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Song: Everything by Lifehouse

Chapter 18: You're All I Want, You're Everything to Me

Scott's POV:

I leaned back on the hospital chair, surprisingly finding myself able to sleep. According to Mom, I passed out for almost 12 hours after we brought Stiles to the hospital. My eyes fluttered open in the golden afternoon, and I sighed in relief knowing that it was all over finally. I peaked over to my left to see that Lydia was in the chair on the opposite side of me, close to Stiles. I smiled when I rolled my head to see the Sheriff, reading a book with his glasses on. I closed my eyes and sighed in relief, gaining his attention.

"You're awake." He smiled. I kept my eyes closed and nodded, taking in the relaxation. I heard the Sheriff's heart rate relax even more. "Is it over?" I nodded once again, shooting a tired smile at him.

"Yeah." I breathed. "It's over." The sheriff smiled and took a huff of air before rising to his feet.

"Well," He sighed. "I'm going to get some food. Not any of this crap here though. I'm sure Stiles will appreciate curly fries when he wakes up again." I gave a surprised grin.

"He was awake?"

"Yeah. He was glad you two were finally getting some rest." The Sheriff smiled. He looked to Stiles with a relieved smile. "I'm glad I have my son back."

"So am I." I breathed. The Sheriff smiled before walking back out of the door. I closed my eyes again after hearing the closing off the hospital door. It was finally over. Stiles was okay. I smiled to myself knowing that everything was finally going to go back to normal. Well, as normal as it can get with me being a werewolf.

"Morning Sleeping Beauty." A soft groan said. I snapped my eyes open to see Stiles looking at me lazily. Even through his bruised cheek and busted lip, I was so happy to see him awake. I leaned forward in my chair, pulling myself close to him. For some reason, tears began to well up in my eyes. I leaned over and pulled Stiles into a bromance hug. I sniffled back a sob before pulling away.

"You're okay." I breathed. Stiles smiled weakly.

"Well, aside from two broken ribs, a sprained ankle, and thousands of bruises covering me from head to toe, I've never been better." Stiles smiled. I gave a weak one back before he sighed, getting serious. "Thank you Scott."

"For what?" I snapped, blaming myself. "You got seriously hurt. And you don't heal like I can. I seriously could have lost you."

"No you couldn't." Stiles smiled. "I know you wouldn't let me down. And I'm alive aren't I?"

"Barely." I said notioning to his hospital bed. Stiles sighed, examining himself.

"My best friend is a werewolf." Stiles remarked. "This is as alive as I'm going to get. And Scott?" I looked to Stiles, guilt evident in my features. Stiles gave a sympathetic smile before sighing.

"I'd bet my life every time. Cause I know you'll come for me if I need you. You're my brother, and you would never let me get hurt."

I pursed my lips before pulling Stiles into a tight hug. Never. Never again will I do this to him. I will always be there for him. I can't ever go through this again, and I'll never put him through this either. I'll be there for him, always.

"Except right now." Stiles croaked. "Werewolf squeeze! Too tight!" I gasped before pulling back apologetically. Stiles grimaced bringing a hand to his chest before grinning. "And I'll heal. Just at a significantly slower rate." I couldn't help but laugh at his words. I stammer of a heart beat made me glance at the red head-I mean strawberry blonde- knowing she was going to wake up any second now. I rose to my feet making Stiles have a confused look on his face.

"She's waking up." I motioned to Lydia. Stiles shot a look to her, noticing her soft grumbles of waking to consciousness. "I'll give you some privacy." I winked at Stiles whose face turned crimson red, blushing wildly. I laughed at the falter of his heartbeat while heading out the door. I closed it behind me and closed my eyes, focusing my hearing, listening to their conversation.

Lydia's POV:

I cringed, letting out a soft groan before moving my arms, stretching out my limbs. My eyes opened softly, remembering that I was at the hospital. I clenched my eyes shut again, groaning at how uncomfortable the arm chair was. But what surprised me was that I was able to sleep in it at all. I must have been exhausted-well how could I not be.

"Yeah I know. Those arm chairs suck."

My eyes shot open and I sat up in my chair, recognizing that soft voice, even though it sounded lazy and tired. I looked to my left and saw Stiles, grinning wide at me. My eyes widened and I quickly got up and threw my arms around him.

"Stiles." I breathed, closing my eyes, taking in his presence. I felt his arms slowly wrap around me, his hand stroking my long hair. My hands tightened around his long brown hair, clutching him tightly. Stiles let out a soft groan and I pulled away quickly, remembering the injuries he had.

"I'm sorry." I gasped, trying to pull back. But Stiles pulled me close to him anyways with a smile. I slowly placed my head on his chest, nuzzling up to his neck. His arms wrapped around my frame, pulling me close to him again. I then sighed heavily, raising my fist and lightly punching him to which he gasped. "That was for almost dying on me. Again!"

