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"STANKBALL!" Cyborg shouted as he threw the ball full of stinky clothes they had found in Beastboy's room at Beastboy. It flew across the hall, flying at full speed as Beastboy caught it in his gorilla hands. He morphed back to regular sized and smirked at the cybernetic teen, who clenched his metallic fists together and glared at the green changeling.

"That ain't part of the rules BB; No super powers during StankBall. It's a total cheat." Cyborg lectured, repeating the rules they had made up before this game became a regular occurrence.

"Your right; No cheats, but, you also used your super strength on that throw, so I'd say the same to you." Beastboy triumphed, tossing the ball back to Cyborg. Cyborg muttered something incoherent under his breath, then leaned back, and threw the ball across the hall again. Beastboy caught it by jumping in the air. The score was now 2(Cyborg's)-1(Beastboy's).

"Relax Hotshot, I'm still winning." Cyborg gloated.

"By one point." Beastboy said as he threw the ball back at him as hard as he could, so Cyborg raised a hand and the ball flew into his hand successfully.

"Damn you and your tallness." Beastboy grumbled as he prepared for Cyborg's attempt to throw the Stankball back at him. Beastboy would have caught it- if it weren't for a black aura to surround the ball, trapping it there, suspending it in mid-air.

"If you would mind, I'm trying to meditate, and you guys are being really loud. Can't you guys go somewhere else? Do you REALLY have to play it in the Hallway?" Raven stood behind them, asking them in her usual monotone, glaring at them for disturbing her. The two teenage boys just gawked at her. She glared, before she sighed and stomped off in the way to the OPS room.

"You know what- never mind. I'm going to the store to go get food because that nasty blue stuff is plaguing the fridge again." Raven muttered as she threw the door closed, leaving them to just shrug their shoulders and continue with Stankball.

~Scene Break~

Now Cyborg and Beastboy were sitting on the couch, playing video games. They were on a team this time, which doesn't happen so much, but their enemy internet player that rivals their skills is online- and are currently playing them: SexyBeast427.

"Dude, we're not gonna win." Beastboy said, pressing the buttons on the controller furiously as his green eyes concentrated on his player, his gun ready to aim to shoot at any red player.

"We're gonna win- with me on the team, we're definitely going to win." Cyborg was bust fighting off three red team members, and Beastboy stared at his half-screen with boredom.

"No one is coming over where I'm at, Cy."

"No, their coming. Just wait.

"Why can't I go help you? You're dying!"

"'Cause, I got these losers."

"We're gonna looose." Beastboy groaned and squirmed with boredom, wishing for something to come over where he was hiding so he could shoot them.

"Wanna bet? I already told you once BB; We're gonna win." Cyborg said with a focused expression on his face, fighting off his last red player.

"Sure. What are the stakes?" Beastboy asked, his ear perking up at the sound of someone coming over to where he was at, finally.

"If I win the bet.." Cyborg got a mischievous grin on his face." You have to enter Raven's mind again till I say you can get out."

"Do you wish for me to die?"

"No, I just wanna see how it goes."

"If I win; you have to eat tofu, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a whole week." Cyborg frowned at that. One time when he was little, he had tried to be a vegan out of curiosity. Couldn't last it for more than 24 hours. His mom had bought two packs of ribs that night.

"Fine. Deal?"

"Deal." They quickly shook on it, before returning to the game. The red team had started ambushing Beastboy, and Beastboy was shooting like no other. Cyborg had come to help, and soon, they defeated the whole red team.

"BOOYAH!" Cyborg cheered as he stood up and dropped the controller, then bowed to an invisible crowd.

"Guess who has a bet to do?" Cyborg grinned at Beastboy. Beastboy folded his arms.

"Me." He pouted.

"YOU!" Cyborg shouted back.

"When do I have to go?"

"...How about tonight? So then when dinner comes around, you'll be here and as soon as the others are asleep, they won't question why you're gone." Cyborg suggests. Beastboy frowned at the idea of going back in Raven's mirror but agreed anyway.

