Chaper Five

As the months went past, Mia was getting more excited about being a mom for the first time, she also knew that Tony would be an amazing father to their unborn child, she had no idea what she was having, neither did Tony for that matter.

Tony had designed the nursery for the baby and had it made in a netural colour as they weren't sure what sex their unborn baby was, Tony had noticed how much pregancy suited Mia and he loved her so much, Mia looked over to Tony and softly smiled as she felt their baby kck her twice.

Late one night, Tony had been working overtime when Tim tells him that he is not gonna stop until he finds his missing sister once and for all, Tony knew where Mia was, she then sent him a worrying text message in regards to their unborn baby, Tony requested from Gibbs if he could leave and Gibbs agreed.

Tony got home to find Mia in the bathroom in agony, Mia knew that their baby was on the way and there was no time to get to hospital, Tony removed his jacket and rolled his sleeves up when Mia felt the urge to push and bouyed on by Tony, within fifteen minutes or so, Mia gave birth to their first child, Tony cut the cord, smiling as he had his newborn baby with Mia, who asked Tony what sex their baby was, Tony looked up and then replied that they had a little boy.

Mia smiled as Tony then handed their little boy over to his momma, Mia smiled as she held their little boy who looked just like Tony, who watched Mia bond with their son, Tony was so happy that he and Mia had their little baby boy together, they got him checked over and was perfectly healthy and both Mia and Tony still had to give him a name.

Mia changed him into his new babygro but putting a diaper on then the babygro , Tony went into the room and saw Mia holding their son, while smiling and she knew that this was a whole new chapter of their relationship, Mia was still thinking of what they should name their little boy.

Tony walked over to Mia, then he kissed her softly as Mia kissed him back, as Tony looked to his little boy with love and he then suggested "How about naming our little guy Harley?", when Mia looked to their son and smled then replied "I think his name should be Harley Anthony DiNozzo", hearing this surprised Tony, but in a good way.

Tony held his son, who cooed and stayed in close to his papa as Mia watched them both bond and she loved being with Tony and their newborn son Harley, Mia knew that this was gonna be a fun chapter for them.

Mia finally got to see the nursey for their baby, she loved it and she allowed Tony to put little Harley down for his first nap in his new room, Mia loved them both so much and always would love them, she trusted Tony, he even had told her what Tim had said about not giving up his search, Mia then told Tony that she wasn't ready to reveal the truth just yet.

What happens next when a shocker is discovered?