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What, exactly, is the appropriate response when your husband tells you he's leaving you for another woman? Elizabeth Keen sat at her dining room table for hours contemplating what she should have said when Tom unceremoniously informed her that he had found someone else and was moving on with his life without her. Apparently, she was holding him back. Elizabeth should have been heartbroken, but all she could really think about was how this poor girl came about the name Jolene.

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, I'm begging of you please, don't take my man…

She was obviously born to be a home wrecker. The girl really couldn't help herself. It was meant to be.

As the night dragged on, Elizabeth sat calmly and waited for the tears to come. They didn't. What was there to cry over? Their marriage had ended the day the pulled that damn box out from under the floorboards. All of the unwavering trust and devotion that she had placed in her husband was just gone, and there was nothing he could do to earn it back. Maybe Jolene had done Elizabeth a favor. It wasn't healthy to drag a dead relationship around like a security blanket.

When the clock struck twelve, Elizabeth stood up from the table and started to clear away the untouched romantic dinner that she had so hopefully prepared. (Okay, she had it delivered from Casadore's downtown, but it was the thought that counted, right?) She briefly considered tossing back the two glasses of white wine, but poured them down the sink instead. She wouldn't drown her sorrows. She liked to think she was better than that. After everything was nice and tidy again, she made her way to her bedroom, shedding her deep red cocktail dress as she went. Her hair was harder to deal with. The little pins didn't want to release her hair from the elegant French twist that had taken half an hour to fix. A dozen pins littered her nightstand when she was done. Tom would have hated that. She didn't bother to clean them up.

Not wanting to trip over her impossibly high heels the next morning, Elizabeth retrieved them from the floor and opened her closet door to toss them in, only to freeze mid-toss. Aside from the few things that Elizabeth had hanging up and her shoes on the floor, the closet was practically empty. Tom's things were gone. She rushed to the dresser and threw open drawer after drawer. His socks… his underwear… the pictures of his parents that he refused to put up in the house… they were all gone. He had probably been sneaking things out for weeks. Elizabeth was truly alone.

"Well happy Valentine's Day to you too, Tom."