Chapter 1: The Black lion, The Imp, and Closed Doors

***Cersei P.o.V***

"That's Jaime Lannister the Queens Twin brother."

I slightly glances at the little stark girl, who looks on at use in wonder, will really just the Hound and my brother.

"Please shut up."

The older girl with red hair scolds her sister, but her eyes scan the party looking for something as well. I walk up to the Stark family to receiving there welcomes.

"Where are they, wheres the imp and the black lion."

I glance at both girls to see the younger still looking for the two lost members of our party, the elder girl slightly squirms under my gaze. I walk back to the royal party and up to my brother.

"Yes, where are our siblings, go and find Myla, you find her you find the little beast"

Jaime smirks and looks at me, "As you wish sister."

***Jaime P.o.V***

I walk around the whore house looking for any sign of my two younger siblings. I round a corner and find one of the two. Myla, sitting outside, her black hair pulled back and braided, her heavy cloak blocking the view of her tan kissed skin.

"Will if I have found you, I have found Tyrion."

I walk up to her with a smirk on my face, she looks away from her book and up at me she lightly laughs and stands, she moves closer to me and places her hands at her side.

"Did you really have to look brother, you knew where we where from the beginning, though I should have stayed with you and our family, sitting out sided a whore house waiting for him to finish is like waiting for the sea dry."

I slightly laugh, cup the side of her face and kiss her cheek, "Well shall we go and interrupt him, punishment for leaving our beautiful sister out in the cold."

She slightly laughs, I take her hand in mine and push the door open.

***Tyrion P.o.V***

"The gods gave me one blessing."

I have the whore on top of me ready to enjoy my self when the door opens. I look to see my older brother and sister, Myla trying not to laugh and Jaime tilling his head slightly, "Don't get up."

"My lord and lady." The whore moves off of me and lays down beside me, I slightly sigh and look at my brother "Should I explain to you what a closed door in a whore house means, brother."

"You have much to teach me no doubt but our sister craves your attention."

He closes the door and walks across the room and pours himself a glass of wine and I look to our sister currently in the room.

"Oh not me brother, I'm actually quit cross with you at the moment, leaving me out in the cold."

"Sorry my dearest sister."

She laughs at me, shaking her head "No your not."

I see Jaime down the glass of wine ,"The Stark's are feasting use at sun down, don't leave use alone with these people."

"I'm sorry my siblings but I have begun the feast quit early and this is the first of many."

"Hmmmm we thought you might say that-"I look at Myla to see a look of amusement on her face,"but we are short on time brother."

Jaime walks over to the door and opens it allowing three more whores into the bedchamber.

"See you at sun down."

I see Jaime take Myla's hand and begin to walk out the door, I shout out for them to close the door, they don't. But I don't really care, not when I have so many things to play with.

/After Feast/

***Cersei P.o.V***

I lay in bed alone, knowing my husband is off fucking whores. I don't really care, the only reason I notice is because I cant sleep, must be due to the dullness of Winterfell. I lay on my side, when I hear the door creak open, I look up dreading to see my husband stumbling in. But to my pleasure its not.

"Hello my love what are you doing."

Myla drops her coat cover and crawls under the covers and lays next to me.

"I figured since I couldn't sleep, neither could you."

I smile and draw her in closer, even though Myla was not my twin and was a Lannister bastard, we have always been very close. I close my eyes, drawing in her warmth.

"You know the Grayjoy boy tried to impress me at the feast."

I laugh and lay my head on top of hers, "Really, please tell me you didn't give in."

"Gods no, I told him any man that has to talk about his times with whores must be compensating for his small dick-" she laughs and so do I, "- he tried to handle me, but Jaime nearly took his hand off for even laying a finger on me it was quit funny."

"The little ingrate deserved it then, how he dare lay a hand on a Lion."

"He called me a bastard, I believe he meant to wound me."

I sigh "Doesn't matter if you are a bastard, you are a Lion, you are my family."

"And that sister is why being called a bastard doesn't wound me, because I have you, Jaime, and Tyrion and that is all I need."

I stay quit for a moment, pondering things, "And father.."

"I know he cares for me, but it is different, while for you, Jaime, and Tyrion he makes the best choices, he doesn't really care what I do...and sometimes that hurts..."

I pull her close "Enough talk, let use sleep, it is quit late."

She doesn't say anything just snuggles closer to me and closes her eyes, I do the same and we both drift off to sleep.

***Myla P.o.V***

I lay in Cersei's bed, awake but not really wanting to get up, she lay still sleeping next to me. I sigh deeply and try to go back to sleep, when I suddenly hear the door open, I don't move. I hear the person moving about the room before they sit next to me on the bed. I feel them move the blanket way form my legs, I try to fold them in, when the person grabs one of my ankles. I feel them rubbing my lower leg, I let them. When suddenly they run their hand on the bottom of my foot.

"AHHHH...Jaime don't do that."

I look at my older brother, a look of amusement on his face "Sorry couldn't help my self."

I look over to see Cersei with a grumpy look on her face.

"Look what you have done, you woke the Queen, your in trouble know."

"That he is-" Cersei sits up and raps her hands around me,"-what do you want Jaime."

"Will sister's it is time for breakfast and I refuse to be left alone with the Stark's."

"What about Tyrion, wont save you from the Stark's."

Jaime looks at me as if I should know the answer already. I sigh heavily, realizing where our brother is "Whores".

Jaime smile and nods, "Come Myla I will walk you back to your chambers, don't need anyone trying to seal your maiden hood."

I turn to Cersei give her a kiss on the cheek and leave the room with Jaime.

As soon as we are in my room, door closed, he latches his self to me.

"Must you wear such thin gowns sister, make any man just want to take you."

I smile as I feel his hands run over my hips.

***Jaime P.o.V***

As I hold her I bury my face in her hair breathing in her scent.

"I thought we where going to go eat breakfast."

I let out a sigh, and run my hand up her chest, cupping one of her breast in my hand, while my other hand crosses her body and holds her to me.

"But playing with you sister would be soo much more fun."

She turns in my hold, pressing her chest to me, her hands grabbing on to my hair, "Will then we best be quick about it."

She smiles and smashes our lips together, and I happy devour her.