~Scene Break~

Raven came back with fresh food, and now they were all gathered around the table, eating meals of their choice. Raven had a slice of pizza she had picked up on the way home while drinking tea(What an odd combination), Cyborg was eating meaty meal of catfish, chicken, and sweet potatoes, Starfire was eating rhuvpwufc, one of her Tameran meals, Beastboy was eating tofu dogs, and Robin was eating the same thing Cyborg was eating, without the chicken.

"So Rae, when do you usually go to bed?" Beastboy asked, nudging her with her elbow. Raven glared at him, staring at him like he was a creep.

"When you don't."

"Like, a more lucid time." Beastboy explained.

"...10:00. Why?"

"No reason." Beastboy casually said as Raven stared at him, then slowly moved away from him.

"Guys, I just want to remind you that we have a scheduled practice tomorrow in the afternoon." Robin said, shoving a piece of catfish into his mouth.

"Yeah, we'll forget, thanks for reminding us Robin. Just like you did the last four times in the last hour." Raven scoffed. Robin glared at her through his mask, stabbing at the catfish.

"Come here, my little Bumgorf!" Starfire picked Silkie up and set him on the table, in which Raven gagged and picked up her plate, leaving for her room.

'Here is your yummy ZorkaBerries substitute!" She baby-talked him as she fed Silkie, who happily gurgled as he ate his dinner. Starfire fed him so much that he looked really fat, even to the point where his shell cracked, causing him having to molt.

"Eww." Beastboy shivered as he took his dinner away from Silkie, going to eat on the couch. Starfire ignored the fact that she was the only person at the table, and continued to feed Silkie.

~ Scene Break~

Part 1 consists of:

I'm Watching You

Beastboy isn't here because...

Hello Happy!

Chapter 1: I'm Watching You

Beastboy peeks out of his bedroom door, looking left and right. He didn't want to get caught. He morphed into a mouse, crawling along the floor, making his way to Cyborg's room, quickly and quietly. Once he got to Cyborg's door, he rapped on his door quietly.

"Cy, you up?" Beastboy asked just as Cyborg opened the door, a big grin on his face.

"Here ya go. I got you your nasty tofu crap and other veggie food, no entertainment, Raven's mind should be enough, and while your in there, you should video-tape it." Cyborg said, handing the items over to Beastboy.

"What if my food runs out?"

"Just go to Happy's domain. Remember all those floating strawberries and stuff?" Beastboy nodded as he frowned at Cyborg.

"I can't believe you talked me into this."

"Better believe it. Now I'm tired; leave me. Try not to be a murder victim of Raven, kay?" Cyborg said. Beastboy nodded and turned for Raven's room. As he made his way for Raven's room, he heard a noise.

He turned around to see Silkie narrowing his eyes, gurgling with his fat body as he watched Beastboy.

"What?" Beastboy asked, glaring at the worm. The worm gurgled and slipped into the darkness.

He's watching you Beastboy... Better be careful. Beastboy found himself in front of his destination. He stared at the door for a good twenty seconds till he poked his head into the door, and looked around as darkness socked him across the face. He couldn't see anything, the only light that shone was from the moonlight, leaking from the window. In the Upper Left corner, he saw Raven sleeping in her huge bed, snuggling a pillow. He frowned and looked for a mirror, since he couldn't see in the darkness, he changed into a cat, his sight enhancing immediately.

He leaped onto the counter where he last seen it, and Raven shifted in her bed, facing the other side. He walked across the counter, quietly, looking for her meditation mirror. Instead he saw a mask that scared the poop out of him- he hissed and fell off the counter, landing on his feet, watching the book he slipped on fall to the floor. Raven instantly sat up straight in bed, luckily wearing a big T-shirt, and looked around.

About three items engulfed in black energy surrounded Beastboy, and he instantly dropped on the floor, hoping Raven would see him as a pile of clothes or something. Raven got out of her bed, her eyes burning white. She searched her room, and that is when it donned on Beastboy.

Raven can sense his presence. So Beastboy changed into something smaller, something she knows won't pick up on her senses. Once he did, Raven stood there for a moment, surveying the scene before going back to bed. Beastboy waited there for a while, before going back in cat form. He knew exactly where the mirror was. He hopped back on the counter and looked around for it, and once he did, he walked over there and looked straight into it, waiting for the four eyes to glow and a huge black swirl engulf him. He forced himself not to scream or make a noise, he never liked Raven's portals. It sucked him in, and finally, he landed in Nevermore.

