Chapter Eight

Even though I had died, I didn't feel like I could move on. Dad was falling apart. At my funeral, I heard him tell Paul that he might never go back to the WWE. Cassie wasn't much better. She was at the funeral and something was really wrong with her. Mark wouldn't let go of her and when the funeral ended, they didn't go back to Dad's house like everyone else did.

There were so many people at the ranch. I knew that a lot of people in the WWE cared about me, but it was weird seeing them all mourn me. Looking around, there was one person I noticed wasn't with the group… Jeff. Wandering around, I found him in the mini Imag-I-Nation.

"You were the only person I'd give a piece of the Imag-I-Nation to, Denise."

I know.

"I hope you liked it as much as you said you did. I had a lot of fun making this for you."

It meant more to me than you know, Jeff.

"I'll never forget you," he said as he closed the door on my room and I saw he was crying.

I put my hand on his shoulder and he stopped.

"Denise?" he said looking towards me, but not seeing me.

Don't cry, Jeff. I loved all the time we spent and I'll always remember all of it.

Jeff walked away, but I stayed in my room.

Later that night, Dad came into my room and was sitting on my bed crying. I went to him and held him. I hated to see him cry, even now.

Daddy, don't cry over me.

His head snapped up and he looked in my direction.

"Denise?" he asked, looking around the room.

Jeff hadn't heard me, but he felt me. Dad heard me. I started focusing, trying to make him feel me. When he did, he jumped up off of my bed.

"Denise, how are you here?"

I didn't feel like I could leave yet, Dad. You were so upset and I heard you talking about quitting the WWE. You can't do that. You love wrestling.

"I love you more."

Then don't give up what you worked so hard for because of me. You loved wrestling long before I was ever born. You were born to entertain. You are Shawn Michaels, Mr. Wrestlemania, The Show Stopper, The Heartbreak Kid! You can't just walk away from that. Please, Daddy. Don't just walk away from all of that.

"But my heart is gone, Denise."

No it's not. It's broken. Your heart is still beating. It didn't stop with mine, even if you think it did.

"I can't do this without you."

You yelled at me for years about running off and doing crazy shit. It was about me living my life while I had it. That's why you always forgave anything I did. You still have your life. Don't stop living it because I can't live mine now.

"It's too hard."

You have friends, Dad. Paul, Ric, Mark. And I need you to keep an eye on Cassie. She's not okay. I tried to hold on until after she left, but I couldn't, my body just wouldn't let me. She needs to see it's okay to live when you lose someone. Only you can show her that.

"She has her father."

But Mark can't feel the pain she's feeling. She saw me like you did. The only one who understood her. Be there for her since I can't. Please, don't give up everything. I'm gonna be around, watching all you goons. You're not really losing me. It's just gonna be different.

"I miss you so much already, Denise."

I miss you too, Dad.

Six months later:

I was there the night Shawn Michaels made his return to the WWE. D-Generation X was getting back together. Before he went out, I heard Dad praying, hoping that I was happy and okay. I touched his shoulder to let him know I was still with him. He held back tears before he made his way to the ring to meet Paul where they were about to face Matt and Jeff in a tag team match.

Dad was still a long way from okay, but he had years before he crossed to follow me. In the meantime, I would just observe and hope that the people I loved were okay.