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"Timid, come on! You know it's fun." Brave wiggled her eyebrows and gave a silly grin in a cheeky way. Beastboy was highly amused by this, kind of fascinated-though Brave didn't mind the attention. It's not everyday you see Raven do that. He sat in the waves and watched Timid peek her head out of one of the rocks, face flushed and slightly embarrassed, since Brave had just directed all the attention to her.

She figured she should just get up and walk towards them anyway, since she was caught. What she had been doing was looking at Beastboy, deciding if he was real or not. She heard the news, too. She got up, dusted off her cloak of the grains of sand embedded in it, and made her way to the edge of the ocean, sub-consciously pulling her grey hood up to conceal most of her face.

Calm watched them from her perch among the tallest rock, hovering a feet above it or two. Happy was in the ocean along with Brave, pretending she was a mermaid, collecting sand dollars and putting them in the hood of her pink cloak. The ocean licked at Love's feet, and she sat a feet away from Beastboy, playing with the wet sand.

"Hi Timid." Beastboy waved, and Timid's cheeks splashed with red coloring, and she gave him a friendly smile without speaking. Another wave came and it crashed against the shore, swallowing Brave and Happy, who squealed with joy as they were sucked underneath the salt water.

Part 3 consists of:

Telling the Titans


Are you hiding Something?

Chapter 1: Telling the Titans

"I'm sure you guys heard of Beastboy's...Beastboy." Robin muttered miserably as he stood in the middle of the main group. Starfire hovered next to him, her long red hair was a curtain for her face as she stared hard at the floor, tears rolling down her cheeks. On his other side was Cyborg, who stared at his hands quietly, fidgeting once in a while. Next to Starfire was Raven, who felt a pang of happiness for an unknown reason, then automatically feeling guilty and diverted her attention to her side, pulling her hood up to conceal her face. Next to Cyborg should have been Beastboy, who, I feel we do not need to discuss his whereabouts.

Titans East and all the Honorary Titans stood in front of them, some of the sobbing quietly in the back, some in denial, some staying quiet. We heard Mento and Rita made an appearance there, also. There was an uneasy air wafting about, seeing as they all stayed silent for a moment.

"So..What happened, for a start?" Kid Flash asked casually, one of those who were confused, seeing as he was not paying attention the whole time. Jinx elbowed him in the ribs and he threw a hurt look her way as he held his hands to his chest while Jinx silently muttered the word 'Stupid.' A few people sighed with annoyance and Robin scowled at him.

"HE DIED." Robin hissed. Kid Flash' s mouth formed into an 'O.' Rita broke down crying and left the room immediately, who was followed by Mento, muttering something incoherent. Robin pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, and Cyborg looked away in guilt.

"We are here to discuss what should we do, since I'm sure the villains know about this, and are probably thinking up their next move seeing as they think we are vulnerable now." Robin explained, and a few people frowned.

"You're worried about villains when one of your team members is now deceased?" One of them called, earning a glare from Robin. Sometimes, he swears he works with moronic people, but because he is civilized, he did not point this out.

"Yes, matter of fact I am. Even if Beastboy died, we still have a job to protect the city, and we need to be prepared." Robin spat.

"When is the funeral?" Bumblebee asked.


"Maybe something was wrong with Beastboy." Kole suggested quietly, rocking on her feet. Robin looked at her, expecting an explanation. Kole pursed her lips and furrowed her eyebrows before explaining.

"Well, the way you described him, he seemed uncoordinated. You said he walked straight through the course without fighting the natural threats, and I don't think he'd do that. I mean, sure Beastboy is a little lazy, but I'm sure he takes his job as a hero seriously, so that sounded a little... off." Kole said, twirling a lock of her short pink hair. Cyborg paled visibly, but kept silent. He had to go to his room right now, since that is where Beastboy's supposed 'body' lay, mauled .

Robin turned towards Cyborg with curiosity, and Cyborg was afraid for a moment that he had been caught.

"Cy, maybe you can umm...look at Beastboy? His brain waves maybe? You don't have to if you-"

"No, I'll do it." Cyborg answered quickly, hoping he looked casual, kind of sad at the same time. Robin blinked in surprise. He hadn't been expecting that reaction, but then again Cyborg was Beastboy's best friend, he may have wanted one last look or something, so he dismissed his friends strange behavior.