His backpack Cyborg had given to him fell next to him with a soft thud. He morphed back in regular form before taking in his surroundings. It was the same as before- Black sky with sparkling red stars, stone arches that had small, four, red-eyed Ravens perched upon, stone boulders to walk upon-nothing much had changed since he was last here. He sat up and unzipped his backpack, digging inside of it until he found the video camera Cyborg had given him. He put in an empty tape and began taping.

"So, this is it. Raven's mind called Nevermore." He stated, rotating in a circle as he slung the backpack on his back. He wondered where to go first- there was already two paths that had been formed on either side of him, he just didn't know which one to take. He finally took the one he could write with, his right, and began walking, taping. The scene changed as he stepped through the stone arch, but it wasn't a good change.

It changed into a forest kind of place, it could have been a maze if it wanted to. But it was dead- there was just an overwhelming feeling of deadliness. He immediately stopped, his hairs standing on edge. He frowned as he became more self-conscious of himself, not moving except only to survey his surroundings. He felt as if someone was watching him.

He stood there for a few moments till someone suddenly wrapped their arms around his waist in a tight grip, and he freaked. He screamed and fought to get out of her grip, but she easily cupped her hand over his mouth.

"Shh, BB. She might hear you. Watch this." Happy whispered, opening a portal beneath them as she fell through.

~Scene Break~

They landed safely onto the ground, and Happy let go of him, giggling in the process.

"Hey BB! LONG TIME NO SEE!" She greeted, giggling at him.

~Scene Break~

Chapter two: Beastboy isn't here because...

Cyborg marched out of the room, whistling, trying to keep a big grin off of his face. He walked into the OPS room, glancing over at Raven, who was concentrating on a book she was reading. Robin was talking with Starfire, who was busy petting Silkie.

And for some reason, Silkie was glaring and gurgling at him as soon as he stepped inside the room.

"Hey Cy. Usually Beastboy would be up before you." Robin said, smiling at him. Cyborg frowned.

"He's really tired." Cyborg lied easily, smiling back before going to the kitchen to cook his meal, and Silkie gurgled louder. Geez, what is UP with that Silkworm? Just lie. Lying is easy, unless you're nervous. Lying is as easy as making a fake girlfriend.

An hour eventually passed by, and it was time for training. Beastboy still wasn't down yet.

"Cyborg. Where. Is. Beastboy. " Robin growled. They all were in the training room, waiting on him. Robin was getting heated by the moment, Raven was beginning to come impatient, and Starfire was inquisitive about his absence.

"I'll go get him." Cyborg sprinted off towards his room, without another word. He traveled to his room thinking- what was he going to do? What was he going to say? He hadn't thought about that when he sent Beastboy off to roam Raven's mind. Suddenly, he got an idea. After he swung his bedroom door open, he ran to his huge closet.

He always kept copy's of the team as Robot's in case it was one of those 'desperate times call for desperate measures'. He was desperate. Unlike other robot's, these looked exactly like them. And I mean exactly. If you set the Starfire robot next to the real Starfire, they could have been twins, except for the small red chip located under all the titan's robots shirts. The robot's didn't have the lines where metal connect to metal or the Robot voices, they acted and looked exactly like them. Better yet, Cyborg had the power to control them all. He slipped past Raven's and Starfire's robot's and found Beastboy's robot.

It was just standing their with a blank face, eyes unblinking, his green robot ear not flinching. Cyborg flipped a panel in his arm open, wanting to test it out. He pressed a green button and Beastboy's robot came alive, his green eyes having artificial life to them, as his fake robot stomach heaved in and out, like a real person would. With the controls on his arm, he made Beastboy's robot face him. He can also control what they say by typing what he wans them to say on that little control panel on his arm. It will translate it to 'Their Language.' For example:

He typed in ' Hello, Cyborg!'

