I just got inspired to do this fiction about Stiles mind due to recent events. Monday is going to kill me. Jeff Davis why would you put Stiles in an asylum! This fic focuses on Scott and Stiles' friendship and eventual lead to Stydia…because that's my weakness. I listened to this song while typing and I am so emotional cause it firs Scott and Stiles so much!

Song: My Demons by Starset

Chapter One: Brother?

Stiles POV:

"Don't listen to him Scott!" I screamed in my mind. The tears spilled down my face burning my cheeks as I continued to bang on my conscious. I can hear the nogitsune laughing in a low cackle, mocking my pleas. I had to reach him—show Scott that this isn't me. I watched helplessly while my body stood frozen at the doorway to Deaton's office. But the nogitsune wanted me to watch…wanted me to suffer.

Scott was struggling against the Oni while Kira was fighting to help him, although she was hesitant at first. I'm praying Scott gets away and heads inside, but I know once he is inside…the nogitsune will reveal himself and I cannot have that. Whatever he plans on doing will be painful I know it. I can feel the eagerness of the thing burning in my mind—waiting to strike.

And I cannot bear to watch…but I have no control…and I have no choice.

Suddenly, one of the Oni stabbed Scott through the stomach and my cries echoed in my conscious only making the nogitsunes dark laughter grow louder.

"Scott!" I cried, my silent tears coming out in streaks. I grew thankful as Kira ran to him. My body ran forward and I thought I gained enough control—not knowing if it was I or the demon who ran to Scott's aid.

"Get him inside." My voice called over the rain.

"Oh no. No no no! NO!" I cried. My fists clenched into tight fists and I began to punch the invisible force that held me back. Suddenly, I felt something grip the back of my shirt and throw me against the dark wall of my consciousness. It was just like the dream I had last time…the nogitsune bound me to the wall with rusty chains. Not a steel bear trap again. Even though it was just in my mind, I can feel my writs bruise at my struggle.

"Please don't!" I begged as the bandaged demon turned away from me and prepared to reveal itself to Scott and Kira.

"I want you to enjoy the show Stiles." The nogitsune taunted as he disappeared. I pushed forward grunting and screaming in pain trying to break the chains. I can feel my shoulders stretch abnormally and my wrists trickle with blood.

Through my eyes, I can see Kira assure Scott that she is going to pull out the sword. Then its hand—my hand—grab Kira's arm. Scott's eyes grew wide in fear as my body knocked Kira out cold. I went into shock mirroring Scott's expression. My body went towards Scott and my fingers danced on the end of the sword.

"No! Stop please!" I screamed.

"You okay?" The nogitsune said calmly to Scott. Scott's face turned frightened as my hand prepared to grip the sword.

"Please don't." Scott pleaded silently, half in shock. "Stop."

"It's okay." The nogitsune mumbled not caring as his fingers finally grasped the sword.

"Leave him alone!" I cried, my tears turning into waterfalls. I can hear the nogitsune laughing in amusement in my mind. "Please please leave him alone!"

My hand clamped onto Scott's shoulder for restraint. The nogitsune took a casual breath and began twisting the sword worsening Scott's wound. Scott began to whimper and gasp in pain as the sword kept turning.

"STOP! PLEASE!" I wailed as my screams morphed into hard sobs. I couldn't help and watch while I tried to break the restraints. My throat burned and my wrists went numb. I crumbled against the wall while the nogitsune taunted Scott. He told him never to trust a fox.

I tried to cover my ears to try and drown out Scotts gasps for air, but the chains that bound me wouldn't let me do that. I wailed as I collapsed as far as the chains would allow me to. My arms ached and I can feel myself growing weaker. I glanced up helplessly watching the nogitsune torcher Scott.

"Now…give it to me!" The nogitsune growled as he took the pain away from Scott. I watched—broken. I can feel the nogitsunes control over me grow stronger…while I grow weaker.

"Please," I croaked out. "Stop."

"We'll fool ya." The nogitsune half laughed at Scott. "We'll fool all of you."