I lifted my head, scowling at him in anger. Stiles looked at me confused, then lowered his eyes slightly, ashamed of himself. I moved my hand up to his chin, softly forcing him to meet my eyes. I leaned forward and softly pressed my lips to his, making Stiles let out a soft moan in surprise. I pulled away, giggling at the heart monitor that reacted wildly.

"That was for coming back." I smiled. Stiles let out a shaky breath, smiling as well. I examined his face and frowned at his busted lip and bruised cheek. My hand softly stoked it, careful not to upset him. Stiles leaned his head into my hand, meeting my gaze.

"It's alright Lydia." Stiles breathed. "I'm okay." I glared at him, making him laugh jokingly.

"Okay maybe not." He said honestly. "But I'll get better. Promise." I sighed before bringing a smile to my lips. He was, right, he will get better. I nodded my head before breaking out into a giggle.

"What?" He smiled cautiously. I motioned to the heart monitor and Stiles blushed. I pursed my lips, blushing at his bashful face.

"I wonder," I teased before leaning forward. Stiles leaned back as I leaned forward. I grinned as the beeps of the heart monitor began to increase. I kissed his neck softly, making Stiles groan as the monitor accelerated. I moved up, hovering over his lips, inwardly giggling as his monitor went ballistic. I softly pressed my lips to his, careful with his lips hearing the monitor emit a long beep. I pulled away quickly hearing the monitor slow down, smiling at Stiles blush. "I shouldn't do that anymore. The nurses will freak out."

Stiles closed his eyes, stifling out a playful groan smiling wide. "That was just mean."

I laughed leaning down, snuggling next to him again. Stiles shifted on the bed, making room for me, pulling my body fully on the bed. I was surprised at the amount of strength he had, considering his injuries. Regardless, I snuggled up next to him with a smile.

"So," I breathed, my eyes closed. "Girlfriend?"

Stiles stiffened, and I chuckled imagining just how red he probably is. I lifted my head to his, meeting his golden brown eyes. His expression softened, and he stroked my hair again. I replayed the words Stiles said hours ago, before all of the scary stuff happened. Stiles smiled meeting my gaze.

"Only if you want to be."

I smiled, eyes gleaming as I nodded quickly. Stiles grinned before leaning forward and kissing my lips. Ironically, I was the one who held my breath. I relaxed, deepening the kiss, leaning up while running my hand through his hair again. Stiles took a shaky breath and I pulled away realizing the monitor was acting up again.

"Let's not alarm the nurses." I teased. Stiles groaned with a laugh, sinking back into his pillow, pouting his lip. I nuzzled my head in his neck, resting my eyes again. Stiles took a loud sigh.

"I'm going to fall asleep." He moaned. "I don't want to yet. This is too perfect." I giggled at his words.

"Go to sleep then." I assured. "I'll see you in a second." I shifted my head to Stiles who was looking at me smiling. He nodded in reference to our bond. Stiles kissed my forehead, and I couldn't be happier to be his. I felt his muscles relax, and I closed my eyes, preparing myself to go into Stiles' mind via bond to see my boyfriend.

Boyfriend. I loved the sound of that.

Scott's POV:

I smiled to myself, mused at the conversation between Stiles and Lydia. My eyes shot open when the smell of curly fried engulfed my nose. I turned to the Sheriff who held open a bag of fast food. I pushed myself to my feet as the sheriff threw me a burger. I blocked the doorway, startling him.

"They are sleeping." I smiled, motioning through the doors window. The Sheriff peaked through and smiled at the sight. He sighed before taking a seat in the chair I was previously in. I sat down next to him and ate my burger, not realizing how hungry I was.

"They really do care about each other." The Sheriff said taking a bite of his own food. I nodded in agreement, listening to their heartbeats.

"They do." I agreed. I smiled to myself knowing that if I could never get to Stiles, Lydia would take care of him. I listened to their heartbeats, smiling at how in synch they were. I took a bite into my burger, promising myself that I would always watch over my brother, Stiles.

Stiles' POV:

"Where are we going?" Lydia laughed as the two of us ran through the forest. I was going at a slow jog, considering that I had just got out of the hospital after four days. The doctors warned me to take it easy since I wasn't exactly healed, but I didn't really care. I was too excited to surprise Lydia on our very first date.

"You'll see." I chimed, jogging past several trees. The afternoon sun shined brightly and I peaked over at Lydia, smiling at my instructions I gave her.

"You told me to wear something nice!" Lydia jokingly scowled. "Now we are running through the woods?"

"Trust me." I said simply. I threw on a dark brown button up t shirt that had one unbuttoned showing my black shirt underneath and dark blue jeans. I peaked again over at Lydia who had on a light blue dress, her hair woven in loose curls and tall beige heels. I smiled at her outfit before stumbling over my own two feet, laughing in response.

"That isn't exactly being careful Stiles!" Lydia shrieked, catching my arm so I wouldn't fall. I blushed catching myself before slowing down when I saw the clearing ahead. I pointed ahead nodding at Lydia to go check it out.

