Chapter 3: Where'd You Go

"Where'd you go, I miss you so

It seems like it's been forever since you've been gone"

-Where'd You Go: Fort Minor



"Are you ready?" Drew's voice came through her door. It was 7:15 Monday morning and the start of a new school for her. Dawn took a moment to breath to herself and grabbed her already packed backpack from beside her desk, making sure to grab her Poke balls and place them carefully inside the pocket of her skirt.

"I'm ready." She opened the door , her brother was already prepared and wearing his usual jeans and t-shirt, with a light jacket over the top . Dawn was wearing a floral printed skirt, with complimenting leggings and a cardigan over the top to keep warm.

The drive to school was no longer than ten minutes away from their home . Drew parked in the student parking lot and Dawn watched nervously at the groups of teenagers milling around the school property.

"Hey don't be nervous little sister." Drew's hand touched her shoulder and she gave him a soft smile in return. The twins got out of the Audi and grabbed their schoolbags from the backseat.

"Wait up!" A voice called behind them as soon as the twins starting walking. Gary caught up quickly and started to walk beside Drew while messaging on his phone.

They walked up to the front doors, many students nodded or called in greeting to the boys and Dawn shied away from their peering looks and into her brother's side. He gave her a gentle nudge and led her to the door that read Office. Gary kept walking when the two entered the office door.

"Can I help you?" The receptionist called as soon as the door opened.

"Hi, this is Dawn, she's just starting here." Drew explained and the woman looked up.

"Ah! Miss Berlitz!" The receptionist clicked a few things on her computer with her mouse and the printer beside the machine on her desk rumbled to life. Soon standard school papers came out.

"It's an honor to have such a pretty and smart girl here! Here's a copy of your schedule, a map, and your locker information. I'm sure your brother will take good care of you, but if you need anything at all please don't hesitate to stop by!"

"Thank you." Dawn took the paper from the excited woman and followed Drew back outside into the hallway.

"What's your locker number?" Drew asked over the noise of voices in the hallway.

"B39." She looked on her paper and Drew led her to a row of lockers a few hallways over and left her in front of her new locker and Dawn watched him open a locker on the other side of the hallway, a brunette girl was shuffling through the locker next to hers.

"Hi there!" The brunette girl gave her a smile. Her brown hair reached past her shoulders and was covered by a red stylish bandana, her light blue eyes were gentle .

"Hi, I'm new here." Dawn smiled at the friendly girl and proceeded to open her locker.

"Why if it isn't April." Her brother had returned from his trip to his locker and was looking at the brown-haired girl.

"Grasshead. And my name is May by the way." The girl turned and told the shorter girl her name. Then returned a glare to Drew .

"This is Dawn, my sister." Drew nodded towards his sister that was looking around in her locker at the books already in there and at her schedule.

"It's nice to meet you May." Dawn greeted May, who closed her locker and gave Dawn a friendly wave as she headed down the hallway.

"I'll help you find your first class. Can I see your schedule?" Her brother took her paper from her hands and gazed down at it. Dawn looked at the students watching the twins, whispering and looking at her from their groups of friends. .

History was her first hour of the day and Dawn was happy to find that she would be seated next May. Dawn sat down in her seat which was, to the blunette's delight, placed near the back of the classroom. She pulled out her notebook.

"Nice to see you again Dawn." May greeted the girl as she got out her things. Dawn instantly liked the sweet girl.

"You too May. I'm happy to know someone in here." May giggled at the blunette's nervous smile and wandering eyes that took in the whole classroom at once.

"May I see your schedule? I want to know if we have any more classes together." Dawn handed over her schedule as more students entered the classroom as the warning bell rang in the halls to warn students to go to their classrooms. Some took a second glance in her direction.

"Oh! We have Advanced Coordinating, and Gym together!" May slid the paper back to the girl who put it away.

The tardy bell rang in the now almost full room of students and a middle-aged teacher walked in and looked over the faces in the classroom and ended on hers.

