Harry moved with confidence as he maneuvered his way onto the Hogwarts train. Thankfully the stares this time was due to his extremely high quality clothing, massive stature, sculpted muscles, and glowing green eyes. Glen and Windy were to blame for the clothing, but the rest he had gotten used to ignoring after all the exposure as a public figure. At least it wasn't connected with his stupid nick name.

This year was going to suck.

Settling into a train compartment, he absently raised a hand and gripped the air. Pulling the world with a jerk, raw energy flooded the room. Rough carpet twisted into thick rich green matting, the walls expanded and rapidly became cylindrical, coated in thick wooden planks that quickly covered themselves with runic burns as the windows shrank up to the ceiling. The seating smoothly expanded and warped, becoming a long curved couch following the walls as small dividers of cushion rose randomly between chairs. The walls shimmered as the runes finished their charred work, fading into a live image of the busy loading platform.

The green eyed boy slouched onto the couch facing the door, watching the runes continued to spread and cause the entire room except the side with the door to fade away into open air, the illusion settling in as more runes cleaned the air and caused a light breeze, the soft smell of lilies. After the amount of time and practice he had carving all those air and water freshening runes in canals and tunnels, this was almost automatic at this point. With a hum he absently reached to the right, his fingers clawing into space itself and twisting.

The entire room twirled, the couches turning until he was near the door to the room facing all the people moving around. With a flick of a finger the couch separated, exposing the door so children could enter the car. He watched the many people dressed in bizarre clothing mingle as groups arrived, milled around, met friends, said goodbye to their loved ones.

He absently glanced at his arm, tapping one of the black runes to open his inventory and grabbing a cold bottle of water. For some reason the water purified from his island's sea water tasted better than anything else he had elsewhere. Not that he was an unbiased judge anymore.

Harry had done some testing with his new body and made some disturbing realizations. First of all, he was never a great cook. He was an alright one. His raw power in the past would actively modify his ingredients, his techniques, even each finished product. It was literally FORCED to be perfect, no matter how flawed he was. Made fixing his problems hard if he never realized he had made one to begin with.

Secondly, his sense of taste was all screwed up. Apparently almost everything he had eaten last year, no, every year when his body was broken... all of it had been transformed to taste like treacle tart. He didn't even recognize the taste of green beans when he had some after his body was fixed.

It was why he liked cursed food, the taste of magic was so DIFFERENT from treacle tart he had gone a bit nuts.

Taking another deep sip of the water from his magical island, he sighed. Being a King and learning about his new range of responsibilities had been stressful. Being told that at his power level he could ignore all the rules if he wished made those emotional burdens both harder to bear and yet more important. He was more than ready to head back to school even if it was not really for educational reasons.

Thankfully Hogwarts mostly sponsored the higher classed witches and wizards as well as the new-blood students. None of his new citizens had children going to his school, which should drastically lower the number of 'Yes sire!' and 'Of course your Majesty!' he had to put up with while away.

Oh he couldn't avoid all of his work due to his new position. He knew that, and still received his daily reports passed to him by Glen, when she didn't just pop by for a visit or call. She and Daphne had become friends at this point, so she ended up staying over at the Barracks when Daphne was in. After long hours working together, even their relationship had progressed into something less formal and more relaxing. A close friend, at the very least at this point.

Even if he did have to run Windy away from the poor girl occasionally.

Glen Cooper was basically acting as his regent, ruling on his behalf for now. She would have her team gather all the incoming updates, sort them into sections, generate a high level summary of each group, then pass on any edicts or decisions he made to the appropriate people after his reviews were finalized.

To be honest he was still a bit surprised how much loyalty and respect he was receiving so far from all of his people. In the end, finding out that the 'Savior of the Wizarding World' had been constructing a magical island paradise, one with none of the harsh laws they had all eventually accepted as just the way the world was... well, it had been like a dream come true.

His Island Security Force (Commonly referred to as the ISF) had widely been accepted by now, especially considering how well they had all handled the full moon while under the new potion. Seeing a fully transformed werewolf in uniform calmly trotting down the streets, waving at children and keeping the peace had really made a difference in Island attitudes.

As for the werewolves themselves, the years of constant training in calming techniques combined with the new powerful mind potion made most of them incredible mellow and reasonable. That their employer provided above average pay, free access to ALL of his amazing line of potions, and no discrimination had been enough to gain their attention, staying true to that promise was enough to gain their trust. The impact of these actions on the external werewolf community was massive.

Harry was more than happy to encourage the increased number of werewolves joining his island, along with the partial and non-humans and other creatures. Having a large group of powerful and magically enhanced people that he could trust to keep his island safe when he wasn't there? It was brilliant. Jake was eager to work with him too, although he did spend a good amount of time at the Island Orphanage visiting each new child inflicted with their disease, ensuring they knew what was going on. The new potion took away almost all the negatives of being a werewolf really, but it was still a scary change.