Cyborg nodded and shuffled towards the Ops room's double doors, and stepped into the hall. Rita and Mento were there, Rita still wailing at the death of her son, and Mento patting her back in solace. Cyborg frowned as Mento glared at him, then dashed off down the hall where his room was. He slammed the door shut and locked the door with the keypad. He frowned helplessly at the robot on his metal counter, it's pieces laying untouched. He made his way over to the counter and poked at Beastboy's head. What was he going to do now? Maybe he can tell BB to come back- No. That wasn't an option. Too many people were here, and if he was going to do it, he would have to come up with a clever way to bring Beastboy back, or calm everybody down before telling the truth. He'll bring him back when it is the right time at the right place, when they're in the right mood. Especially Raven. And if Raven does know that he is in her head, she hasn't said anything, and he was just fine with that, though Raven looked like she was still oblivious to the fact that Beastboy is camping in her mind for a few days.

What was he going to do? He was stuck.

Now that Kole noticed his slight slip-up, he'd have to make up something new. He grinned to himself. Starfire liked to watch discovery channel, nature shows, all that kind of stuff. Surely in her room, she had a couple of discs of that one show, Monsters Inside Me, on DVD. He could find a reasonable disease for Beastboy and diagnosed him with that. Yeah. Perfect. Now all he had to do was sneak into Starfire's room, find a disease, look up some of its symptoms, diagnose him with it, and somehow find proof and evidence. He could do that.

Chapter 2: Free-Verse

Happy jumped out the door, leaping into the air, and then gravity started to pull her down. She spread out her arms like wings, as if she were flying instead of falling. Just as she was about to hit the hard, white floor, she pictured a wavy sea, and just like that, she fell into water instead of the hard floor.

Calm floated down from the door, hovering above the sea, changing it back into a floor before landing. They were the last two to go inside the door. Beastboy waited patiently next to Brave, excited to finally be inside the Anywhere. Timid stood in a corner, hiding from under her cloak and quiet, as usual.

Happy was spread-eagles on the floor and soaking wet, and grass started to grow from beneath her, spreading till it formed a well-defined circle formed around her. She hopped to her feet. When she did this, when her boots made connection to the ground, flowers bloomed from the grassy circle she was standing in, her hands in the air.

"All the flowers, would have very extra special powers,-" She sang, beginning to cartwheels. "- They would sing and talk to me for hours,-" With each time her hand or her feet touched the ground grass and flowers would spread."-In a world of my own.." Happy collapsed onto the ground, the grass once again making a well-defined circle around her, the flowers bloomed, standing taller than usual.

"We're not doing Alice In Wonderland." Brave said, giving a pointed look at Happy. Happy shrugged her shoulders.

"Then what should we do?" Happy asked, still laying down in the flowers.

"We can make one up?" Love suggested. Calm smiled, concurring with Love. Brave shrugged and nodded, while Happy just clapped her hands.

"Sure." Beastboy agreed, they turned to Timid, who still standing in the corner. Timid tugged at her hood, staring at the floor. After a moment, she nodded.

"Yay! I call bad guy!" Happy cheered, jumping up and down.

"I call good guy." Brave grinned, standing up straight. She glanced at Timid, giving her a friendly smile. The kind of smile that was rare on Raven."Me and Timid. We're the good guys." Beastboy swore he saw Timid allow a small smile to sneak on her face as she stared at the floor, a blush blooming on her cheeks. Love(whom Beastboy knows by 'Friendly' ) snaked her arms around him and smiled.

"I call good guy to." Love said, snuggling further into Beastboy, causing him to blush. Calm wrenched Love off of Beastboy with a grunt.

"I'll be bad guy, along with Happy over there." She nodded towards Happy, who was already wandering around, forming plans. Happy, looked over to them and grinned like Cheschire cat, flying over to them and taking Beastboy by the arms, hugging him to her chest like a teddy bear. Beastboy was caught off guard to move.

"And he is my victim. Try to get him." She said in a creepy voice, before disappearing into the ground with him. The scenery changed as soon as they left.

Beastboy knew nothing.

All he knew was that he was in the clutches of an evil person and that he wanted to get away, somewhere safe. Happy smirked at him as she dragged his body, no matter how many times he added more weight, or tried to use his feet to stay put in one spot. Happy stopped and picked him up by the waist, much to his surprise, and slung him over her shoulder, carrying him the rest of the way.

"You're MY prisoner, which means you will follow MY rules and live in MY dungeon as MY peasant." She said. Beastboy grumbled something unintelligent.

