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September 7, 2003

Sirius and I peaked into Emily's room. She was staring blankly at the wall holding tightly onto the teddy bear she had slept with as a child. Nigel sat in a rocking chair reading a book. He would look up periodically at Emily to make sure she was okay.

It hurt to see Emily in so much pain but I had no idea what to do. Sirius didn't either. We had buried our first grandchild two weeks ago. Emily hadn't spoken at the funeral. She had been pale and withdrawn the whole time. Nigel had tried to speak but he had choked up and started crying.

Nigel looked up from his book and saw us. His eyes widened with surprise then flicked to Emily. She had fallen asleep clinging to the bear. He stood up slowly and cracked his back.

"How's she doing?" Sirius asked gruffly.

"Not good." Nigel said rubbing his eyes. "She still hasn't spoken. I don't really know what to do. I've never seen her in so much pain."

"I think all you really can do is be there for her." I said slowly tapping my leg. Nigel dropped his head and scratched absently at his unshaven cheek.

"All I want to do is make her happy." He whispered in a choked voice. His eyes shimmered and he sniffled slightly. I reached into my pocket and gave him my handkerchief. He wiped at his eyes silently then passed it back to me.

"I know you do, Nigel, just do what you can." Sirius said clapping him on the shoulder. Nigel nodded and turned back to Emily.

"I really do love her." He whispered his voice shaking.

"We know." Sirius said softly. "Just take care of our little girl."

"I will." Nigel said then turned back to Emily. He crawled onto the bed and wrapped his arms around her. Emily hummed and pressed closer to him.

March 18, 2004

Nigel and Emily danced around the room smiling into each other's eyes. Sirius squeezed my hand and I turned to look at him.

"Can you believe our little girl was married today?" Sirius asked pulling me towards the dance floor. He deftly spun me around the room and I pressed closer to him and laughed.

"I'm just glad she's happy again." I said as he dipped me back.

"Me to." Sirius said with a laugh. A little tug on my dress made me look down. Regulus stood next to me his messy black hair hiding his eyes.

"Dad could I dance with mum?" He asked turning to Sirius.

"Of course." He said taking a step back. "Severus would be upset if I didn't dance with Rosmerta."

Since Severus never danced he always asked Sirius to dance with Rosmerta at least once since she loved dancing so much.

Sirius walked over to where Rosmerta was bouncing her six month old daughter Eileen. Rosmerta passed the baby to Severus and went out to the dance floor with Sirius.

"Mum?" Regulus pulled on my dress and I scooped him into my arms. He wrapped his legs around my hips and his arms around my neck.

"Yes love?" I asked kissing him on the cheek. He giggled and smiled up at me.

"Do you think Emily will be happy again?" Regulus asked tilting his head to the side.

"Yes I believe so." I said swiping his hair out of his eyes.

"Mum?" Regulus said tilting his head to the side.

"Yes?" I asked watching him carefully. He had a mischievous look on his face that reminded me of the old pictures I had seen of Sirius.

"Teddy and I was talking," I gave him a look and he flushed. "Sorry Teddy and I were talking. He said you and dad dated for a bet."

"A bet?" I asked blankly. "Where did he get an idea like that?"

"I dun'no? You and dad never talk bout how you married." He said shrugging. It was true. We had tried to come up with a way to tell the kids how everything had happened but we never knew where to start. In the end we had decided to just tell them when the moment presented itself.

I looked around the crowded room for where the children usually gathered. Teddy was dancing with Pandora her red hair fluttering around her shoulders. James and Albus were trying to look up some of Emily's friend's dresses. Liam was helping Scorpius out of his dress jacket. Sarah nibbled at some carrots and tried to give some to Alice, Neville and Hannah's daughter.

"Well why don't we go clear this up." I said lowering Regulus to the ground. He looked at me in confusion as I lead him across the room.

"How?" He asked rubbing his eyes.

"Just trust me." I said stepping into the children's corner. The kids turned to look at me and I smiled at them. "Hi guys."

Scorpius smiled at me and blushed brightly, he had a little crush on me. James and Albus tried to look innocent, as if they hadn't been spending the last ten minutes trying to look up women's skirts. Pandora smiled brightly at me and Teddy shuffled around nervously.

"What did you all think of the wedding?" I asked sitting in one of the chairs. The boys all made a face while Pandora's gray eyes widened.

"It was gorgeous." Pandora whispered her eyes sparkling. Albus rolled his eyes and pushed her shoulder.

"It was booooring!" Albus said drawing out the word. I chuckled and smiled at him.

"Well what would you all say to hearing a story?" I asked flicking a strand of hair out of my eyes.

"What kind of story?" James asked walking over to me.

"A story with blood and fighting and horror." Pandora made a terrified squeak and took a step back.

"I don't wan'na hear that kind of story!" Pandora said emphatically.

"I do!" Liam said pushing James out of the way. "Mum never tells us stories like that!"

"There's also a lot of romance too." Pandora's eyes glittered brightly and she took a step closer.

"Whats the story?" She asked grabbing my hand.

"It's Uncle Sirius' and my story." All the kids traded looks and came closer. They were all curious. They always had been.

"How does it start?" Pandora asked taking a step closer to me.

"Well it happened one night in the library..."

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