I closed my eyes as my tears became silent. I couldn't bear watch my body kill Scott. I couldn't handle it watching as my body prepared the traps and killed all those innocent people at the hospital. Isaac, Coach…..and now Scott.

My brother.

I prayed for this torment to end. I begged for it.

"Not everyone." A familiar voice said. Through my body's' eyes, I saw Deaton holding a needle. I didn't even care that he was jamming it into my neck because I am profoundly scared of needs. I was happy to see my hands removed away from Scott. My body fell out of consciousness and the bandaged nogitsune reappeared before my eyes. He hissed in pain as he collapsed to the floor of my conscious. The chains around my wrists broke and I fell to the floor mere inches away from the nogitsune.

My arms were still weak from struggling. I heard a low growl escape the sharp teeth of the nogitsune. Against my better judgment, I looked up to see the nogitsune gasping for breath. I felt a smile form on my lips. But it disappeared as quickly as it came. The nogitsune lifted its head weakly, looking towards me. Although he was on the ground, he was still terrifying.

"Don't start thinking that we will let you go Stiles." It threatened. I wanted to crawl away, but my body was too weak to move. The fear I had earlier was creeping back up to the surface as he began to inch towards me.

"No matter what tactic your friends try. No matter how much you beg and plead…"

"Stop…." I whimpered.

"You won't be able to escape. "He said inches from me. My breath began to hitch as I started to panic. The nogitsune gripped my chin with his bandaged hand. I was too afraid to move. More tears escaped my eyes flowing down the stains of previous ones.

"I will make you suffer!"

I screamed as the tears burned my cheeks. My eyes clenched tightly praying to escape this mental hell hole. The nogitsune released me and we both crashed onto the cold dusty floor. I whimpered feeling myself fall to darkness.

I heard a familiar voice scream my name. My hand reached toward the voice, until I finally gave up. My eyes instinctively began to close, but I was too terrified to see where I would wake up next.

"Please…please…" I silently begged to no one in particular. That voice maybe? Scott? Oh god. Scott. Please wake me up from this nightmare.

Then everything went to black.

Lydia's POV:

"Don't start thinking that we will let you go Stiles." The evil spirit threatened.

I have no clue what I am doing in this foggy room. It had a hint of blue, but it was cold. Terrifying cold actually. Although I don't know what exactly I am doing here. Wasn't I just with Allison? We had just left Peter electrocuted on the floor. We got to my house—Allison was spending the night because she didn't want to be alone. Considering what happened to Isaac…

But when I turned the key to walk in to my house, I was in this room. This isn't my living room. I turned around to see if Allison was watching this, but she was gone.

I looked back at the scene before me, frightened. Is this a vision of the future? What's going on? What are my banshee powers trying to tell me? My thoughts were silenced when I saw the thing began to inch its way towards something. Wait someone. Stiles!

I ran to Stiles' side to get a try and help him, but I froze at what I saw. Stiles bloodied…broken…crying…terrified. My eyes began to water up at his shaking frame. I was in too much of a trance to move.

"No matter what tactic your friends try. No matter how much you beg and plead…"

"…stop…" Stiles whimpered. I gasped wanting to hold him. Drag him away from this thing, but my body wouldn't let me move. I became angry at the demon for hurting Stiles.

This must be the cruel Nogitsune. For the first time ever, I had the urge to kill the nogitsune for tormenting Stiles. And that takes a lot considering I haven't even put Peter on my death list, although he has come awfully close.

Stiles' tears began to trickle down his cheeks and I let out a soft whimper of my own. Stiles who is always so brave in the face of danger…crying. Of all the werewolf's and other supernatural happenings, I have never seen Stiles cry. But now, seeing him so terrified—it sent chills up my spine.

"You won't be able to escape!" It said in a low growl. It gripped Stiles' chin while Stiles began to scream. He had no strength to get up, and I wanted oh so badly to help him.

"I will make you suffer!" The nogitsune yelled. Angry tears spilled down my cheeks. I wanted to run, scream, cry, anything! But I couldn't move! Why can't I move? I just want to hold Stiles and assure him that everything is okay—that I will protect him.

