Notes: Hello! This is one of those 1 sentence per prompts things that tbh was kind of unexpected. I was trying to work on 'For the Days' but I got a little restless and wrote this instead hahahaha... Ace/Luffy is the best way for me to calm down OTL.

I might continue writing these in the future, but this will be marked complete for now!

Some sexual themes (that I don't think require an 'M' rating but tell me if you think otherwise) and AU's.


#01 - Ring - The ring of fire around the brothers burns and Luffy tries not to cry, confident that his big brother would get them out of this situation somehow.

#02 - Hero - "I can't believe you got Ace to dress up as Robin, Luf- Sorry, I mean Batman."

#03 - Memory - They cared more about making new memories, not focusing on the old, bad times.


#05 - Run - Both teens couldn't help the jubilant laughs that escaped their lips as they ran together.

#06 - Hurricane - Ace successfully dodged the hurricane of rubber fists, much to Luffy's frustration.

#07 - Wings - As pure white feathers fill the spaces between his fingers, Ace watches in fascination as Luffy leans into his touch and his large wings relax.

#08 - Cold - The nights where Luffy would crawl into his bed, tangle his legs with Ace's, and bury his nose into Ace's neck were why the older teen loved the cold.

#09 - Red - Years later, Luffy could still see the red of Ace's blood stain his hands.

#10 - Drink - "You promise you'll make meat if I drink this?"

#11 - Midnight - Unknowingly the clock struck midnight, Ace and Luffy quietly walking the city streets hand in hand.

#12 - Temptation - Ace tried his hardest not to give into temptation, but the little kisses along his jaw and the nibbles at his ear were too much.

#13 - View - "You shouldn't have pick up your stuff so fast Lu; I was enjoying the view."

#14 - Music - Hips grind together as bodies press closely, Luffy singing along with the music lowly in Ace's ear.

#15 - Silk - The silk sheets were smooth against Ace's bare skin as he pulls a sleeping Luffy closer into his chest.

#16 - Cover - "You can come out Luffy, it's all clear."

#17 - Promise - "Ne Ace, wanna get married?"

#18 - Dream - After they accomplished their dreams they would always come back to each other.

#19 - Candle - "Don't think I don't see you blowing out your candle so you don't have to leave yet, idiot."

#20 - Talent - Ace blushes and hides his face in his hands as Luffy shows how talented his hips are.

#21 - Silence - The silence was unnatural and uncomfortable, but all Ace could do was sit in the silence and hold Luffy's hand until he woke up.

#22 - Journey - Ace had seen a lot of things on the Grand Line, but nothing was amazing as Luffy was.

#23 - Fire - A fire rushed though Ace and it had everything to do with the mischievous smirk Luffy was sending him as he straddled Ace's hips and nothing to do with his devil fruit.

#24 - Strength - Luffy keeps his head up high because he now has the strength to become the pirate king like Ace thought he could.

#25 - Mask - Ace takes the masquerade mask off of Luffy's face when they aren't under scrutinizing eyes and places a kiss on his lips.

#26 - Ice - When their lips part, Luffy grins cheekily and extends his tongue to show off the ice cube that he had stolen from Ace's mouth.

#27 - Fall - Every time he fell, Luffy could always count on Ace to catch him.

#28 - Forgotten - Ace started apologizing as a soaking wet Luffy walked into their apartment and tried to explain that he had fallen asleep.

#29 - Dance - "Not everyone is naturally great at dancing like you are, Lu."

#30 - Body - Luffy sighs in sleepy content when he feels a warm, muscular, and familiar body crawl in bed with him.

#31 - Sacred - On quiet days Luffy traces the burn scar on his chest and stares out into sea.

#32 - Farewells - No matter how far Luffy was from Ace nothing could separate them forever; not even death.

#33 - World - When Ace planned to travel the world, having a scrawny, owl-eyed teen tag along wasn't involved in his plan but he accepted him fully.

#34 - Formal - The suits they had been forced into stood no chance once Luffy saw Ace across the room and started running.

#35 - Fever - Ace's fever didn't stop Luffy from crawling into Ace's bed and whispering stories and lullabies to the older boy until he fell asleep.

#36 - Laugh - When he heard Luffy's laughter for the first time in three years, everything in Ace's world seemed to get brighter.

#37 - Lies - Ace was a good liar, except when it came to Luffy.

#38 - Forever - They didn't need to say it to know they would be with one another until forever ended.

#39 - Overwhelmed - Ace appreciated the soothing, small hand running though his hair as he tried to calm himself down.

#40 - Whisper - "I need you."

#41 - Wait - Luffy whined impatiently as Ace's lips hovered over his.

#42 - Talk - Their body language did all of the talking while their lips were too occupied.

#43 - Search - "You don't get it Marco, I'm never going to give up until I find him again."

#44 - Hope - Ace never felt greater hope than when Luffy said that he needed the older boy.

#45 - Eclipse - Ace lies down on the deck of the Moby Deck and feels like Luffy is watching the eclipse with him, even if they are miles and miles and miles away from each other.

#46 - Gravity - The world was heavy on Ace's shoulders, but Luffy was always there to lighten the load.

#47 - Highway - They drive down the highway quickly, free from all of their burdens completely disappearing if even for a moment.

#48 - Unknown - Luffy didn't know a lot of things, but that was okay but Ace knew a lot.

#49 - Lock - Ace struggled with the lock as he frantically kissed his younger, impatient boyfriend.

#50 - Breathe - Ace falls from Luffy's arms, a bloody, unbreathing mess, and Luffy forgets how to breathe.