As far as the ISF was concerned, he didn't forbid other species or people from joining up, but the sheer number of applicants from each pack that joined the island skewed the numbers. There were some Vampires, a couple of Merfolk (Underwater patrol routes were a bit tough when covered in fur), even a few normal nonmagical people. But by numbers alone, everyone considered the ISF to be the Island's Pack.

It so happened that someone thought they were clever to make a badge with a wolf head on it for their uniform, and by the time Glen had told Harry about it everyone had accepted it as the unofficial logo for the whole security force. Since no one seemed offended, he shrugged and Glen had the Wolf's Head logo on the next batch of equipment shipped to the ISF, including on clothing and weapons.

The boy sighed as he watched more children running around the magical train. At least now the housing issue was mostly settled. Both the Barracks and the Apartments were nearing completion, and tents were rapidly being moved to storage rather than instantly set up on the massive grid Harry had set up. They may even reach the point were existing tents would be pulled down, allowing more water pools and forest squares soon.

Thanks to the economic boom on the island (And the high success of the alcohol being introduced), many families were now purchasing these tents, using their stabilized income from working in the Kingdom to gain the high quality products. It wouldn't be normal camping, but many had grown to love their tents over the short summer. For now, tent supply was still out pacing demand.

Harry sighed and pulled out the highlights for today's report. At the rate 'immigration' was going, he wasn't sure who WASN'T going to be living on the island one day. Apparently both the British Government and the Magical one had noticed the rapidly emptying slums and poor houses, but neither were taking any actions at this point, but expressing confusion. Several of the smaller magical villages had apparently also emptied recently, which the Prophet was claiming was caused by dark magic caused by some racing broom company trying to off their competition.

Moving on.

While he had received some complaints from various bigoted sources, his firm stance against discrimination and his open arm policy of other species had made a cultural impact on the island that was still being researched and still showing returns.

It was good that Potter's Potions, his space expansion methods rented to Gringotts, and his massive food stores being sold through Gringotts were all doing so well. Most of the potions and food surplus were now selling to foreign magical nations as well, which was perfect because Harry was STILL spending the money as quickly as it rolled in. New animals and plants had to be brought in for farms, and he had to fund the many experiments attempting to improve his already impressive production to higher levels. He wasn't sure when he would stop, but if his Cooks had their way every food item on earth would be produced in a few years or less or he would hear nothing but complaints.

As it was, Daphne and Hermione had moved chocolate so far up the list that Harry had just bought out a small candy shop and had directed researchers to begin working developing a farm with the Theobroma cacao tree, which produced the seeds needed. Apparently several women on the development tree had taken to working on that topic with a fevered pace, so he would likely see island chocolate before the next holiday.

The conversations he was still pushing for with the Crown were more likely now that he had more materials to offer trade agreements for. SOMEONE had to notice that an island far too small to grow much of anything was producing more than some nations at SOME point. Hopefully.

At this point Harry was paying high incomes for a staggering amount of people, but was staying on top of it all financially. In fact the kingdom as a whole was rapidly gaining a massive gross national profit from all the new products never seen before, while Gringotts was helping him reach many different markets for only a small series of fees. Most of his success hinged on Windy and her still being modified and enhanced rune system.

Before all of these advancements, trying to accelerate time for a single plant would have required over a dozen ancient languages, thirty or more meters of rune work, and massive amounts of wasted magic due to translation errors between them all.

Harry just couldn't stress enough how much of a big deal it was to have a magical language that could be corrected or extended on the fly.

He looked past the recent immigration numbers on the report. There was still an interview process of course to join the island, but Harry's restrictions were low... possibly too low, honestly. The security center on the surface had been expanded internally and even then had a long line for new citizens at almost all hours. And as far as he knew, barely any Vampires or Merfolk had even had a chance to spread the news about their newly created living arrangements.

Thankfully the ISF was not only very well equipped but was being taught by several magical and non-magical sergeants, and should be able to keep the crowds of new citizens in line.

He moved on to the section describing the three councils. The Dragon Bangles made this process much easier, as one of the new-blood witches on the runic team had enhanced the messaging system application that had become so useful it had joined alongside the Inventory rune on the standard runic string.

There was now a series of constant polls being run. One listing Islanders of your species wishing to join the council, one listing people with the same profession wanting to represent their group, and one listing religious leaders who felt qualified. At any point an islander could rank those who they wanted to represent them in any order, as many times as they wished.

