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At SHIELD headquarters, one of the agents is checking on the monthly status of Percy Jackson. SHIELD had been keeping track of him since he was twelve and had blown up the St. Louis Arch. The agent must not have seen something he didn't like because his eyes bugged out and he ran straight to Director Fury's office.

"Director!" The agent said urgently.

"Yes, Agent Smith?" Fury said calmly.

"It's about Percy Jackson, sir."

"What about him?" Fury said with some concern written on his face now.

"Well...he's been missing for three weeks now" Smith said tentatively, "What do you want us to do, sir?"

"Report this to Agent Coulson. Tell him to get some agents on the field and try to find Mr. Jackson. Start doing weekly status reports on Perseus instead of monthly. Tell Coulson to go with Agents Romanoff and Barton to talk to family members and maybe even some friends from school; see if they may have some information on the whereabouts of Percy Jackson. Dismissed." Agent Smith then went off to do as he was told.

Fury was left sitting at his desk contemplating how bad the situation was and whether Perseus Jackson was truly kidnapped or had gone rogue and had decided to be an enemy of the United States. Never would Fury have thought this teenage boy who had caused so much trouble would become an asset to SHIELD, a member of the Avengers, was a son of the sea god, boyfriend to the sun god, and had saved the world once already before the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division found him.

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