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Everything was deathly silent as Endymion stared at the girl in front of him. His blue eyes narrowed, what emotions in them, no one could tell. A mask seem to fall over his face as he watched the maid go away, leaving the two alone. He remained stubbornly silent.

"Endymion, please say something." She giggled nervously, looking down. She did not want to look into his eyes - they seemed so empty now.

He lifted his eyes at the giggle, staring at her. That was Serenity's laugh. He recoiled slightly. "…Was … that woman telling the tr… truth?"

Shakily, Serenity clasped her hands behind her back, taking in a deep breath. She lifted her eyes and looked into his. He still had no emotion in them. It seemed as if he'd closed himself off. Slowly, the princess nodded, trying to keep the fluttering of her heart under control. "…I never meant to hurt you."

"Hmm … you never meant to hurt me?" He mouthed the words, feeling how they felt on his lips. Was he hurt? He didn't know exactly. Perhaps this was all just a joke.

"Yes, I never meant to hurt you. I just … I've been doing this for a long time. I thought you were no different from the other princes. They come here because they've heard about my power and beauty. Then, they run away when they find out I've more than half a brain!" She bit her bottom lip as he moved gently. He took a step forward, then one step back. "Endymion?"

"No, I think they ran away because you purposely did things to scare them away. This time, you somehow messed up. I don't know how, but you allowed me to see the real you. I've seen glimpses of you, through your magical disguise. But … I thought I was dreaming. Wistful thinking. I grew to care about a clever, stubborn, and well … an ugly woman. It surprised me that your looks didn't bother me as much, but hey I was still able to admit that I had feelings for you."

He seemed to be taking this rather calmly and this scared Serenity. He held no emotion as he spoke. He was mad, she knew. Or upset at the very least. It wasn't natural for someone to be this calm after finding out something like this. Was it?

Enydmion stared at Serenity, silently pondering how he should react. He was hurt. That's what he was. Even after getting to know him, she kept up with the appearances. In a way, he understood what she was saying. To find someone that'll love a person without judging the looks first was very rare - almost impossible to find. He ran his hand through his hair, and then scowled heavily, opting for anger. "You tricked me this entire time! Even after I told you that I cared for you! You kept on playing!"

Serenity stepped back, suddenly frightened by the anger flaring in his eyes. He seemed ready to strike her, all tensed up and furious. "E…Endymion … please…"

"Please what?!!"

She flinched, and then shook her head as tears fell. "I'm sorry."

He turned at these words, quickly walking away from her. "I think I've overstayed my welcome here. I believe it's time for me to return home."

Serenity looked up, already too late as he was leaving the garden. Slowly sliding down to her knees, she curled her hands together, bowing her head, hiding her pain. She'd been a fool and now she'd lost a chance at love. "…Enydmion…"

The nurse watched the princess, a slow smirk growing across her face. Then, she looked away, her black hair turning into a red hue and brown eyes into emerald ones. Her plump body shifted slowly and then, where the nurse had stood, Beryl now occupied the space. "Well, that went interestingly enough. Now that the prince is forgetting about that poor excuse for a woman, he'll need someone to take his frustrations out. I'll be happy to oblige."


Enydmion threw his clothes into the suitcase, not responding as his generals came in. He literally slammed his clothes into the bag, ignoring the squeaks he heard from the maids nearby.

"Prince Enydmion, why're we leaving so suddenly?" Kunzite quirked an eyebrow at the obvious anger sparking in his leader.

"Did you have a fight with the princess?" Zoisite grinned, trying to lighten the mood. Usually, the mention of the princess put the prince into a good mood. This time he was wrong.

"Never mention her in front of me again!" He twirled around, slamming the bag shut.

Nephrite stared at the raven-haired man, blinking slightly. "Did something happen between you two?" He knew of course what was going on. He'd seen it in a vision, though he had remained silent.

"She's nothing but a liar. A deceiving witch!" Darien began to pace, waiting for his servants to tell him it was time to board the ship.

"What could she have possibly have done to you?" Kunzite tilted his head, following as the prince went back and forth.

"…I lied to him."

All four men turned to look at the tiny woman standing in the doorway. She was now dressed in the royal dress of the lunar monarch and a silver tiara graced her head. Hair done in the traditional style, she was the vision of innocent beauty. Serenity took a deep breath as the two of the generals glanced at her curiously. "I am Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. For the past few weeks, I have disguised myself in a rather unusual costume in hopes of repelling my suitors." She bit her bottom lip.

Zoisite stared at Serenity, an eyebrow quirked. "You're … Princess Serenity?"

The woman curtseyed low, and then lifted her head. "Yes, I am."

"Get out of here Serenity. NOW!" Gone was the strange calm from before in the garden. Only rage seemed to radiate from the earthen prince as he stared at his once beloved.