"Now class, I do not know if you are aware or not but we have a new student. Dawn, could you please introduce yourself?" All eyes were on her as she stood up.

"Hi, I'm Dawn Berlitz." She gave the class a polite smile and said nothing else as they peered at her. The girls in the next row of desks letting out a stream of giggles.

"Now let's get started." The teacher started to write on the chalkboard and class continued.



"Well that was a drag." May pointed out as the two girls exited the classroom. Dawn nodded in agreement, glad to have what she considered a new friend. "Well I'll see you later Dawn!"

"How was your first class?" Drew appeared next to her and they headed back to the hallway with their lockers in it.

"It was boring, but May was there to keep me company." Drew nodded in agreement. When they reached her locker, the short beauty found Ash waiting for her.

"Well I have class on the other side of school, but Ash has class with you next so I asked him to help you out." Drew explained as she retrieved her books and Ash looked at her expectedly.

"How do you like the school so far Drew's sister?" Ash asked as they walked down a nearly empty hallway.

"It's bigger than my old school, and I do have a name." She told him as they reached the new classroom. Ash laughed and opened the door for the blunette. Dawn found out that the class was actually taught by Ash's mother and was placed into a cooking group with Ash and Gary who was also in the class.

Ash loyally led her back to her locker once class was over and returned her to her brother once she gathered her books for A.P. English.

"Thanks Ash!" Dawn called out as the raven-haired boy walked away.

Dawn followed her brother into the classroom and found that it was already half-full of students. She spotted a familiar head of purple-hair near the middle and Paul gave her a nod in greeting.

"Oh, you must be Dawn!" The older woman, Mrs. Shipers, greeted her with a few papers in hand. "You can take a seat near Paul, he'll help you with anything you need."

Paul was quiet when she took a seat next to him and pulled out the notebook for this class. She noticed that he was wearing the same dark blue and black jacket as yesterday, with jeans and black tennis shoes. Dawn filed the papers that the teacher had given her away. She smoothed out her skirt as Drew turned around from the seat in front of Paul to face her.

"Want to sit by me at lunch?" Drew questioned her.

"Who else would I sit by dear brother?" Dawn replied and Paul snorted in his seat at the emerald-haired boy's stupid question, causing the shorter male to give him a look.

As class continued she found that both her brother and teacher were correct; Paul was smart. He didn't talk that much in class, and only offered an answer when asked directly; but he was willing to help her keep with the unfamiliar teachings during class.

After class and depositing their things in their locker, Paul followed the twins into the lunchroom where they stood in the long line waiting for their lunches. Ash found them and started a conversation with Paul, who stood with his hands in his pockets looking in the other direction.

"This always happens." Drew nodded towards Paul who was oblivious to Ash's ramblings. She giggled.

"Hey Drew, hey Drew's hot sister." Gary smirked as he strolled in the line beside them, cutting off the other students.

"Gary." Drew's voice caused the play-boy brunette to roll his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah." Gary waved off Drew's threats and bounced in his spot as they progressed through the line.

Once they received their lunches, Dawn found herself between her brother and Paul at the lunch table. Sitting next to Paul made her feel small with his burly and muscled frame, but his aura was non-threating. His quiet attitude didn't bother her as he ate his lunch and listened to the others talk.



After her afternoon classes had ended, Dawn knew she adored her Advanced Coordinator class that only had a select few qualified students enrolled . Dawn sat next to May in the class and the class was over fairly quickly. The instructor called Dawn over to her desk as the bell rang. May called that she would see her later in their Gym class.

"Yes?" Dawn asked and her brother stood by the doorway to wait for her. The model-like woman smiled at her.

"Dawn, I would like you to show an appeal this Friday. You missed on the first one of the year and if you could have one ready by Friday that would be swell." The instructor smiled at the newest member of her class and handed her a sheet of guidelines.

"Sure, that is no problem Mrs. Fantasia." Dawn smiled in return and looked over her guideline sheet on the way back to the hallway that held their lockers with her brother.

