories, large garden and pool, with more rooms then Dawn cared to remember. She let the servants carry her things this time, the rich life something she received every time she visited Hoenn. Her father was CEO of Hayden Corporations after all.

"Drew?" She asked her brother, who was walking up the steps to the front doors of the mansion.

"Yes Dawn?" Her brother stopped and waited for his sister to catch up with him. They continued walking up the steps side by side with heads handing low.

"Is everything going to be okay?" Fresh tears threated to spill from her bloodspot eyes. Her brother was stronger than her right now, tears long gone. He pulled her into a close hug, stroking her back.

"It'll be okay Dawn. We have each other remember?" She gave him a watery smile, and let him lead her into the house. He helped her remember where her room was whenever she stayed with her father, although now it would be more permanent. It was down the hall from her brother.

"Remember where my room is? If you need anything don't be afraid to ask Dawn." With that he left her outside her room, walking down the hall and entering his own room. She opened the door that had her name engraved onto it.

Her room was the same as it had always been. The walls a soft, pretty pink with white trim, her balcony outside the glass windows covered by a darker pink curtains then the walls. Her bed was large and comfortable, covered in colors similar to the curtains. Her large walk-in closet was across the room from where the bed was, her suitcases next to it. A large TV mounted on the wall next to the closet door, with a cabinet filled with DVDs, and some sort of gaming system, the electronics were new to the room. Her personal bathroom was across the large square room from the balcony doors. Her desk was next to the balcony doors.

Dawn opened her closet doors, looking into the many bare racks and selves. She would have to get new clothes soon. However she started unpacking what she had brought with her, letting familiar clothing and shoes fill the empty space. She finished her task and shoved the empty suitcases under her bed in case she needed them for another time. She finished out the two red and white orbs from her pocket, and left them on her bedside table.

A knock on her door alerted her, and she walked over to open it. She found it to be her step-mother, Rose. She was a pretty woman, with soft shoulder-length brown hair, and almost pink-colored eyes. Dawn didn't know the woman well, only see her occasionally when she came to visit her brother and father. The woman had never been anything but kind to her, accepting her even if she was a different woman's child of her husband. She was the full-blooded sister to the boy Rose saw as a son.

"Hello Dawn! I hope that your room is to your liking?" Rose smiled gently to the girl.

"Yes, thank you Rose. I love it as always." Dawn politely responded, the woman shuffled her feet in her heels.

"Dawn honey, it's okay to be sad. Your mother was an amazing woman." Rose smiled, and pulled the slightly reluctant girl into a maternal hug. Dawn melted into the woman's soft arms, resting her chin on Rose's shoulder. "She would be proud to raise such a sweet girl, I know I would."

"Thank you Rose." Dawn pulled away, Rose's hands still on her arms.

"You can talk to me anytime you need to. " Dawn nodded, giving the woman a small smile. "I came to invite you to lunch with us."

"Yeah, sure." Dawn followed Rose down the hallway towards the door with Drew's name engraved on it in the same gold cursive as hers. Rose knocked on the door gently, waiting for the young man inside to answer.

Drew popped his head out, a pair of black headphone swung around his neck. He had changed from his dark suit, wearing a hooded sweater, and light washed jeans.

"Will you be joining us for lunch honey?" Rose told her step-in son. The green haired male nodded, taking off his headphones and setting them on something near the door. Drew joined the girls out in the hallway. Rose began walking down the hallway, leading the way. The two siblings walked side-by-side down the hallway, following the older woman until they got to a large, high ceiled dining room. The table was extremely long, chairs available for more then a dozen people at one time. Dawn saw that her father was already seated at the head of the table.

"Lunch is waiting, please sit." A young servant told the family, and Dawn sat down next to her brother and a plate was set in front of her. She followed suit of the rest of the family and began eating. She hummed at the warm cheese and flavor of the high-quality meal.

"Dawn, I have some wonderful news for you." Her father caught her attention from her lunch. Drew and Rose continued eating but also watched the man.

"Yes Dad?" Dawn asked once she had swallowed her bite, spearing another bite with her fork.

"I want you to take the rest of the week off, but you will be attending Lilycove High with your brother next Monday." Her father informed her, Dawn was nervous to attend a new school, especially since it had been in session for a few weeks already. The blunette nodded in acknowledgment however, knowing that she could not sleep the rest of her life away in her room.

She finished eating, excusing herself when she was finished eating. Dawn went to her room, closing the door behind her. She sat down on her bed, it sinking even under her lean frame. She closed her eyes, the stress of the day getting to her, and taking her body in heaving sobs.

The 17 year old cried until she had no tears to let out. She lay down on her bedspread, letting her stress lull her to sleep.



When Dawn awoke, she heard the faint noise of the TV before she opened her eyes. She was under the blankets on her bed, and felt something pressed against her back. She turned around and found that it was only her brother, his leg next to her back. He was leaning against her headboard watching TV.

"What time is it?" She rubbed her eyes and adjusted her pillows to sit up next to her sibling.

"Around 8. You looked tired." He gave her a small smile, rubbing her arm in a gentle way. Dawn leaned her head against his shoulder, glad to have her brother with her.

"I miss her." She mumbled out, turning away and facing her small nightstand.

"It's okay my little sister." Drew gave her a one-armed hug. He let her mourn for a few moments, before popping up off her bed.

"Where are you going?" Dawn asked, watching her brother smirk and flipped his hair. He started digging through the massive rows of DVDs on her TV stand.

"Movie night?" He offered, holding up a DVD as an example. He took his time digging through the movies. Dawn got out of her blankets, taking her time to use the restroom. She exited a few minutes later, and grabbed her laptop from her next, a rather expensive gift from her father, and brought in with her back to her bed.

"Want some popcorn? I'm going to go get some." Drew started walking towards the door as she sat down and covered herself with her blankets.

"Yeah I'll share some." Dawn responded, booting up her laptop. She went to her emails, seeing that she had a few from her friends back in Twinleaf Town. She had only finished responding to two of them before Drew came back, bowl of popcorn in one hand and talking on his phone with the other.

"Yes, my sister is going to school with us." Drew was saying, setting down the bowl of buttered popcorn near her feet on the bed. He bent down, setting the DVD in the player and letting it start on the screen.

"No you can't date her Gary." Her brother snapped into the phone, was he really that protective of her? Her brother winked at her.

"Yeah I'll talk to you later." The taller sibling shut his phone, putting it in the pocket of his athletic pants. He took the remotes from the TV stand with him to the bed, and sat next to his sister.

"Iron Man again?" The movie had started to play, and it was the same movie they had watched on her last night visiting during the summer. Drew smirked and shoved popcorn into his mouth. She rolled her eyes at his behavior.

"Whatever Blue! You love me like I'm your brother or something." He laughed, and she joined him with small giggles. The two snuggled into her blankets to watch their movie.

Later, when her brother had long fallen asleep slumped against her headboard in a way that would later make his neck hurt, she crawled out of her covers. She turned off the movie and walked on silent feet over to her balcony. She opened them and looked up into the night sky. The telltale flashing light of an airplane, high up in the sky caught her attention. She closed her eyes, wishing on that flashing light of an airplane. Dawn may have lost her mother, but she would not fall from herself.

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