She didn't move from her spot in the doorway. All she did was stare at Endymion with pleading eyes. "Generals, please allow me to speak to your prince …" The servants in the room had already left, dismissed by a slight nodding of the princess.

Kunzite glanced at Enydmion, not willing to leave the now tiny princess with a fuming prince. Prince Endymion was a kind soul, but he was also a very passionate man and could be rather dangerous when in a mood like this. Not that he would intentionally hurt the woman, but he would throw things and rage … and somehow the princess might end up in the way.

The prince just waved his hand, telling them to do whatever they liked and turned around, staring out the window.


She looks so innocent standing at the door like that. How could she have betrayed me like that? I truly believed that I was in love with her because … well … I could feel it in my heart. She was so different from the others. She did not want me instantly because of my looks. As a matter of fact, she tried to get rid of me because of my looks. She thought I would be arrogant … spoiled…


Why does this hurt so much? It shouldn't. It should be perfectly reasonable. She didn't want people to say they loved her because of her looks. She wanted them to appreciate her personality. But it still hurts damn it! That meant she didn't trust me even after getting to know me. Even after knowing that I loved her! She's betrayed me!


The generals looked at each other, wondering if they should leave. They could see that their prince was getting angrier by the second.

"Please … leave. I shall be fine by myself."

"As you wish." Unanimously, the generals each bowed and walked out of the door, closing it behind them. It was there where they met very anxious sailor scouts. Together, all of the royal guardians stood outside the door, wondering if it was all right to leave the two royals by themselves.


Dear Goddess … I love him. Please … don't make me lose him. Who would have guessed that my mother's warnings would come to bite me in the arse? Hard too. How do I explain myself? Why didn't I reveal myself before? I knew he loved me. Oh, this was all too hurried. It shouldn't have happened this way. Mother I don't know if you would laugh when finding this out or weeping at the ache I'm feeling in my soul. Look, my hands shake as I approach him. Why won't he speak to me? Why's he just standing there? Please … say something. Look at me. I love you. Forgive me. Was I fool for wanting true love? Someone to truly appreciate me? Damn it… look at me. Turn around!


"Turn around."

"I don't want to look at you right now, Serenity." Darien sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He could feel her behind him. She was standing so close he could feel her breath on his neck. He flinched as she placed a hand on his shoulder but did not move away.

"…Please … understand what I did. I did it so I wouldn't get hurt … I didn't want to be treated like a prize. Darien …"

"Don't. Only the ones I trust can call me by that name. I am Enydmion to you. Let me go, Serenity." He pulled his shoulder away from her touch, only to have the hand come again.

"No, I will never let you go." She slipped in front of his, grabbing his front shirt tightly. Tears escaped down the sides of her cheeks as she saw the rage glistening in his eyes. "I love you."

He resisted the urge to wipe away the water drops on her cheeks, swearing as he stared into her glistening sapphire orbs. He tried to pull away, but amazingly, she was quite strong. "…Let go."

"No! Not until you listen to me!" Serenity gasped as she saw a startlingly amount of anger flash through his eyes but still she refused to let go. "I'm sorry for what I did. I will take a thousand life times to have you forgive me! If I could do it over again, I would do it differently!"

He took a grasp of her wrists, holding them tightly, eyes narrowing. "But I'm not the kind of man you would fall in love with. I've slept with more women than you could count in your lifetime. I judge women on their looks. I think I'm god's gift." His lips curled into a cruel smile as he pulled her hands away from his shirt and he took a step back. "I'll be leaving soon." 

The prince turned around, ready to leave the room. Halfway across the room, he froze as he heard her reply.

"…Then prove it to me. Prove to me that you are a womanizing man."

Endymion turned around swiftly and then regretted it as soon as he saw her. There, the princess stood in all of her naked glory. Her hands wrapped shyly around her breasts, but her face shone with confidence, chin lifted. "Prove it to me Endymion. Show me how you use women. If you say you are you who are, then you'll be able to sleep with me with no trouble..."

Darien swallowed, his throat suddenly parched. She was flawless. His eyes strayed over to places where they shouldn't have been straying to and he tried to look away, but couldn't. Growling, he stalked over to her, grabbing her hands once more, but this time ripping them away from HER chest. His eyes lingered there for a second, taking in the sight.

Serenity stood, her confidence failing. She had been sure that he would have chosen to leave the room, proving that he wasn't a womanizing man. But now … as he stared at her body, she wasn't sure. Had she been wrong about him? She squeaked as she was pulled closer to his body and had to fight her blush as she felt something rather … solid below.

How would it feel? To make love with a woman that you cared about? He kissed her gingerly deciding that he would find out now. Wrapping his arms around her tiny waist, he relished in the soft feel of her skin. "Fine. I'll show you."