"I have Calculus this hour, but I think Paul may have A.P. Biology with you." Drew's voice was in her ear so she could hear him over the crowd in the busy hallway of the high schools. Dawn nodded her head, but lost her brother in the crowd of students that pushed between them.

The short girl stood still and waited for the crowd to pass by her. A few elbows caught the books in her arms and she struggled to pick them up when they hit the floor. Dawn knew it was on purpose yet ignored it for now. The crowd soon thinned and she found her twin on the far side of the hallway talking to Paul.

Dawn felt the tell-tale attractive heat her body and bowed her head so that neither boy would notice her blush as she approached. Her brother however, walked off when he saw her approach and waved to her he would find her later.

"Are you ready?" Paul's deep voice made her jump out of her daydream as she lost sight of Drew in the crowd.

"Umm... I just have to grab my textbook." He waited patiently for her and once she closed her locker showed her the stairs that led to the upper part of the building. The air become warmer as they ascended and more windows appeared along the walls to let in more natural light.

They entered a classroom that had lab tables instead of desks that seated two, Paul nodded his head towards the teacher's desk and went to take his place at a table that sat in front of Gary, who waved at her when the two walked in.

"Excuse me sir." The teacher looked up from the papers on his desk and put on his glasses to get a better look at her.

"The new student, yet I have your information already. Gary?" The teacher called and the lean brunette looked up. "Raise your hand."

"You'll sit next to Gary since he sits by himself, just ignore him if he gets distracting." The teacher chuckled to himself and returned to his papers.

"Hey Dawn." Gary greeted the short girl, Paul had turned around on his stool and was also looking at her as she sat down behind him.

"Hi Gary, hello again Paul." She greeted both of her brother's friends, whom may possibly be becoming her own friends in the future.

"Now class, open your lab manual to Chapter Three, Section two. We will be completing the worksheets from the section, all the material you need are at the front table. Carry on, I'll be around the room if you need any assistance." Prof. Oak told the class, who opened their lab manual and looked over the assignment.

"We are identifying structures and functions of the cells of unfertilized starfish and our own cheek cells." Gary mumbled to himself as he read along the instructions in the book.

Gary turned out to be a good lab partner, he seemed knowledgeable in the field of biology and they completed their lab quickly. Gary ran the microscope while she recorded the data on her lab sheet that they would turn in as partners. The class went quickly and she found that it was time for her last hour of the day; gym.

Walking with Paul back to her locker was easier then following her brother. His large frame pushing through the crowd and she found that if she stayed close behind him; he acted as a bulldozer for her.

"Thank you Paul." Dawn thanked him as he turned to walk away.

"Yeah, sure." He replied and went his own way through the crowd. Dawn turned back to her locker and found May standing there watching.

"Wow, Paul doesn't really talk to anyone. He's good friends with your brother though." May commented, leaning against her locker as the younger girl put away her backpack.

"Yeah, he seems kind enough, just quiet." Dawn pulled out her duffel bag that held her gym clothes in it and shut her locker. Drew found her soon enough.

"Ready for gym?" He asked the girls, but with more focus on his sister. They nodded in agreement.

They reached the locker rooms, which was were located near Dawn's cooking class. She followed May into the Gym where a tall, brutal looking man with close cut hair was standing with a clip board.

"You must be Green-bean's sister." He watched Dawn approach and handed her a lock out of his hand . "You can take any empty locker you want."

"Thank you." She followed May into the locker room that had more than 10 girls in various stages of undress in it, who stared and whispered at the sight of the new girl. Dawn selected a locker a few down from her newest friend and started to change.

"So are you like Drew's girlfriend or something?" A girl with short brown-haired asked her and the locker room went quiet with the question.

"I'm his sister." She didn't like the girl's snotty tone and the smirk the bigger girl held when Dawn answered.

"Leave her alone Brianna." May snapped and the girl walked off, May tied on her tennis shoes.

"Just ignore her, she's a brat." Dawn also pulled out her shoes, dressed in a loose t-shirt and black athletic shorts. Being that they were the last two girls in the locker room, the two were one of the last to join the group of students standing or sitting in the middle of the large gym.