Whenever a council matter is to be discussed, the top selected member currently available would be given the opportunity to represent their career, species, or religion. The most popular ended up having to make tough decisions about which council to choose, but Harry didn't want to have the same person forced to do multiple jobs. He had seen what that had done to Dumbledore.

It required people volunteering to keep track of past council actions, which was helped by Luna who printed highlights in the Quibbler. She had a columnist that did nothing but post stories about each meeting and potential ramifications, how individuals argued, and so forth. His articles became very popular, to the point where Luna ended up making a separate 'Legal Section' to hold such similar stories. The columns covering new items and potential laws being sent to King Harry was moved to the same section, which was appreciated by many.

The boy sighed, moving the documents aside as he drank deep of the cool water. At least they mostly stopped calling him King Potter or God Skeleton, that last one had been worse. Nagnok had started calling him 'His Royal Highness and Grace King Harry James Potter The First' when the goblin felt especially annoyed at some action of his lately.

Obviously the council system was still new. He only had ONE summer to work with dang it, and a chunk of that he hadn't even BEEN in this reality! Yet even as the new system was being stress tested, at last things looked hopeful and possibly stable in the near future.

Even if the entire project failed right now, a massive number of people had experienced increased funds, better health, and other positive changes. Gringotts had certainly made a profit, and the boost in the economy had occurred in multiple countries, even as some of them were having problems now that their most heavily taxed and abused citizens were vanishing to his Island.

He glanced over the massive number of represented jobs and religions, along with the comparatively smaller number of species that were joining the island. Glen would be forcing them the three to set up a secondary voting system per council, to choose a leader to set up the agenda, keep the groups in order, and determine which issues should be debated or passed up for review in reports they generated.

Everyone was basically acting like advisors, as well as filters to ensure Harry could address any vital issues without being swamped or allowing important issues to fall through the cracks. Hopefully. All three were working with the Legal team, reviewing the laws already created and to be developed to hopefully find common ground that the majority would approve of that they could pass up to the King for approval. Hopefully having a leader would speed that up. Right now the law was much better than what they had started with, which was basically 'Don't be a jerk please'. Easy to remember, but very vague and likely to cause future problems.

Harry continued reading the report summaries even as he felt more students entering the train, finally getting ready to move. He leaned harder into his seat, holding the cold water to his forehead. The whole self-sustaining island goal seemed much simpler when the whole project was theoretical. Hopefully he would only have to do this sort of thing once. The worst part was he KNEW this was the EASIER way to proceed. This same project using non-magical methods would be taking years, not weeks. Paperwork would take months to finish, not minutes.

At least the patterning rune station was working without issue now, as the Island Cooks regularly test it now. The reformation station also seemed good, and Chef Ramsay was thrilled with the improvements. If possible, his dishes increased by another factor of deliciousness since then. Should he keep him as a personal cook? Nah, Daphne would never stop teasing him about it even as she stole from his plates. Anyway, the long term goal of turning carefully crafted nutrient goo and water into delicious dishes was already entering test phases.

Water turned into various unhealthy drinks had already been been released as a product. Stations in the Shopping Center or near the various restaurants or open air kitchens allowed one to select from quite a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, and water would be reformed into the desired drink and stay that way until it entered the lungs (then vanished) or the stomach (Returned to water). All the flavor with literally zero negative side effects! Parents and kids loved the things, and smaller home versions of the stations would be going on sale in his shops later this week.

Glen had taken the time to add in some reports from Nagnok as well, her daily reports had rapidly become part of Harry's routine. She had listed the most recent completed commissions from Gringotts, what profit margins he had managed, what new commissions were being submitted that he may choose to accept next, and which groups wanted a more specialized creation and how much they were willing to over-pay for him to do so. He moved to the next section, he would have time for that later. Maybe even on the long train ride or on the weekend.

The sound of his door opening caught his attention, and he let his water float to the side as he looked up to see a smaller red haired girl gawking at a boy she thought she knew. "Ginny? Come in, come in! Ready for your first year?"

She just stood in the door, eyes following his many muscles as his massive body lounged on the fine red cushions like a tiger after a large meal. "H-Harry?! What happened to you!?"

He shrugged, her eyes following the muscular ripples. "I don't mind telling you once the rest of our friends get here, but the short story is I had to make a new body since my old one was held together with magic and wishful thinking." His hand waved her luggage into the room, it shrinking and landing in the center of the circle.

Apparently deciding to focus on what made sense in the world, she tried to look around the compartment before feeling even more lost. "What... Are ALL the train cars like this? It looked normal with the door closed..."

Harry waved her off with a grin. "Welcome to my personal travel room, a Potter Family Tradition as of... about two minutes ago. Take a load off, even when everyone gets here we should have lots of room. Where's the rest of your family?"