It translated to this, here is what robot Beastboy said:

"Hey, Cy!" Robot Beastboy greeted. Cyborg even had him grin and wave. He checked the robot for anything that would tell the others that that was not Beastboy, but he did not come up with anything. He controlled the robot out his door, and followed it back to the training room.

"BEASTBOY! WHERE WERE YOU! YOU WERE LATE BY TWO MINUTES AND TWENTY ONE SEC-" Raven slapped Robin in the back of his head and rolled her eyes.

"Robin, one more outburst like that, I'm calling the psychiatrist on you." Raven threatened, ignoring Robin's glare. Cyborg quickly typed in his arm.

"Sorry, I was just really tired last night. Anyways, I'm here now, SO LETS TRAIN DUDES AND DUDETTES!" 'Beastboy' shouted before hopping onto the control panel.

"I call last." 'Beastboy said. Cyborg had to work out his plan for what Beastboy would be like on his obstacle.

"Then I will be the first!" Starfire cheered, before flying over to the beginning of the obstacle course. Raven sat next to Beastboy in the control panel and pressed a few buttons. A new course for Starfire pulled out of the ground, full of metal walls, flying things ready to attack the alien girl, and many things that are flammable yet tough to break, not too mention a wall came over Starfire and her obstacle course, and inside that room it was pitch black, definitely challenging Starfire. A camera zoomed in on Starfire.

She held two Starbolts engulfing her hand, but also making the dark space light up a bit. She lifted off of her toes, just when she was moving forward, she bumped into a hard wall. She looked up with green energy burning in her eyes, and shot at it, and the other titans watched as the wall melted and eventually she burned a hole through the wall, in which she flew through. Then she was hit on the side with something, and she looked up to see a weird flying contraption pelting and shooting at her. She flew off the ground and attempted to destroy it, but it reflected off, letting the starbolt bounce all over the place. She flew to it and used combat for a while, and grabbed it and used her super-strength to pick it up and smash it on the ground. She went through most of the obstacle course like that, until something green trapped her inside a green ball, She looked up to see See-More, but for she knew it was only a copy and for testing purposes, she destroyed the green ball in which she was captured in and flew right to See-More, punching him in the face.

She fought combat with him for a long time, till she finally lazered him with her eyes, and he literally exploded.

"Oops.." Starfire mumbled, but she was glad that she had completed the obstacle course. But the room looked like something that would be in result in if Raven hadn't kept in check of her emotions.

"You did great Starfire, I'm afraid I might have to challenge you a bit harder next time." Robin said through the intercom, earning a giggle from Starfire as she flew out of the course.

As they all completed their courses, it was finally Beastboy's turn.

~Scene Break~

Robot Beastboy stood at the beginning of the obstacle course, looking around, courtesy to Cyborg controlling him.

"Okay Beastboy, here ya go." Robin said through the intercom as his obstacle course pulled up. It was all forest-y and green, but definitely challenging, Their were swamps, rocky, steep hills, and animals and different seasons and night time and day time, with a copy of Mammoth waiting for him at the end for testing his combat, it was pretty full of artificial nature. The kind only Beastboy can do.


Cyborg had a slight problem: Robot Beastboy can't morph. So what was he going to do? No. No, No, No. He would just fight it as if he had no powers. People might see Beastboy as the weakest one on the team, but lets just get one thing straight- if someone ever wanted to fight Beastboy, even if they got a black belt in Karate, Beastboy, will, win. He can however, fight. He already proved that when Starfire's evil self challenged Beastboy, and that shows Beastboy has the power to kill Starfire if he wanted to- Starfire has the power to kill Cyborg, Cyborg has the power to kill Beastboy, if they wanted to. So yeah, Beastboy can fight, which means, he should be able to beat this. Hopefully.

Robot Beastboy walked through the forest, listening to the owl's hooting, the growls of lions prowling around. What he should have done was destroy or make peace with the animals, but he avoided it all together. He simply walked through the nature part, confronting Mammoth right away. Mammoth cracked his knuckles and made his way over to the Robot, and attempted to punch him. Beastboy easily side-stepped him, and went right into hand-to hand combat with Mammoth.

It is too bad Mammoth literally smashed his skull and beheaded him.

