Title : I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)

Pairing : Tony DiNozzo & Mia Rose Carter

Rating: K+

A/N: Idea based on an song by Finnish rock band HIM. Mia Rose Carter belongs to me

Summary: McGee discovers that he has a secret sister that he knew never knew, tries to find her but has no idea just how close she really is. What happens?

Chapter One

Tony was at home on his day off and was spending it with his girlfriend of four years Mia Rose Carter, whom Tony met while he was a Baltimore cop before NCIS and now as they were still together, Tony knew about Mia's past as she had been adopted at three weeks and was raised in Maces Spring, Virginia and she moved to Baltimore when she was 21yrs old and had been living there for under two years when she met Tony.

Mia was sitting next to Tony on the sofa, when Tony slyly snuck his hand up her top softly to be romantic, Mia allowed him to do this and she then looked to him before she kissed him softly, Tony smiled as he then kissed her back, knowing how lucky he was to have Mia in his life, as they shared their soft passionate kiss, Tony thought that they should make their relationship more solid.

Mia stayed close to Tony who then asked her to marry him, this took Mia by surprise when she looked to Tony, then said "Are you being serious?", when Tony replied "I'm deadly serious sweetheart", as Mia looked into his eyes, she saw that he was serious about them getting married, she smiled then said "Of course I'll marry you Tony".

Tony smiled as he then kissed Mia lovingly knowing that she had agreed to being his wife and he placed a solitare engagement ring on her hand as they kissed to celebrate their engagement, Tony loved Mia so much and he was so excited about them getting married that they agreed to keep it quiet from the team for a little while before telling all when the time was right.

Mia smiled as she stayed close to Tony who was happy to be with Mia and loved her so much, he was excited that Mia would become his wife soon, Tony was so excited that Mia would become his wife and then she tells him, "I think my surname will be Carter-DiNozzo once we tie the knot if that's ok with you." as Tony knew what she meant and tells her "I don't mind at all sweetheart".

Tony held Mia close to him as they share a loving moment together and Tony hadn't told the team that he had a reltionship that started in Baltimore and still continued in D.C., Mia loved Tony so much and she couldn't wait to make their relationship solid and secure.

As Mia and Tony got used to being engaged to each other, Mia had no idea where she and Tony would tie the knot, when Tony suggested they should do it in DC and Mia agreed to the idea, she loved Tony so much and she also trusted him to protect her from the dangers and attacks, which Tony did very well at.

What happens next?