With a flick of a switch the stage light was turned on. The crowd quieted; their attention drawn to the one under the light, his hair like the night sky fell across his eyes, as he stood waiting for the attention he craved. Laying a hand covered by a white glove he placed it on his heart then bowed. A light sound like a wave breaking against the sand of a beach took the crowd as they clapped. Then, like a statue he stood straight, silencing the crowd. His suit was a black tuxedo tail coat, matching slacks and a white dress shirt. His eyes locked with the crowd's. The dark mysterious orbs captured the audience. He had them under his control. He would have them know all the emotions he sensed while creating the melody. They were his puppets and he the puppeteer.

A thumping hit the stage floor as he gracefully walked to his tool, his instrument, his other half. No sound was made while he set himself upon his throne. The man tugged on his right hand which donned a glove, smoothly pulling off the white glove, and then with his left hand he placed them on top of the piano. His long fingers swept over the black and white upright and its' clavier, as if deciding what to play. Raising his head he breathed in taking in the wood smell of the stage, as the lights above shone down creating a silhouette of his head and shoulders. The moment a graceful finger tapped on a key the whole auditorium echoed. A saddened resonance arose through everyone's ears. His fingers gracefully gave the whole auditorium, life. The audience sat mesmerized, as if time had stood still around them. Outside a small crowd stood silently listening to the echoes of a melody from the heart. The almost sorrowful tune resounded in the auditorium, building up to the climax. Members seated were on the edge of their chairs as the music grew louder and more defined until there was silenceā€¦One, two, three, four. A deep note was hit breaking the spell upon the crowd.

What an individual creates is but a small extension of who they are, presenting the essence of their soul.