The titans were in a state of shock, and Cyborg looked down at his control panel frantically and pressed a button, letting some fake-blood he had put in the robot to squirt out of where his head once been, he had to make it real, although he doesn't know really why he did it instead of just telling the titans he was a robot.

Starfire screamed at the top of her lungs, Raven stared and got on her knees from absolute shock, Robin vomited and started crying uncontrollably, and Cyborg just stood there, acting shocked, when he was really, upset, confused, and cursing himself.

~Scene Break~

Chapter 3: Hello Happy!

"Hey Happy." He greeted back, waving. Happy hugged him once again and smiled.

"BB, we really really missed you! How come you never visited again?!" Happy asked, releasing him.

"Well, to be frank with you, you aren't the most Sunshine, Lollipops and, Rainbows Everywhere! kind of person." Beastboy admitted. Happy scoffed, and clicked her tongue dissaprovingly.

"I ALWAYS tell Raven that she needs a little happiness in her life; it wouldn't kill people. But she says it actually can, which it can, but that's totally not what I meant!" Happy rolled her eyes at the now yellow sky, watching the strawberries and pie float around, scent wafting in the air. Beastboy shurgged his shoulders and looked around, wondering what he should do next. Instead, he just started video-taping Happy, who smiled and waved at the camera, flying right up to it.

"This is Happy's domain.. and that's...Happy." Beastboy zoomed in on Happy, who was flying upside down and smiling, resting her hands on her stomach.

"Why are you video-taping, BB?" Happy asked, giggling.

"'Cause Cyborg said I have to."

"Oh. Why?"

"The only reason why I'm here is because I lost a bet to Cyborg and Cyborg said I have to spend some time here in Nevermore."

"There is a lot of stuff in Nevermore.

"I'm pretty sure there is, but I don't know where to go."

"OOO! I know where to go!" Happy cheered, bouncing up and down and the pink grass.


"ANYWHERE!" Happy said, running off in a direction, Beastboy in tow.

~Scene Break~

They both showed up in front of Knowledge, who was busy reading until they showed up.

"What do you want Happy.. and Beasyboy?" Knowledge was confused, which wasn't really her character, seeing as she knew everything about anything.

"You have been watching the screen, have you?" Happy asked. Knowledge pursed her lips and shook her head.

"But the other emoticlones have been watching the screen- still are matter fact." Knowledge said, floating over to them, book set down.

"BB is here because he lost a bet to Cy." Happy explained. Knowledge nodded and raised an eyebrow at Beastboy who just shrugged his shoulders and continued to video-tape.

"Can we go to Anywhere?" Happy asked Knowledge. Wait, Anywhere is actually a place?Beastboy wondered, but he just kept it to himself.

"No. Brave's already in there and she doesn't want to be disturbed. I'll come to you when it's not being hogged by her."Knowledge admitted, and Happy sulked for a moment before cheering right back up.

"Okay. Thanks Knowledge!"
"Your welcome, overly-joyed emoticlone." Knowledge joked, sitting back down and reading her book. Happy and Beastboy strolled out of her domain, Beastboy wondering what to do.

"What's the Anywhere?" Beastboy asked, angling the camera in Happy's face. Happy gently shoved the camera out of her face and scoffed, unable to keep a smile off of her face.

"The anywhere is the most fun-nest place in here. You can imagine anything in the Anywhere." Happy explained, tucking a stray hair behind her ear.

"What's the screen?"

"Our window to what Raven's seeing in the real world- it's at the center of Nevermore." Happy once again, explained.

"So, where are we going now?"

"Back to my domain." Happy answered.

~Scene Break~

They were sitting in the yellow grass, munching on a floating strawberry they had caught.

"I bet that you can not make me laugh." Happy grinned at him mischievously. Beastboy's ears perked up at that. All these years of trying to make Raven laugh and now she was bringing it up?

"Deal. You're happy anyway. You even said yourself that I am funny."

"But can you make me laugh?" Happy asked. Beastboy thought about this, and pursed his lips.

"If I wanted to, I CAN make you laugh."

"Let's shake on it. If you can't make me laugh, you owe me big time."

"Kay." Beastboy and Raven shook on it, and the games begun.

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