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---Two weeks later---

Boba Fett looked out over the balcony railing at the clouds that filled the atmosphere of Bespin. Large flying reptiles graced the sky with their dizzying plummets and spirals as they searched for small morsels of food and floating plant life. The sun had just rose streaking different shades of yellow and red making the scene a spectacle of colour. Boba enjoyed looking at the beauty since he rarely saw its kind for his job kept him in the dilapidated regions of the galaxy. His gaze was unaltered due to the absence of his famous helmet. He breathed in deeply as the breeze shifted bringing warm air pungent with the perfumes of the cloud planet. Behind him sat a Delta Four Z-Wing single person fighter. The small aircraft was swift and lithe and provided the best means of getting him across the sky to Cloud City, home to the famous Sabacc tournament. His own personal ship, the Slave One, was docked on the other side of the mining colony he was on, under heavy defenses and hidden within a well-concealed landing platform. His ship would also be a dead giveaway to the prey he was hunting and he couldn't afford to take such foolish actions so he had abandoned it along with his Mandalorian armour. Instead he wore an old republic pilot suit that would blend in nicely with the motley crowd that would be at the Sabacc tournaments. A breathing mask was held under his arm and would complete the ensemble therefore making him feel more at ease knowing that his face would remain in shadow. Not that anyone would be able to associate it with the name Boba Fett for there was no one Fett knew of that was alive in the galaxy that had seen his face and lived to tell about it or pose a threat. Besides Dengar and Manaroo of course but since he trusted the two completely he dismissed them. But then there was her…His thoughts drifted to Ryma. He hadn't seen or heard from her for a while now and he often caught himself wondering if she was all right. Knowing her however there was always the possibility that her anger had gotten her in trouble. His fist clenched at the alien feelings that spread through his chest when her face appeared in his mind. He was in a profession where becoming soft was deadly and by the looks of things he had become soft towards Ryma. Maybe it was a good thing that he hadn't seen her recently. He needed all of his wits about him to catch his bounty, which still was the mysterious Del Saco. Fett would have put the hunt off a long time ago and gone after more valuable prey if it hadn't been for the increase in the bounty on Saco's head. The New Republic had risen it a month ago to an outstanding 300 000 credits for an alive delivery. There was no other bounty on the market worth that much at the time. His information had finally revealed why Del Saco was a wanted man with the New Republic. He had kidnapped the Solo twins back when the disputes over loans was upsetting the council on Coresant. Han Solo had been the original payer but then it had expanded to include Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Academy on Yavin. Supposedly the twins were apprentice Jedi's and good ones at that.

Fett shook his head out of his thoughts and donned the pilot mask. He made his way over to the Delta Four and entered the cockpit. The smallness of the ship was something Fett was not used to for he preferred the protection of a Slave One sized ship. The repulsors hummed to life and he was airborne and skimming through the lightening clouds towards Cloud City and towards Del Saco.

---A Stateroom in Cloud City---

Del Saco stared at the computer consoles that linked to the security cameras of the floating Cloud City. The images were of the throng of beings that had come to participate in the tournament that was beginning at noon and going on right until tomorrow night. The crowd's eagerness showed as they pushed forward to sign up as players. It was no wonder since the stakes were supposed to be outrageous and beginning bets alone totaled up to nearly five thousand credits. Del had even heard rumors about an extremely wealthy aristocrat that had plans to bet an entire planet if he made it to the finishing rounds. He leaned back in his Wompa skin chair with dreams of what he would do if he won such a prize. The Sabacc tournament was the reason Del Saco was visiting Bespin otherwise he would still be in hiding from that damn bounty hunter that seemed to never give up. A smile lit his face as he realized that he was getting his cake and eating it too. There was also another hidden motive to why Saco was on Bespin and that reason was now entering the main hall of the city. Ryma had arrived on Bespin over an hour ago and Del couldn't believe his luck when he had spotted her with the security camera. She had become a pain in the ass and a deadly one at that, but soon that would end. The sound of a throat clearing made Del glance up at the doorway to the stateroom. An Uaigl stood in the hatchway watching Del with its drooping eyes.

"Well?" snarled Del.

"Verrry sorrry sirrr. But we couldn't locate herrr ship," the Uaigl droned, it's large jowls making its speech rough and heavy.

"And this is supposed to be a reason to interrupt my thoughts?" he asked coldly.

"Errr, I was wonderrrring what yourrrr next orrrder is, sirrr."

Del slammed his fist down on the console unit, "My order is that you find Ryma's ship and disable it so that not even the most skilled mechanic in the galaxy can fix it!!!" he screamed at the alien. "I don't want her having a way off of this city! Is that clear!?!"