Ginny blushed but walked in, sitting next to him and checking how soft the red couch really was. "The twins left me to find Hermione and their other friends, Ron wanted to find a car to sleep in since he had to wake up so early to try and pack before we left. Not sure about Percy, I think he left for the Prefects car when we arrived."

She watched in awe as Harry tapped one of his awesome black tattoos, poked his other hand into a silver screen that appeared, then almost dropped the strange bottle he tossed her. "Well, I brought enough snacks and drinks for everyone, so settle right in I guess. Bet you'll like that though, that's magically purified sea water from my new home. Very refreshing."

Ginny looked down on the strange bottle. It wasn't glass, but something... flexible. She vaguely remember Hermione talking about Pass Tech, which this probably was. Seeing Harry slowly twist on and off the top, she copied him, easily opening the bottle. Glancing at the logo, she was impressed. It had an image of an Island and the words 'Drake Sea Breeze' in white on it. Opening it actually made the room smell like a sea breeze, that strange smell that reminded one of long beaches and moist air.

Almost instantly the bottle got colder and the smell vanished, black symbols appearing on the sides of the bottle framing the label... were those runes?

Taking a hesitant sip, she nearly jerked in surprise. The water itself was not just cool and refreshing, but it seemed to very slowly pulse slightly colder water, like waves washing on a beach. She looked up at his smug expression. "Yeah, the special effects are from the black runes on the edge. The man who came up with that idea got a major bonus, let me tell you. I much prefer those magical effects to Firewhisky. Breathing flames is just a hazard, but feeling like you are at a beach? Priceless."

She cautiously took a deeper sip... the water had waves of coolness in it even as it went down her throat. "It seems... different from normal water."

He nodded. "The magic on my island is so intense, anything produced there is slightly enhanced just from being exposed to so much power. Everything from my island will be slightly better than expected. It is sort of like how I was last year, where I emitted so much magic that the world kept changing things to be higher quality when I was involved."

Harry took another deep sip, the bottle apparently holding far more than she expected. Maybe it held more internally? He finished his sip and grinned at her. "So your first year... ready?"

Ginny was near vibrating out of her seat as she contemplated the upcoming adventure, her eyes sparkling as she grinned. "I think so! All of my family got new wands recently instead of our hand-me-downs. And I've been studying our new books like crazy." She held up her new wand. "I stole mom's wand a few times and Bill let me try his out when I was younger, but none of them felt like this. It's yew with unicorn tail hair, and it feels... I just can't describe it. Like I'm full of bubbles or something."

Harry blinked. "I wonder where my wand went. I think I left it somewhere in first year... I should really check my luggage later." He missed her expression as he reached into his inventory. "Before I forget, you will want one of these. I intend to give one to all my friends and those under my protection at some point anyway, so getting one a bit earlier shouldn't be an issue."

She gently accepted the bracelet with wide eyes. "What is it?" She absently traced the golden shapes on the black metal. "It's pretty. Almost looks like real gold."

He snorted. "It should. Needed something magical to hold the power and activate the right features. The actual runes contain very little real gold though, most of it is illusion to make it large enough to easily see and press. Go ahead and put it on, that one is ready to imprint a magical signature."

Ginny jerked. "WHAT? I can't accept something this expensive."

Harry grinned. "Why not? You'd be surprised how much cheaper these things get when they are massed produced. Anyway I'm giving a cheaper, more basic version to literally everyone I know even remotely well. It's not just some pretty bracelet you know, it is actually a tool. Sort of like an identity badge combined with a whole lot of pre-made spells and features."

Even as she struggled with herself, she turned the dark metal over, appreciating the shiny shapes of glittering power embedded on the surface. "What is it?"

He pulled another one and had it floating in the air. "I will give the full speech once the others arrive, but basically these 'Dragon Bangles' are keys to enter my new home, Drake Island. Hermione and Daphne will add more, but these things can do almost anything from help you send someone packages faster than an owl to teleporting to safety during an attack, and everything in between. These marks on my arm are similar to the runes on your bracelet, The storage one is called Inventory, that is where I was storing your drink."

It took a bit more convincing, but eventually Ginny hesitantly put on the band of metal, which rapidly shrank down snugly on her left wrist. Pulling it made the metal act and feel like warm leather, easily stretching when she tugged at it like taffy. It took a try or two but eventually she managed to keep track of what each symbol did, and she was grateful some gave warnings (Do you wish to Teleport to Drake Island? NO! Cancel! Whew.)

