Hit Girl threw her emergency light on the ground and walked slowly to Big Daddy.

"Good Job," He said, pain clearly laced in his voice. Hit Girl gingerly removed the mask from his face and he continued on. "I'm so proud of you, Baby Doll."

Hit Girl just looked at her mentor, her father, and was saddened. His legs were a bloody mess, blistered, and his clothes burnt and shredded. His face was blistered as well, yet the flames hadn't risen up that far.

"Are you okay?" He asked her tenderly, still concerned for his daughter's safety.

She nodded and murmured an "Uh huh," Before pausing and adding, "Getting shot daddy, it hurt more than when you did it."

Big Daddy smiled at his daughter, even though it clearly hurt him to do so. "That's because I used low velocity rounds, child." He laughed too, despite the pain shooting through his body.

Dave Lizewski, A.K.A. Kick Ass sat in the chair next to the pair trying not to intrude despite being tied to the chair, bleeding and aching all over from the beating he'd just lived through.

Damon turned to look at the poor green fellow. He looked bad, but he knew he'd make it. He turned back to his daughter, Mindy. "You have to take him with you. I can't…"

"Daddy," Mindy started to protest, but her father stopped her.

"You have to stop Frank now, there's not going to be another chance," He explained, his voice ragged.

Mindy looked over at Kick Ass and snarled her lip. She wanted to put a bullet in his head too. If it wasn't for him, she and her daddy would have never gotten into this mess, and she would never have been shot out of a two-story window.

Big Daddy could tell what his daughter was thinking. If he wasn't injured himself he'd probably have agreed with her, but he was. So he had to trust that this kid meant business when be decided to put on a costume.

"Child, you can't do it all on your own. You have to do this with Kick Ass," He told her, hoping she'd understand and hurry up and get going, there really wasn't any time to lose at this point.

Mindy didn't like the idea, but she knew her dad was right. It was a total suicide mission to go all on her own. But she still didn't trust Kick Ass.

"Wait, what? No, I mean, I can't," Dave stammered out, not sure what he was being volunteered for. If it involved him going out after the guys that had kidnapped him he wasn't sure he was up for that. But then he remembered Red Mist was a part of it, and had used him to get to Big Daddy and Hit Girl.

Dave was angry; he wanted to get back at the dick. But he realized whose company he was in at the moment and knew from previous exposure that their idea of payback likely meant killing the guy by cutting his head off.

"Yes you can," Big Daddy told him, pressing him to help his daughter, knowing she needed it. "That anger you're feeling right now, all you have to do is use it. Focus it, channel it and you'll be alright." Big Daddy turned his gaze back on Hit Girl, "Baby Doll, follow the plan, you know what to do."

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