Suddenly, the nogitsune began to convulse, finally releasing his hold on Stiles. Both collapsed on the floor exhausted. Stiles whimpered on the floor and I tried to run to him. I felt something pull me back and the room began to fade.

"No no wait please! I need to save him!" I begged my banshee powers for not giving me more time or the ability to reach Stiles. I felt myself fading from this vision. I began to wail as I struggled to reach him. Oh god I'm so close to him, I can't leave him! He needs me! I saw Stiles eyes close and I panicked.

"Stiles!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I thought I saw his eyes flutter only slightly. I became desperate when Stiles began to reach for me. Oh god he heard me! Stiles! Stiles!

"Please…please…" Stiles begged softly. I couldn't stop struggling. My tears burned my cheeks and I closed my eyes as I screamed again.


My eyes fluttered open wanting to run towards Stiles. My legs instinctively ran forward and I became relieved that I can move. I suddenly slammed into the back of my couch hard, flipping myself over landing on the soft cushions of my couch.

"Lydia! Oh my god!"

I was immediately restrained by familiar brown eyes of my best friend. Allison gripped me by my shoulders softly, but looked worriedly into my teary eyes.

"Where the hell am I? And where did Stiles go!" I screamed that last part in a panic, frantically searching for Stiles to be lying somewhere in my living room. It was then that I stopped realizing I wasn't in my vision anymore.

"Lydia what happened?" Allison asked after taking a breath.

Flashes of that vision replayed in my mind. My lips began to quiver as the tears began to spill. Allison pulled me into a hug giving soft shushes while rubbing my back.

"It's okay Lydia. It was just a vision."

"But Stiles!" I cried pulling out of our embrace.

"What happened to Stiles?" Allison asked concerned.

A sound of a vibrating cell phone interrupted or conversation. Allison looked at her screen to see the caller ID as Scott. She immediately answered while all I can think about was Stiles. Where is he? Is he alright? I began to feel responsible and guilty that I couldn't do anything to help him in the vision.

But he heard me.

Stiles heard me call for him.

"Lydia, we got to go!" Allison said hastily as she grabbed my hand. She took the keys off of the countertop as we ran back out the door to the car. Allison ran to the driver's seat while I climbed into the passenger seat confused.

"Where are we going?" I said, my voice barely coming out as a whisper.

"To Deaton's" Allison said pressing on the accelerator. I looked at Allison confused, yet scared knowing what she was going to say.

"It's Stiles."

Scott's POV:

"That should be good." Doc said as he finished up wrapping my entire torso. My body was drenched with sweat, rain, and blood. I was exhausted, but I couldn't afford to go to sleep now. For one, I needed to be awake when Kira gets up. Deaton checked her, saying she doesn't have a concussion and she'll be fine.

But most importantly Stiles.

Just fifteen minutes ago, my best friend tried to kill me. No…the nogitsune tried to kill me…that demon possessing Stiles…

Of all the people why Stiles? Innocent Stiles. The thought of him being possessed makes me sick. It makes me angry, to the point to where I have to restrain myself to not go full Alpha. But I am so worried about Stiles that I can't even function. It wasn't until I saw Deaton with chains and cuffs that I went on alert.

"W-what are those for?" I asked a bit angrier then I meant. Deaton just turned to me assuring.

"Not to worry. When he wakes up, Stiles will be himself. The poison in the fox will keep him at bay."

"Then what are those for?" I asked cautiously. Deaton gave a stern look.

"Just in case."

Headlights flashed through the windows of the office. Good, Allison and Lydia are here. Deaton went to go unlock the backdoor while my eyes fixated on Stiles. He was covered in rain and sweat and I couldn't help but fear for the worst. I just want this demon out of him.

"Scott!" I heard Allison call out. I was about to call her to the back when I began to hear whimpers. My head snapped back towards Stiles and I panicked slightly. Stiles was shifting around letting out soft cries.

"Stiles?" I called out desperately.

