Chapter 12: What Hurts More

***Myla P.o.V***

Its been two days since I had left Bronn in the hall, he has tried to come to me at night, I lock my door and ignore his call. I make sure I am never alone during the day so that he cant corner me. I know what I'm doing is foolish but Bronn is the type of man who would run from a woman who even mutters the word child. I couldnt handle it, I would rather push him away not knowing that I carry his child, then have him reject use both.

"So you and Bronn are fighting."

I turn from my seat, away from the moon and stars, to look at my brother who was making his way across my room to take the seat beside me.

"I wouldn't call it fighting."

"No, I guess you wouldn't, your just pushing him away, I can only think of two reasons, one you have fallen in love with someone else, which cant be because when you love sister you love deeply and truly so I have to assume you are with child -", I don't respond, I just look at him and slightly smile, "-you should tell him Myla."

"Let me ask you this brother which is more painful when a Mother and Child leave the Father or the Father leave the Mother and Child."

"I suppose when the Mother and Child leave the Father."

"And why do you think that."

"Wrong, when a Mother and Child leave they have plans, they know where they are going, yes the Father will suffer but he will move on to another woman and father another child. When the father leaves the Mother and Child he leaves them alone, abandons them to the harshness and cruelness of the world, he leaves them unloved, unlike a man we woman can not just move on, we are fragile anything can ruin a woman's ability to have children and what man wants a already used women and her bastard child...i would rather remember the affection he had for me then have to meet the cold sting of his rejection of me and my child.

"You are wrong."

"No I'm not, could you tell me Bronn is the type of man who would embrace a woman and love not just her but their child."

"...No I couldn't, but he would because it is you."

And with that my brother left me alone, just me and the slight bump in my stomach...its to soon for this.

***Bronn P.o.V***

Sitting at a whore house with the lads enjoying my time, when the Hound walked in, of course I had to pick a fight, but it was interrupted by the bells, Stannise's Ships where close.

"One more drink before the war, shall we."

"...No, Im going back to the Castle make sure things are set and our little lion and her cubs are safe."

"Our little lion."

"Yes, she needs someone to protect her, when your off with the whores."

"Will it was her who told me to go to the Whore Houses."

He scoffs at me," Yes you do as the little lion says and I will do what is best for her and the cubs."

He begins to talk away, "Do tell Dog, what cubs are you talking about."

He turns and looks at me for a moment before turning back around and walking away.

***Myla P.o.V***

Once the bells started to ring I quickly got myself dressed and made my rounds of the halls. I was in charge of making sure all the noble lady's found there way to the safe tower. I found three hiding in there bedrooms and four wondering the halls. I am almost done with my check when I have to pass through the throne room.


I turn to see my brother, his squire and Bronn walking towards me.

"What on earth are you doing."

"Tyrion its my job to make sure all the lady's find there way to the tower with Cersei."

"And what of you Myla, Stannise is at our shores."

"I will be fine, I am almost done."

Bronn steps toward me and I expect him to threaten me and tell me to go with the other lady's. I didn't expect him to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder.

"Bronn what on earth do you think you are doing, put me down at once."

Bronn turns to Tyrion. "See you on the battle field."

He turns and starts to walk away, "Tyrion help me, I have things I must do."

"Sorry sister but he is much bigger then me."


Bronn continues to walk down an empty hall, with me hitting his back the whole way. Once we are standing in front of a portrait, he moves is away to reveal a door. He opens it and practically throws me in, I look around to see water, fruits, blankets, and I'm laying on top of a bedding, I look up at Bronn.

"Now you are going to stay here and be quite, I will come get you when this is all done, if the city falls there is a tunnel just there that will lead you out of here, I will be waiting for you on the other side."

I turn to look in the direction that Bronn is pointing to see that there is a tunnel, while I am turned away I hear the door close and lock, I jump up and pound on the door.


"Dont worry my little lion we will see each other again and when we do we will have a little talk."

***Sandor P.o.V***

"Can I get you some iced milk and a nice bowl of raspberries too."

I turn to see the imp, "Eat shit dwarf."

"Your on the wrong side of the wall."

"I lost half my men, the Black Waters on fire."

"Dog I command you to go back out there and fight."

I look down instead of looking at the King, "Your King's guard Clegane, you must beat them back or thyre going to take this city, your Kings city."

I let out a sigh, "Fuck the Kings guard, fuck the city, fuck the king."

I go to walk away when the imp calls out, "And Myla, you know if they take this city she will die like the rest of use."

I look at him for a moment, I then change my direction and make my way into the castle, I hear the imp shout out, "BRONN."

I don't have much time.

***Myla P.o.V***

I can hear the battle, I have been locked in this damn room the whole time, I have been banging on the door hoping someone, hopefully one of our own men, would open the door.

Then I hear the portrait is being moved, the door unlocked, I step back dreading what is to come when the door opened I see Clegane.


"I gave the little bird a chance, but you little lion, your to good to die here."

He comes to me and picks me up like a child. I know better to hit him, I know he wouldn't hurt me but still I have that fear.

"What are you doing."

"I am heading north you are going with me."

"But my family is here, I cant leave please you cant do this."

He carries me all the way out of the castle and to the stables, he places me down and saddles up his horse, I know this is my chance I can run, but in all truths I'm scared of him, he towers over me and can toss me around like a rag doll, not only doing damage to me but my child, so I stay still, unmoving.

He walks to me and throws a cloak over me and tieing it in place, he then picks me up so that we are chest to chest and his one are is under my butt holding me up.

We reach the gate and he makes his way out with ease, we don't even make it 20 feet from the castle gate, when my fear turns to panic.

"Please, you cant do this put me down and let me go back to my family please."

"I believe the lady said to put her down."

I turn slightly in Clegane's arm to see Bronn, his arrow drawn and on fire.

Clegane's arm tightens around me, "I can protect her, let me pass."

"Aye, I bet you could but you see that is MY lion and my cubs she carries, so I suggest you put them down."

Clegane puts me down, takes the cloak off of me and just looks down at me, I look up at him, he raises his hand and pats my head, "He will kill you both."

I stand perfectly still even when Clegane is gone and Bronn leads me back into the castle.