Fear clutched at Serenity's heart. She wasn't ready for this. She had thought that he would leave. She couldn't help but respond to his touches and kisses but deep inside her heart, she prayed that he would stop … be the man that she thought he was.

He nuzzled the side of her neck and then lifted his head to kiss on her fully on the lips. That's when he saw her eyes, swimming with tears. He knew then … what she wanted and literally ripped himself away from her. "I'm … sorry."

She slowly started to dress, pulling her dress over her body. "I know you are the man I want to spend the rest of my days with, Endymion. You are the only man to have ever touched me … and will remain the only one. I love you, Endymion."


How could she make me lose control like this? I've always had control …even with women but … she … she controls me. There she is, sitting on my bed, fiddling with a strap on her dress. Did she know what she was doing? I've got to stop myself from groaning. She is the woman who deceived me. Should I forgive her? No, the question is whether if I can forgive her or not. Everyone makes mistakes everyday. But … I don't know.


Serenity watched him, frightful that he would turn her down. Trying to ease the tense atmosphere hanging in the air, she broke the silence. "You know, being best friends with the goddess of love should have taught me something. Not that she has any luck with men either. As a matter of fact, Rei has better luck and she's the goddess of war!" She giggled, and then stopped, as he didn't respond. Okay … maybe that was lame. He just stood there, staring at her with that damn unreadable expression.

"How far would you have allowed me to go … with what I was doing before?"

She quirked an eyebrow, color rising up on her neck and over her cheeks. "I wouldn't have stopped you from doing anything."

Endymion closed his eyes and then raised his eyes up towards the ceiling. She was willing to give up her virginity to him. He smiled gently. Once his mother had said that a woman who willingly gave her body to him was an idiot and very desperate but a woman who gave her innocence and love to him … was still an idiot and every desperate but definitely not a hoar. His mother was a wonderful woman and Serenity reminded him very much of her to a certain extent.


Serenity stared nervously at his smile, wondering what he was thinking. She was standing very close to him, waving her hand in front of him. Perhaps he'd went into shock?

"Are you giving me your innocence and love?"

She frowned, and then sighed lightly. "Yes, why do you ask?"

Grinning lightly, he grabbed her hands and dragged them up to his lips. Kissing them lightly, he sighed. "Serenity, you've sent me through mental hell and back. You've made me furious beyond reasonable thinking. You've made me desire you like no woman has."

Her eyes widening if this was a good-bye speech or forgiveness one. What was this sudden change of mood? "Umm … you're welcome?"

"You are very desperate and an idiot, but not a hoar. Wait! Don't slap me!" He caught the hand that was making its way quickly towards his cheek. "That's what my mom said about the woman who would fall in love with me."

She stared at him with disbelieving eyes. What the hell was he talking about? Why was he so damn jolly all of a sudden?

He growled lowly, bringing her lips closer to his. "You've my mother to thank." Then, he crushed his lips against hers. This wasn't like any of their other ones. This one was fierce, passionate, and full of love. Then, before she to enough of it … he backed away. She stared at him with confused eyes and all he could do was chuckle. "I forgive you."

"YES!!!!!!" Came a chorus of shouts from behind the closed door of the room. Then a chorus of "shhh!" and "shut up!" came through.

Twitching, Enydmion opened the door and in came crashing four senshi's and three generals, all with their face buried on the floor. "…Glad to see you guys have gotten over your curious stage."

Mina stood up, pushing Rei's legs away from her face. "Serenity! What the HELL do you mean that Rei has better luck than me?! Some best friend you are!!!"

The princess raised an eyebrow. "We were whispering all the time … how'd you …" She then looked at a blushing Ami who was twiddling with her tiny computer. She sighed, remembering that the thing had an advanced microphone in it. "Oh."

"So! We're going on your honeymoon, right?"


"What? It was just a question." He yelped and started to run as Enydmion started to chase him.

Nehprite sighed, shaking his head. "I knew this would happen. I know all. I guess … all's well that ends well."


~A week later~

Jadeite looked out the window and sighed. He still didn't know if it was safe or not. He looked nervously at the blonde senshi who was currently boiling water. "Uh … Haruka? What's that for?"

Sailor Uranus grinned. "No more food."

"So … what're you cooking?" He backed away nervously.

"I'm going to make boiled Terran Blonde a la mode. Sounds yummy, no?"


Serenity lifted her head from Enydmion's chest and gazed around in the garden. "Don't you have a feeling we're forgetting something?"

"No, love. Now come back here." He pulled her down and kissed her gently. With a few hints from Nephrite, he'd found out that it was Beryl who'd been trying to get between him and his princess. She'd been punished thoroughly. All was well in life.


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