"What's wrong? What's happening!" I turned my head to see Lydia crying. We both moved towards Stiles—I holding Stiles by the shoulders while Lydia knelt by his head to my left.

"Doc what is-"

"This is normal. Stiles has been under the nogitsunes control for a long time. This is Stiles coming from his mind to his body essentially. Scott you might want to back away."

I ignored Deaton's order and continued to try and steady Stiles shaking body. Allison pulled Lydia back much to Lydia's dismay.

"Scott." Stiles mumbled in his dream. I'm here Stiles I'm here. Stiles began to twist and turn more erratically and his breaths became shorter, pants.

"Scott." He whimpered. His head furrowed and he clenched his teeth. I can sense his fear growing on him. This is Stiles coming into his body…afraid.

"Stiles I'm here." I pleaded.

"Scott," Stiles continued to cry out, his voice growing louder, more frantic. He began to toss and turn more violently and I actually had to use some force to restrain Stiles. I can feel his heartbeat quicken and I can sense everyone worry. Its okay Stiles it's okay.

"No no leave them alone…."Stiles begged clenching his eyes shut. "Scott…Leave them ALONE!" Stiles' eye shot open and he thrashed violently, wailing his fists onto my chest. I didn't let go of him though—I wouldn't let go.

"No please! Let me go!" Stiles cried, tears escaping his eyes. "Please!"

"Stiles it's okay!" I yelled over his piercing cries.

But Stiles wasn't listening. He kept screaming and thrashing until I shook him only once. Stiles paused looking into my eyes.

"Scott?" Stiles whispered, voice cracking. Silent tears streamed down his face while I nodded in confirmation. Stiles heartbeat raced as he pushed me back. I stumbled backwards, but reached for him again. Stiles crawled backwards away from me wailing.

"No stop please!" Stiles cried. His back reached the wall and I can feel his panic surging through his body. I inched my way towards Stile's confused.

"Stiles it's fine! It's just me!"

"Scott no please stay away! I don't want to kill you!"

His words hit me like a thousand bricks. My face softened and I can feel my own tears beginning to form. Stiles tried scooting away from me, but there was nowhere for him to go. I slowly lifted my hands ready to softly grasp his shoulders, but Stiles only pressed harder against the wall.

"Stiles," I assured. "It's okay."

"No no no it's not!" Stiles cried harder. "I hurt people! Killed people!"

"Stiles, it's alright." I said grasping his shoulders, though Stiles continued to shake.

"Scott no please! I COUD HAVE KILLED YOU!"

My tears finally escaped my eyelids. My heart broke at Stiles' words. My best friend—my brother—he needs me now more than ever. All I want to do is tell Stiles that it's okay and that everything will be alright. Seeing Stiles cry in front of me hurt…and it made me angry at the nogitsune. I swear on my life that I will kill it, no matter what color my eyes turn.

"I could have killed you." Stiles whimpered. I pulled Stiles immediately into a tight hug. Stiles pushed against me for a minute, but I kept holding him to me. Finally, Stiles gave in and gripped me tight sobbing into my shoulder.

"Shhhh. It's okay Stiles." I soothed.

"I could have killed you…I could have…killed…Scott…I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Stiles whimpered into my shoulder. I could feel Stiles shaking body, his tears staining my jacket. But I didn't care. Just for this moment, Stiles was Stiles.

After what felt like forever, I turned my attention to the others. Allison was holding Lydia whose eyes kept spilling tears. I then turned to Deaton who wore a sympathetic expression. I gave him a stern look to which Deaton nodded and understood.

I returned my attention and continued to rub Stiles' back, who was still crying into me. His fists gripped my shirt so tight that I can tell he was desperate to escape this hell he is living in. Through his cries, my werewolf hearing could hear his soft pleas.

"Get it out…I don't want to kill anyone."

I held him tighter showing Stiles that I heard his wish. His heartbeat finally slowed until Stiles was only panting. I could smell the salty tears that still were trickling down his cheeks.

I made a promise to myself vowing that I will get this thing thing out of Stiles. I will take away his pain. And I will kill the nogitsune.

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