It was while they were fiddling with her new accessory that the rest of Harry's group slowly found their way into the large room. Since each person would stand there gawking at their now incredibly fit and massive friend, then spend more time gawking further at the new room design... well each previous person joined the group at snickering at the next person to arrive. The exception to the fun was of course Daphne (Who quietly sat on the other side of Harry), Hermione who simply sat down without looking up (He had connected the Master Book to point at the Island's Library), and Luna who of course had seen Harry a lot that summer. Neville knew about Harry's new body but gave a good shocked expression at the train modifications.

The group mostly talked quietly while Harry was working with Ginny, as he waved questions away until everyone arrived. Astoria ended up showing with Tracey, and after a stunned look at Harry and lots of embarrassment at everyone seeing such, she shrank back from the crowd and sat as close as possible to Luna, Ginny, and her older sister.

Tracey on the other hand was still at the door. Eyes fixed on Harry's new muscular bound body, she mentally shut down. When she started to actually drool, Daphne stood blushing and forced the girl to sit down, even if she continued to undress their friend with her eyes.

Thankfully Padma drew attention to the bracelets that Luna, Hermione, Daphne, and Ginny were all wearing, and conversation rapidly rotated to it. Seeing that their group had all arrived, Harry stood and clapped. "Alright, how was everyone's summer?"

Hermione chuckled. "Mine got more interesting after you kidnapped me." She turned a page. "Thanks though."

Luna's smile was very warm. "I'm happy with how the Quibbler is doing right now. And the Arden family took very good care of Amy and me. We didn't get to explore for new creatures this year, but we might next summer." She looked over at Ginny and Astoria, who gave her big smiles back. "Firestone and Starlight helped me get ready for our first year, which was fun."

Susan and Hannah still looked interested at the device on Hermione's wrist, as she was closest. "Our summer was a bit quiet, but it was a nice change of pace." Susan looked at the boy. "So what's up with the jewelry."

Padma spoke up from where she was examining Daphne's. "It looks like a Bangle, but it shouldn't be flexible like this. Mom's weren't."

Harry chuckled, and tapped his wrist, surprising many of them by opening a silver window and pulling out more Dragon Bangles. "I'll pass them out now, but Padma is right. For anyone not the owner, these bangles act like metal or rock. It's flexible out of comfort and fitting concerns for the owner. They require quite a bit of background explanation, so just wait a little. What about your summer Neville?"

The boy shrugged from between Susan and Hannah as they examined their new jewelery. "After our meeting when you got back from Rose's world and the stuff we talked about for your island, I got to spend some good weeks working on my own portion of the Longbottom garden and greenhouse, got a few new plants that I still want to work with."

Glancing at the girls next to him he smiled. "Honestly the best part of summer was when these two managed to visit me a few times." He grinned at Hannah and Susan who lightly blushed, fiddling with their new bracelets.

Terry chuckled. "Quite stalling. I've been curious as all get out about how your dimensional traveling went."

Harry sighed as the group in general all agreed. He had hoped to put this off a bit. "Well I would like to start by saying that global domination was NOT my original goal. My current appearance is not a glamor, as a few have already found out earlier this summer." Glancing to the side he sighed. "Also, Luna somehow knows just about everything that happened while I was gone, though I never found out how."

She waved a hand. "I had a bucket."

He stood up, his flexing pectorals glorious to Tracey's lecherous gaze. Lifting his hand to the door, his eyes pulsed.

A wave of magic sealed the door, releasing a portion of his raw energy into the world. The group made several gasps as the magic somehow finished a part of Harry's identity. He was more real now, his height was more imposing, his muscles slightly larger than expected, defined and powerful. His hair moved slightly as it pulled in the light, blackness absolute. His skin grew slightly lighter as his eyes shined, green light tingling on their skin.

Tracey whistled. "Yes please, I'd like some of that." She dodged a swipe from Daphne, who seemed more than slightly distracted herself. Padma just seemed stunned as she ogled Harry's rippling chest muscles, viewable through his tighter than usual shirt.

Nearly all the girls shivered slightly as he gave them a grin that was just SO unfair. "Thanks Tracey, you look pretty this year as well." Turning to the full group he gave a sheepish grin. "Yeah, visiting another world had some complications for me, physically as well as magically and emotionally. So everyone get a bit comfortable as I cover some of the complicated things that happened while I was taking a dimensional walk."

Ginny's eyes were glued to the boy as he sunk back next to her, his leg brushing her own as she felt the room was a bit hot.

Daphne ignored several raised eyebrows as she tried to subtly snuggle into Harry's side. His absent arm giving her a half hug may have surprised an 'Eep' from the girl.

He looked up and sighed before beginning to recap his adventures. While there was some sympathy as Harry covered what had happened to Rose, he started receiving a lot of deadpan expressions after he started explaining how stealing a massive amount of gold from two foes had led him to crafting a potion empire, politically aligning with the Goblin King, getting Rose adopted by a warrior kingdom, and accidentally gaining complete control of all magical protections on the planet.

