AN: Not JK Rowling wish I was but I'm not

I was sitting in the library at Grimmauld Place trying my hardest not to cry. Harry had yelled at Ron and I big time. I understood how upset he was, I would be too if I saw Voldemort come back and I hadn't been told anything about what was going on. But Dumbledore had specifically told us not to tell him anything so we followed his wish. Harry of all people should know that what Dumbledore says is law. He has reasons for everything he does.

"Hermione?" A deep voice asked from the door. I jumped and looked up Sirius was leaning against the door jamb watching me. "What are you still doing up?"

I made a non-committal shrug and looked down at the colorful rug on the floor. "Couldn't sleep I guess."

"Upset with Harry yelling at you?" He asked as he walked over to sit across from me.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "I guess we forgot the silencing charm."

"Yeah well he might have broken them even if you had put it up. My mother's portrait started screaming during his rant." He shook his head and laughed. I couldn't laugh it hurt to think of Harry hating me for keeping secrets. Harry hating me was the worst thing I could imagine. A soft sob escaped before I could stop it and I quickly clamped a hand over my mouth. Sirius was next to me in a moment pulling me close and wiping my tears away.

"I..." sob sob "don't want Harry..." sniff sob "to hate me!"

"Ah Pet he doesn't hate you he just has way too many emotions going through his body at once and its driving him barmy. He can only take so much before he cracks." His hand was moving up and down my arm in soothing motion.

"You don't think he hates me?" I asked surprised. I would if I was in this situation.

"No I don't. I think he's like a volcano he erupts and things get worse before they get better. You just need to be on guard and ready to help him at a moments notice."

"Is there any way to make it easier? So it doesn't seem as horrible?" I asked shifting to look at him.

"You could always try my favorite poison... Firewhisky." He laughed at the face I pulled. "Or you could try Remus' favorite... something with chocolate, like hot chocolate."

"I think that would be perfect Sirius." I smiled as he led me down to the kitchen and made me a large cup of hot chocolate. Things couldn't get much better than this.