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Chapter Sixty-two

Day two - Lauren

Lauren was being given a bed bath this morning, a female nurse had stripped her naked behind the curtains and had washed her bruised and battered body. Whilst she was doing it she was chattering on about the latest hair brained scheme her son had gotten involved in.

Lauren wanted to scream at her, tell her to shut up. She wanted to yell at her to stop touching her, to tell her to leave her alone. She didn't want to have a bed bath, she didn't want her dressings changed. She didn't care if she was still bleeding or not, she just wanted to be left alone.

She just wanted Joey.

She closed her eyes and drowned out the nurse. She removed her mind from the situation, from the feeling of unfamiliar hands touching her, touching her in places she didn't want to be touched.

She'd heard the doctors and nurses whispering outside her room, she heard them say that He had been caught and arrested. She didn't care about that, all she cared about as Joey. She didn't understand why he wasn't here. So she had resigned herself to the fact Joey wasn't coming to see her. It was obvious he blamed her for what had happened.

She was damaged goods now. Of course he wouldn't want her, and she didn't blame him.

The nurse left her and she opened her eyes with a sigh. She was wearing a clean nightshirt. Everything was clean, the sheets, her nightshirt, her skin. But inside… inside she knew she was dirty and she knew that feeling would never go away.

Lauren knew what would help, what would make her mind stop, she knew what she needed.

Vodka. She needed vodka.

She made herself a vow. The first thing she was going to do when she got of hospital was get drunk.

She knew the only thing that would stop her mind from replaying what had happened to her would be to drink as much as she possibly could, until she found oblivion.

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