"We're playing dodge ball." Her brother told her, Gary, Ash, and Paul also tagging along beside their friends as Lt. Surge cleared his throat.

"Alright kiddies! We're playing a good ol' game of dodge ball today, Can I have two captains? Gary and… Green-Bean how about you?" Gary went to the front near the gym teacher along with Drew, it was no surprised that Paul and Ash were the first ones to get chosen, Drew chose her immediately after Ash.

As teams were chosen, May was asked on her brother's team as well. Ash was bouncing in his sneakers, Brianna seemed unwilling to go to Gary and Paul's team. Soon the teams were divided and the groups went to the opposite walls.

"Race you to the line." Drew's mocking voice spoke up to her as he put his hand on the wall.

"You're on." Dawn taunted her brother and she braced herself against the wall preparing to push off. The whistle sounded and she found herself ahead of her brother and one of the first students to grab a ball. Paul's hand grabbed the one next to hers on the line and she retreated with a red ball in hand.

"I beat you again." Dawn teased her brother who threw a ball towards Gary as the brunette hit a girl on their team. Drew stuck his tongue out childishly and ran off to where the other balls were.

"Hey girl." May called and ducked as a ball came towards her and the blunette. "Ugh, stupid Brianna."

The brown-haired girl was among others in a small group of girls on the other side of the gym; each holding balls and standing clustered together. Dawn laughed as she threw her ball and they scattered.

"Hey Dawn! You're fast!" Ash came up beside them and waved a greeting to May. Ash's short and stocky frame made him an easy target and a ball bounced off his chest and to the floor.

Paul smirked at the raven-haired boys luck from across the gym and went back to helping Gary pelt the others on the rivaling team. Dawn observed as he threw with force.

"Drew is going to get it!" May laughed as her brother got attacked by both Gary and Paul and ran over to them and behind his sister.

"Dawn, be my shield. They won't hit you." Indeed, Gary and Paul's actions were halted at the sight of their target hiding behind his much smaller sister.

"Green-Bean! Quite being a sissy!" 's voice was full of laughter at the boy's acting.

Gary tossed his ball at a distracted Drew and the ball dropped beside her foot after hitting her brother. The lean brunette laughed as the emerald-haired boy walked over to the other members of his team that were already out. A loud thud sounded against his shoulder and Gary stopped laughing at the sight of Dawn tossing another red ball up and down in her hand.

"Don't pick on my brother." Drew laughed at Gary, who was the victim of his sister's arm.

The game continued on with Gary's team winning overall and the genders separated to go back to their respectful locker rooms to change.



"How did you like your first day?" May asked as she finished tying her shoes and returning all of her gym clothing back into her locker.

"It was good, and May? Could I have your number?" Dawn asked as she closed her locker.

"Of course!" May giggled and told the other girl her number when Dawn pulled out her phone. The girls went out of the locker rooms and waved goodbye to each other once Dawn met up with her brother.

"Making friends already?" Drew pulled on a lock of her long royal blue hair and she smacked his hand away.

"Yes Drew, we even exchanged numbers." Dawn replied and they went to their lockers and prepared to go home.

"I'll take you home quick, I have football practice at 4:00." Drew said as they walked towards his silver car. Dawn nodded in agreement.



Dawn entered her room at home with a smile. Her first day had gotten along quite well, her brother and his friends being more then helpful. She had even made her first friend at her new school.

A cardboard box on her bed caused her to stop in her steps , she dropped her book bag on the carpeted floor and walked towards the dusty box.


These are some of your mother's things.



Her mother's things? Dawn felt her eyes started to water as she slipped the note of the box and set it on her bed. She started to open the box then stopped….. Mom….

Dawn pulled the box down to the floor with her when she feel to her knees with open sobs. The objects inside jumbled about but she ignored them for now, she tucked her head between her knees and wept of the loss of her mother. Her best friend.

Mom, where'd you go?



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