Oh, and creating a daughter.

Of course, the second he mentioned Ruby he had been forced to craft an illusion of her, which had popped up next to him. Thanks to Windy's constant presence on the island, the process of conjuring illusion stones was near automatic now. On one hand, he was glad his friends almost instantly fell in love with the adorable rock girl... on the other hand, several of the girls were now giving a hungry look when looking at him. Well, Tracey had never STOPPED having that expression.

Unfortunately when Harry tried to gloss over a few bits of trivial information, Luna 'accidentally' spilled a few beans about events he had been hoping to skip. Like how he had nearly self-destructed... again. Compared to that reaction, finding out that Hermione was a bisexual in that world barely made a blip.

Finding out that Other-Hermione had wanted a threesome with Rose and Harry had fixed the 'no reaction' problem.

Seriously Luna, this was NOT the time to share that.

At least when Terry had given him a thumbs up the boy had diverted a chunk of the outrage.

Really Harry had missed this, the crazy stuff that his group got into when they were together. He felt Daphne nudge his side with a smile he returned.

It was with a heavy side that he waved the image of Ruby aside and unsealed the room. "Well, if that set everyone off the more recent stuff will likely be equally as overwhelming."

Terry snorted. "Come on Harry, how could you possibly top accidentally conquering a planet when you tried to rob a bank?

He grunted. "Well I wanted to get my own home for myself and Goran, and now I'm King Harry James Potter of Drake Island, which is likely to become the largest openly magical community in the world. Trying to ensure Goran had a forest to wander in has mutated a bit into creating a multi-leveled self-sufficient island fortress heavily protected by illusion attack eggs."

Harry lifted one of the spare bracelets. "These things are Dragon Bangles, and if you try to visit my Kingdom without one that belongs to you, my teams of werewolves will escort you through the security zones to verify who you are and if you are actually allowed to visit. I have dozens of branches of employees now, including doctors, cooks, lawyers, teachers, and multiple research teams. One that is dedicated to taking a custom rune language crafted by a shard of my soul and turning those runes into profitable services and goods. Hermione helped that team a bit, she and Daphne can explain that if they wish."

He blinked. "Oh, and I have a personal squadron of staff helpers of multiple species, including a Vampire personal scheduling assistant and a Veela secretary. The Vampiric woman was hired by my secretary recently, Glen hasn't even introduced us yet." Noticing the general confusion he shrugged. "Glen Cooper is my personal assistant, and currently ruling my Kingdom and sending updates and stuff under my command." He missed Padma quickly talking with Daphne, but whatever they said had her quickly relaxing.

Harry grumbled as he waved a bundle of parchment around. "And thank Merlin for her, without Glen I would have like a thousand times more paperwork right now. I'm not even sure that is an exaggeration either. If you thought being the Head of an Ancient and Noble House generated red tape, being a king blows that out of the water."

Terry just continued to gape before Hermione sighed and reached over, closing his mouth. Daphne had just sighed when she realized that Tracey had completely zoned out imagining Harry, Veelas, and... other things.

He replaced the documents into his inventory, sighing. "I was hesitant at first, accepting the whole king thing. Wrath set me straight though... due to the changes I went through after fixing my body, the whole island is slowly converting into a portion of my soul. Can't let someone else control that."

The bangle that had been floating was pulled back into his inventory. "The bangles I passed out identify all of you as visitors, high priority ones, but visitors never the less. Until you sign either a government contract or the civilian one, it won't be upgraded although on paperwork all of you are already dual-citizens of the island."

That caused a bit of a stir. Neville looked at his wrist. "Well, what does having an upgraded bangle do?"

Harry chuckled. "Well right now due to certain contracts to prevent global financial collapse, I can only provide certain price reductions to those under my rule. There's more stuff, but I'll go into more detail in a bit. If you have any questions, just ask anyone in the Island Security Force."

Neville blinked, remembering what he had mentioned before. "Wait, your security force is made of werewolves... how? Grandmother's ranted about how complicated legislation was getting about them recently."

The green-eyed wizard sighed. "Well thanks to my absolute sovereignty on the island combined with my Mind Protection Potion, my werewolves never really have issues about safety or being hunted anymore. So the only real issue was with all those laws... which don't matter so much anymore due to some legal kerfluffle."

He absently began passing Daphne a bottle of 'Drake Sea Breeze', grinning at her interested examination. She had heard of the recent expansion of drink production, but had missed these being released. He focused back on the group. "Originally I was just doing standard operating procedure when it came to the Wizarding government. Bribes, bribes, bribes." Hermione seemed shocked which slowly formed into horror as she noticed every pureblood nodding along, her dismay obvious.