"Happy?" A inquisitive voice said out of the blue, stopping Happy in her tracks.

Chapter 3: Are you hiding something?

Happy whipped her head around to be face to face with Raven, who was not an emoticlone. Beastboy gawked at Raven, not reacting or saying a word when Happy threw him off of her and turned to face Raven.

"What are you doing?" Raven asked, before looking around in the new scenery. Automatically, the scenery changed back to plain white. She locked eyes with Beastboy, who finally gained the strength to close his mouth instead of just gaping at her. It was silent for a second as Raven stared at him intently, furrowing her eyebrows together as if in thought.

"Is that, you, Beastboy?" She asked, stepping towards him with a curious look on her face. He scrambled to his feet. What was he going to do now? He was busted. But then, he remembered what Knowledge told him what Raven would think of him if she saw him in here. She would think it was suspicious, but since she supposedly saw Beastboy's death with her own eyes, she would think it's not real, and if any emoticlone tried to tell her, she would think that she was in denial, because technically, the emoticlones aren't real, which mean she would think Beastboy as a mere figment of her imagination, just planted there.

But it also means, he would have to act the way Raven wanted him to, if he was just part of HER imagination. Now the question is, how does Raven want him to act like? Does she want him to act civil and mature like she does, or act like himself? He decided to go with the second choice. But this would also mean he had to lie, and not act nervous around her. Plus if that wasn't hard enough, she can sense his emotions, so he would have to be calm, not act calm. He put on a confident smile on his face and strode over, slinging his arm around Raven's shoulders. He felt Raven stiffen- but she didn't do anything to wiggle out from under his arm.

"Yeah, it's me, Beastboy. Hey Rae." He greeted. He didn't know what to say, but he was panicking on the inside, but he forced himself to be calm.

Be Calm.

Raven slowly turned her head and gawked at him, studying him. He still smiled, but didn't show his teeth. This was making him feel highly uncomfortable, he felt as if he would burst with the truth and spill his guts out in a second, but desperately tried to shift his mind from such scary thoughts to happy ones, hoping Raven wouldn't sense him.

"You're alive?" She whispered.

He was busted.

Now he was gonna die and Cyborg would die to because he lied and snuck him in and Beastboy was gonna die because he agreed to the whole thing and everyone would be very upset with him and-

"No, he's dead." A new voice called, walking with purpose over to the three. It was Brave, followed by Calm, Love, and Timid. "He's just a part of your imagination." Brave lied, gesturing to him and shaking her head. Raven looked at Happy, who just nodded with her usual smile on her face, hood, up, hands behind her back. Her eyes bounced on Calm, who just gave a single nod, her face stoic. When she looked at Love, she gave a thumbs up. Timidity- merely pulled her hood up and gazed at the ground, not saying or doing anything.

"Oh, Okay. But you still didn't answer my question, what are you doing?" She asked again, a bit more forcefully this time. Happy piped up.

"Umm, we were playing." Raven raised an eyebrow.

"Okay." She said, before disappearing into the ground. Once again, it fell silent for a moment, before Happy let out a sigh of relief.

"I don't really want to play anymore after that. It's night time, anyway." Happy waved off, the scenery changing again back to Nevermore, back to Calm's domain. The sky was dark, the ocean was calming, and a slight breeze wafted through the air. Calm flew back onto her perch atop the rock, staring out.

"Aren't'cha going to sleep, Calm?" Brave asked, her fists at her waist. Calm shook her head, closing her eyes.

"I never sleep." She said without a care in the world. Brave cast her a strange look. Love sauntered up to Beastboy's side and hugged him from behind, surprising him.

"Good night, darling. See you in the morning." She said, running her hand through his hair before disappearing into the ground. Brave scoffed, before bumping Beastboy with her hip.

"Drama Queen," She muttered, earning a chuckle from Beastboy before walking towards the arch that separated Calm's domain from the rest of theirs. Happy stood silently next to him, one hand on her hip, one outstretched towards his hand. She smiled warmly at him, Beastboy could see it through the hood of her cloak. Beastboy took her hand and let her lead him back to her domain, where they settled down on some grass.

"How do you sleep?" Beastboy asked. All he saw was pink and yellow grass and floating strawberries and cupcakes.

"Oh- I have a place for that. Why don't you get settled down, and you know, fall asleep?" Happy asked, before walking into the distance. He watched till she was out of eye-shot, and settled down, unzipping his backpack and rolling out a sleeping bag, getting settled into the grass.

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