The being shuttered and nodded a quick reply and salute before fleeing out the door, leaving Del alone again with his thoughts. He slumped back in his chair and rubbed his temples. The damned creatures he had hired were annoying as hell and he would have shot the bloody things ages ago had it not been for their skill in killing. He had to admit to himself that taking on an Uaigl was extremely dangerous and had been a bit nervous at first at having them work for him. After a while though he realized that money controlled their minds and for the right price they would die trying to complete their task, whatever it be. Right now their task was simple, prevent that bitch from escaping Cloud City and then annihilate her. She posed a dangerous threat to his plans and he could not have them ruined again just because this so called assassin had an debt to the deceased dark lord and was honour bound by it to see it through. Warmth flooded through Del as he remembered his work in destroying those Star Destroyers years ago. The plan had been flawless and he would have succeeded had it not been that his targets were not aboard the ships that day. The warmth faded into a heavy cold pit in the bottom of his stomach as disgust and rage filled him at the remembrance of his failure. He didn't know why Darth Vader and the Emperor had suddenly changed plans and had remained on Couresant that day. They were supposed to have been on route to visit the new super weapon, The Death Star, to oversee its progress. Something that important surely would have required their attendance. Del just couldn't figure it out. And now he had this hotshot woman breathing down his neck itching to exact payment.

He leaned back in the chair and lit up a cigar. The smoke curled slowly up to the ceiling and the pleasant odour calmed his mind. Sometimes, he believed that the galaxy was getting too hectic for its own good.

---Main Corridor of Cloud City---

Boba walked silently through the throng of beings, which hurried along on their own business. Boba had arrived at Cloud City forty minutes ago and had already been through the weapon detection units manned by the city's security. Since the Sabacc tournament brought in a lot of money, it was feared that robbery could take place therefore weapons were strictly banned during this occasion. However, Fett was not one to go unarmed, especially during a hunt. He had hidden multiple weapons in the secret compartments of his flight suit. Each compartment was lined with a special alloy that prevented the units from detecting the small arsenal he had brought. He knew that his prey would have a few tricks up his sleeve to escape his clutches and Fett was not about to take chances on thinking that Del would be an easy foe to defeat.

The crowd around him slowly began to diminish as he headed away from the casino and the betting machines. A few well-dressed humanoids lounged in the hall along with serving droids to cater to their needs, but other than that it was deserted. Boba knew that he would not find Del Saco in this area since he still had that outstanding bounty on his head and there were probably novice bounty hunters scouring the area, looking for a chance to make some hard cash. A smirk crossed Fett's face. Those fools have no chance of catching Del. He's mine.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted as he spotted a very familiar form headed his way. Ryma looked as good as Fett remembered her, dressed in a body suit that clung to her form revealing well shaped legs and soft curving hips. Her upper half was covered in a short cloak preventing Fett from seeing the rest of her curves. His stride didn't slow as she got closer as he did have a mission to complete and his past thoughts on his feelings for her made his mind scream at him to not let her know it was him. His heart on the other hand did not share those feelings and he clenched his fist trying to stop his body from doing anything idiotic. He looked back at Ryma and saw her entering a corridor that branched off of the main one. His heart slowed its irregular beat and his breathing got easier until he passed halfway across the opening to the corridor she had gone into. Ryma stood a few feet down it with her arms crossed over her chest and she was staring right at him. The look in her eyes made him stop and realize that she knew it was him. How does she do that? He thought to himself, remembering all of the times Ryma had sensed his presence even when he hadn't announced himself. Fett couldn't read her face as he walked over to her and stopped a few feet away.

"Fancy seeing you here," she said with a hint of sarcasm. "I didn't know that you liked cards."

His frown deepened but he kept quiet. She uncrossed her arms and slowly walked around behind him, giving him the once over.

"I like the getup," she said, a cross between amusement and boredom. "Who are you hunting?"

He turned to face her but regretted it as she stared up at him with her dark blue eyes. Fett found himself mesmerized by their depth and beauty and his mind was threatened by overwhelming feelings that seemed to have surged from somewhere deep inside of him. He swallowed hard, fighting to get them under control.

"A man that goes by the name of Del Saco. Perhaps you've heard of him," he said coldly.

"A small amount, yes. He's the one who kidnapped the Solo kids."


"I've never actually seen what he looks like however."

Fett opened up one of his wrist gauntlets and took out a small hologram recorder. He flipped it towards Ryma who caught it easily with one hand. She turned it on and stared at the image for a few moments.

"Nope, never seen him before," she told him as she closed it and handed it back.

Boba nodded, "I thought not since he keeps himself hidden away most of the time." He didn't bother to ask her what her business was on Bespin. It might make it seem as if he wanted to continue this little conversation of theirs. He began to brush by her heading for the main hallway to continue on his way when she suddenly reached out and grabbed his arm. Her grip was tight and her eyes cold as he glared back at her.

"If you're not too busy later meet me down in docking bay 83," she said, emphasizing the word busy. With that she let go and walked away down the corridor. Without another look he turned back into the hallway. He was filled with rage as what had just occurred played over and over in his mind. What the hell was I thinking before about feelings and all that shit? She doesn't give a damn about me! His thoughts screamed at him. He had noticed that the soft looks she had given him those long months ago had completely vanished from her eyes. He continued on towards his bounty all the while feeling a heavy emptiness within his chest.

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