Giving the girl a knowing nod, he continued. "Obviously I've had to do this song and dance before to make sure I was qualified to take custody of Goran. Trolls are not normally allowed to just hang around schools obviously. This time though I put up much more money, more than suggested by Nagnok or Gringotts in general. I also requested certain import and export rights, since technically it was illegal to take Goran out of the country to reach my island."

He shook his head. "We're not sure what happened next, but the Minister of Magic basically flipped his lid and pulled all kinds of strings for my anonymous bribe. Nagnok thinks that the man mistook us for some other rich pureblood, but we aren't sure. After that, he made all kinds of sweeping approvals and granted all kinds of licenses, you just wouldn't believe some of the things and benefits he granted to the 'Owner of Drake Island'. Me, basically."

Harry shrugged. "So I had no laws on that Island other than my commands. We are still trying to fix that, got a couple of councils up and voting to help make sure the laws aren't just as bad as what we were avoiding. As a result of having almost no legal restrictions and a very low barrier to entry, my island is rapidly turning into a refugee retreat."

Daphne, having worked heavily with Glen as of recent weeks, spoke up. "I know that a large number of Veela besides Glen have joined up, as well as all kinds of half-breeds and magical creatures. Part of the delay in finishing the building projects has been the constant modification of designs to accommodate more species arriving."

He nodded. "I have already set out some rough foundations for the permanent buildings, though many are still in magical tents for now. Had to also create a fairly complicated set of streams and canals set up to help the merfolk that joined up, not to mention their new lake and water spike transportation system."

Harry chuckled. "Aquatic creatures can now move around the island levels, though it has been surprisingly popular with Islanders after I opened up the potion shop in the shopping district. Water breathing potions have been selling constantly, I think there are even construction crews doing work down there just to make things even more interesting underwater. Glen did mention there is artwork spreading down there."

He took a sip of his water. "Finished adding the underground passages and living areas for our Vampire clans and other night creatures a few days ago. Since I added a bunch of space contractions to their passages, the people in general have been using them as shortcuts. Even made me add similar shortcuts in a few of the longer and less interesting water passages."

Susan, having seen her Aunt have to work with large groups of people before, frowned. "How can so many people communicate with each other?"

Hermione looked up from her current literature. "I looked into that, the Runic team has been crafting a special rune on the Bangles for each separate language that translate your primary language into English. They are still having some issues though. Almost all of them convert what you hear and say correctly, but the reading rune is still being expanded and the writing one isn't working correctly. Everyone can read English, but the other languages... well, like I said, it's still being expanded."

There was a brief interruption as the snack lady knocked, reminding Harry of all the goodies he had brought. After waving the woman on to the next (MUCH smaller) compartment, he gave a grin. "Almost forgot about this, I brought all kinds of treats from the island with me."

Within moments a large bucket filled with ice and he began adding drinks to it. "Daphne and Ginny are drinking my favorite so far, even if it's a bit basic." He showed one of the bottles. "Drake Sea Breeze has a few magical effects which are very mild, and most of the non-alcoholic stuff only has basic stuff, like temperature control and sanitation runes." Passing the water to Hermione's eager hand, he continued to fill up the the bucket. The drinks didn't need it, but it was a presentation thing really.

Daphne picked up the conversation as she set her water aside. "If you prefer to avoid special effects like this one..." She opened her water, filling the room with the faint smell of the open sea. "Then I suggest you try this line, 'Kingdom Harvest'. The brand covers all kinds of non-magical foods and drinks, while out 'Dragon Harvest' covers the stuff with magical traits."

She pointed at several of the bottles with a crown on the front. "The drinks cover all kinds of fruits and mixes, and even some classics like pumpkin juice. I have to admit that Harry pushed the variety, he got really tired of the stuff."

Harry shrugged at the looks. "I'm not used to the idea of drinking a gourd, although both it and summer-squash juice have both gotten great reviews from taste testing. Glen hasn't sent me statistics since they were all released a week ago in the shops and restaurants."

As the group began grabbing the interesting bottles, he rapidly formed a table with indentations to hold snacks if the train rocked too much. "Chocolate is still being worked on by farming staff, but until then we have a variety of snacks from the Kingdom and Dragon lines. Full meals tend to be handled by the Island Cooks, so if anyone wants something more substantial you'll have to ask me later."

Hermione snagged a bag. "The sea-salt taffy is amazing, but make sure you grab the packages with a red zero on the bottom of the bag. Anything with that is actually a copy made from water, so you won't gain any weight or become unhealthy from overindulging."

