Chapter 2

Percy's POV

Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm went off. Let me introduce myself, I'm Percy Jackson. I'm the most popular boy at my school. Yay![sarcasm]. My mom's name is Sally Jackson. My step-dad's name is Paul Jackson. I have a little half-sister named Gwen. "Percy get down here before Gwen eats all the blue waffles!" said my mom. That really got me going. I took a shower really quick, got dressed, and ran out the door into the kitchen. I grabbed a plate of blue waffles out of my mom's hand and dug in.

After done eating, Paul gave me a ride to school. I go to Goode High School. I'm the captain of the swim team. I went inside and saw my friends walking up to me. Nico is my cousin, Grover is my best friend, Juniper is Grover's girlfriend, Katie is my friend, Travis is Katie's boyfriend, Connor is Travis's twin brother, Jason is also my best friend, Piper is Jason's girlfriend.

Nico has dark brown hair and eyes, Grover has brown hair and eyes, Juniper also has brown hair and eyes, Katie has black hair and eyes, Travis and Connor have sandy blonde hair and baby blue eyes, Jason has blonde hair and blue eyes, and Piper has brown choppy hair and eyes that change color.

We started chatting about random stuff. After all that we went to homeroom. We walked in and sat in the back row. The bell rang, which means class is starting. Rachel the popular slutt and her slutty posse walk in. Drew Tanka and Calypso Titan { I just made up a last name for Calypso}. Rachel came up to me and said "Hey, Percy I was wondering if you want to go out on Friday?" Of cousre I said "No, I don't go out with girls like you." Then everybody started laughing at her. Her face turned red with embarrassment. She went into her seat and banged her head on the desk. Just then my step-dad walked in.

He said "Okay class settle down." {Fast forward to last period}. Gym class was starting and we were going to play dodge ball. We were split into 2 teams. I, Jason, Travis, Connor, Katie, Katie, Jason, and Piper. Against some random Freshman. Coach Hedge blew the whistle which is a signal to start the game. Nico and Katie are handing Jason and I the dodge balls and we threw them. Travis and Connor are trying to distract the other team. Piper was trying to catch the dodge balls. The game ended, WE WON.

School ended. I walked home because Paul had to work late. I walk through the door and Gwen jumped on me out of no where. I smelled cookies, so I put Gwen down gently and ran to the kitchen with her behind me. My mom put a plate of blue cookies and 2 glasses in milk. Gwen and I ran to our seats and dug in. After eating my milk and cookies I went to my room and did my homework. It took me a while cause of my ADHD.

My phone rang. It was Jason."Hello?" "Hey, I have some very exciting news."You popping your pimple is not very exciting" "No, that's not it. Thalia is coming back from California." "Really! When?" "Tomorrow" "I can't wait" Yeah" "Kay, I got to go bye." "Bye"