"What is this?" Lydia asked confused walking forward. I just smiled, shrugging as I followed her. She past one final tree and gasped at the sight. In front of us was a wide meadow, filled with tall grass and various flowers. Lydia turned to me, smiling from ear to ear. "Stiles!" She cried happily and I blushed.

"Look over there." I instructed lightly. Lydia spun around looking at the center of the meadow, gasping at the sight of a blanket with a picnic basket. She ran forward to my set up and I walked behind her, relieved that she liked it. I strode up to her as she spun around, staring at me eyes beaming.

"Do you like it-"I was cut off by her throwing her arms around me. I stumbled backwards a bit, catching my balance holding her in my arms.

"I love it." She cried happily. I kissed her forehead and brought her to the blanket, the two of us sitting down. I opened the basket and handed her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She grinned taking it while I pulled out my own.

"How in the world did you find this place?"

"One time when Scott and I were running around here." I said between bites. "I ran through here. I thought it would be a nice place to come to. You know when I'm not running for my life." Lydia smiled, examining the scenery. A howl echoed in the far distance and I sighed.

"That must be Derek." I noted. "He's training with everyone right now." Lydia nodded, reaching into the basket, pulling out a couple of grapes.

"Training?" Lydia asked, popping one into her mouth. "For what?"

"For anything really," I mused. "Who knows what else we get to face." Lydia slouched with a frown and I leaned forward, trying to meet her eyes. "What is it?"

"It's going to be dangerous." Lydia noted. I sighed knowing exactly where she was going with this. I took her hand in mine and stroked it gently. Lydia looked up and met my gaze.

"It's going to be okay." I assured her. "Besides, Scott already promised to train me." Lydia smirked at my comment.

"Train you for what?" Lydia mused. "Last I checked, you're no werewolf." I faked an appalled look before chuckling.

"No I am not," I stated. "I mean the basics. So I can protect you and me." Now it was Lydia's turn to fake an appalled look.

"I'll have you know that Allison already started training me. So I can protect you." I leaned back with a grin, imagining Lydia pulling a bow and arrow, and fighting valiantly. I smiled, knowing that the teasing wouldn't stop.

"Oh yeah?" I said before rising to my feet. I stepped away from the basket, smiling wide at Lydia. I turned to her, her eyes confused, her smile still there. "You are all by yourself, no weapons on you. I'm a big scary…dragon."

"Dragon?" Lydia shrieked with a laugh.

"It's Beacon Hills! You never know!" I joked. "You need to defeat me. What do you do?" Lydia smiled before rising to her feet.

"You don't think I can take you?" She smirked, pulling her hair behind her ears. I smiled taunting playfully.

"Well, because I am the male here, it's my priority to protect you. And no, I do not think so." Lydia scoffed playfully, pursing her lips getting in a running position.

"Oh yeah?"

"You won't do it." I mocked. Suddenly, Lydia broke out into a high pitched squeal before running towards me. My eyes widened as her body slammed into mine softly. I stumbled over my feet and I fell backwards on the grass, Lydia on top of me. I couldn't hold back my laugh as Lydia kept apologizing before breaking into laughter as well. Lydia lifted her head and met my playful stare.

"You were saying?" She smirked. I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Alright you got me." I remarked, leaning my head against the grass. Lydia moved her hand and cupped my cheek that still had reminiscence of a bruise. Her fingertips ran through my hair and I smiled, as she leaned forward and kissed me gently. She pulled away and I took a gulp of air, Lydia giggled. "I just defeated a dragon." She teased. I sneered playfully making Lydia's eyes grow wide.

"Not quite." I taunted. My arms wrapped around Lydia's waist and I rolled to my left, Lydia squealed as I rolled on top of her. My face went red, realizing what I just did. My heart was beating fast and I stammered out a breath. I moved so my arms propped me up, so I was hovering over her. Lydia giggled as we both realized how shaky my arms were at the stunt I just pulled. Lydia simply reached her arms up and pulled me down to her, bringing me in for another kiss.

I closed my eyes deepening it, my hand cupping her soft cheek. I pulled away, resting my forehead against hers. I smiled at how her hair spread along the grass. Her legs shifted underneath me and I leaned and kissed her again. My hand moved up through her hair and my tongue grazed hers. I moaned in response before pulling away, my breaths coming out extremely shaky.

"We protect each other." Lydia stated, her hand entangling in my hair. I smiled before nodding in agreement.

"Protect each other." I repeated. Lydia pulled me back to her as my lips crashed onto hers. Our moment was interrupted when a loud howl emitted to my left. I pulled out of our kiss reluctantly, recognizing that tone of howl. Lydia giggled as I rested my head on Lydia's shoulder.

"Shut up Scott," I groaned, imagining what snarky remark he could be making via howl. Scott howled in the distance again as I met Lydia's eyes. "Werewolves." I muttered before leaning for another kiss from Lydia. Scott, my best friend who was an alpha werewolf. Lydia, my gorgeous girlfriend who is a banshee. They vowed to protect me as I would to them.

This was my life, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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