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Kings of Leon - Revelry

"I get lost in the night, so high don't wanna come down, to face the loss of the good thing I have found, even though it was me who drove us right into the ground, see the time we shared it was precious to me, but all the while I was dreamin of revelry…"

Chapter One.

Lauren closed her eyes as her dad walked out of the house after making her promise not to leave. She'd only been back in Walford for 24 hours, she'd been released from the rehab Centre her mother had taken her to in Devon, after her 8 week stint, and she was feeling like she had traded one prison for another.

Okay, so rehab wasn't exactly prison, because when she was there, she was allowed outside, she wasn't allowed off the grounds, but they had over 4 acres of gardens she found she could walk around, run around, sit and draw or simply just to sit and think in. The last few days that she had been there she had spent a lot of time sitting and thinking. Her mum had wanted her to stay in Devon with her, but Lauren wanted….No, she needed to go back to Walford, to Albert Square, to Joey. Although she wasn't sure there was a Joey to go back to. He hadn't contacted her once since she had left Walford in the dead of night in a black taxi cab. Leaving under the cover of darkness made her feel like she was being treated like a dirty little secret.

Perhaps she was. That would explain a few things. The fact that not one of her friends had tried to contact her. That's assuming they were still her friends after everything that'd happened in the few months leading up to her being admitted to rehab. She was doubtful they were. The only people she had spoken to was Max, Abi and her mother, her Nan and Oscar.

She had been nervous about going back and had almost changed her mind several times on her journey back to London, but she'd replayed the conversation she'd with her counsellor over and over in her head, and he'd told her it would be one of the steps to her recovery, to make amends, to apologise to the ones she'd hurt. She'd already apologised to her parents, to Abi, to Oscar and to her Nan, but she knew she had more apologies to make. She only hoped they would let her. She knew some may not be as forgiving as her family were, but she knew she had to try to convince them she was sorry for what had happened and she was getting better.

Her counsellor had told her it wouldn't be easy, that people might not want to listen, might not want to believe her, but she had to do everything in her power to make them listen. And that was what she intended to do. Her mother had offered to come back with her but Lauren had firmly told her while she appreciated the gesture this was something she needed to do by herself. Tanya had nodded and smiled and told Lauren she knew it was and had told her she was so proud of her and she loved her so much. She also told her if she changed her mind about going back to Walford, she would always have a home with her and Oscar in Devon, where she could have a fresh start, make new friends and make a new life for herself. But Lauren was determined she was going back to Walford. They had a very emotional and tearful goodbye. Lauren had valued the time with her mother, at first she had been angry with her mother for planning to take her to rehab behind her back. It had taken another very emotional and tearful conversation with her dad to make her finally admit to him and to herself that she needed help and her mother was doing the right thing, and she had agreed to go to Devon, to rehab, to get better. There was no time to say goodbye to anyone. By anyone she meant Joey. Her dad had helped her pack and they had gone downstairs and Lauren had told her mother and her family she was ready to go to rehab.

Now that Lauren was back in Walford, back on the square, she was wondering if she had made the right decision. Perhaps her mother was right, perhaps she did need to have a clean break; a fresh start. Now she was back she was nervous. Nervous her friends wouldn't give her the time of day, anxious that Joey wouldn't want to see her, she had done a lot of damage, she knew that and she had a lot to make up for.

She remembered her father's last words to her as he left the house after telling her he didn't want her to leave it.

'I'm trusting you Lauren' he told her as he closed the door.

She took a deep breath and she walked to the hallway. She picked up her keys and her phone and sighed, she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. She stared at herself. Her mum had helped her strip the black dye out of her hair, and now her hair was almost back to its natural colour, a soft golden brown, she had also caught the sun in Devon, with the amount of time she had spent outside and her skin now had a healthy glow, her makeup was soft, natural and she had to admit she looked good, she looked better, she felt better. She took a deep breath, blowing the air through her lips slowly before she let herself out of the house. Her first stop was Ian Beale.

She found him in the restaurant. He looked up from behind the bar as he saw her, she saw surprise cross his face and she licked her lips.

'Before you start yelling at me and telling me to leave …I just wanted to say I'm very sorry for the way I behaved, the damage and embarrassment I caused you' she told him 'You gave me a chance when no one else would and I threw it back in your face…more than once' she said and licking her lips again 'thank you for giving me a chance, I'm sorry that I let myself down, my parents down and you down' she turned to go.

'Lauren?' he called her back and she closed her eyes and turned to look at him, waiting for the anger and the shouting. But Ian surprised her.

'Thank you' he told her kindly. 'You look better than you did the last time I saw you'

She nodded 'I feel ….better' she said with a slight frown.

'That couldn't have been easy for you to do' he said to her, she shook her head.

'No it wasn't, but I meant every word' she told him sincerely.

'I know' he nodded 'and it's appreciated' he replied with a smile 'who else have you seen?'

'You're the first' she replied softly 'My counsellor said to start with the people that you hurt the least and build up to the ones that you hurt the most' she told him 'I know I don't have the right to ask you for any favours but….'

'I haven't seen you.' Ian said to her with a small smile 'good luck with the rest of your apologies' he said 'It's good to see you back Lauren'

'Thank you' she said 'well I should go'

'And thank you for stopping by, it means a lot' he said to her, she smiled and him and nodded. She walked out of the restaurant.

One down.

Many more to go.

Her next stop and probably her biggest challenge yet.

Alfie Moon and the Queen Vic.

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