Harry shrugged at the looks. "All this stuff is like that, but it's safe. The enchantments will turn it to water after reaching your stomach or if it ends up choking you it will vanish itself. I designed it originally to use a paste made from gross tasting but really healthy stuff, so everyone could eat anything they wanted and stay healthy... but the rune machine is becoming really complicated. It needs to not be allergic to anyone or offend any of the many religions... yeah."

He looked down at the Dragon Potato Chips, which changed flavor per chip from a list you selected from on the back. "We will get it right one day, but making snacks from water turned out to be much safer and uncontroversial for now. Until then we use the system to convert food into the best example found. Every apple converted into the most tasty and beautiful apple we can grow, etc."

Tracey took a moment to glance at the cotton candy she was chewing... it acted like a sheep who was happy to be 'sheered'. "You mean I can eat these things all day without gaining weight?"

Daphne shrugged. "Well drinking too much water isn't great for you either, but better than raw sugar I guess."

Harry pulled up a bag of dried orange slices. "I'll admit that I'm not a fan of liquorish, but there is something called 'Liquorish Adventure' that Luna has been addicted to." He waved at the girl who had four of them in her mouth. "It changes flavor with each bite, so you have to suck them when you find the one you like most. I personally prefer the line of dried and candied fruits myself."

Susan's interest was quickly caught by the dried plums, while Hannah ended up taking one of the liquorish snacks before Luna could get them all.

Daphne took a deep sip of her 'Island Sunrise', a fruit juice drink she had grown fond of on the island that was half orange and pineapple juice, accented with black berries of all things. Waiting until the group had settled with their drinks and various snacks, she opened her own inventory and showed some sketches. "Speaking of the island, I think everyone will like to see what we've been doing with it."

Before she could say another word their compartment door SLAMMED open, a courage filled Draco Malfoy swaggering into the room with his two more hesitant goons standing dumbly outside the doors. Last year he may have let Potter push him around a bit with those strange illusion spells but not THIS year! THIS was the age of the great Malfoy Name, when he would take his place as the ruler of the school! "Listen up you bloody mudbloods, traitors, and whores! I won't let some freak try and act like he is better than... than..."

The unusually large room drew his attention, rapidly followed by the number of wands pointed in his direction. That didn't matter anymore, as his gaze was now locked on the wall of muscle slowly standing. And standing. Even more.

Harry Potter stood nearly twice the paling Slytherin's height, limbs huge with restrained muscles and power, his eyes glittering with raw magic and humor. "Good morning, Draco Malfoy. How may we help you today?"

Each massive hand smoked with raw green energy, the magic drifting like fog as the man smiled.

Draco nearly wet himself.

The mountain of potential pain raised an eyebrow. "Nothing? Or you forgot why you were here?" A low rumble, close to a growl, rolled like thunder through the room. "Did you at least remember our conversation about proper manners?"

Draco blanched, feeling something lower. That mess would be rough to get out later.

Harry gently rested his massive hand heavily on the child's shoulder. "Say 'I'm sorry', Draco, and you may leave."

With a hysterical gurgle of words, the boy tried to move his muscles even as the man in front of him seemed to slowly push down on his soul.

Harry sighed, his lips quirked. "Close enough I suppose." With a gentle press, Draco felt invisible skeletal hands grip his throat from behind. VERY firmly. And inch by inch, SOMETHING dead behind him was dragging him from this room, his eyes still locked on whatever this THING in Potter's body was.

After the door gently closed, Harry seemed to shrink back into himself as 'God-Like Body' instead of 'I'm Built for Causing Pain' and sat down. "Well that was a fun conversation. Daphne, you were talking about the island?"

She quickly schooled her looks from 'More Please!' to 'I'm Totally a Professional' with only a little effort. Glancing at Neville she smirked. "Right, the island. Well, the rune groups are still working on enhancing and modifying more trees that may be useful for seasonings or their leaves, but at this point nearly every bush, tree, and decorative plant located in the public areas of the island produce berries, herbs, bark or leaves for seasonings or tea or so forth. Even the grasses being grown were selected after talking to experts and talking herbivore creatures to ensure best flavor and rapid regrowth."

Daphne checked Tracey... no, that act of domination and raw power had made her completely check out. Puberty should NOT hit someone this hard. She waved the documents hoping to distract everyone from her friend. "The plans Harry and the group have worked on have continued to change, but will have more water paths, bridges, multiple park like areas, even more fishing holes and aerial perches. Magic, Nature, and Utility are the themes for the island, and in that order. Anything overly dangerous to Islanders that we plan to grow or raise for food, potions, or ritual ingredients are being handled on Island Fifth and Sixth, where non-government employees are restricted without escort."

Harry flexed his palm, a transparent illusion showing the most recent building plans combined with a recent view of his Kingdom floating over his hand. "As implied by Daphne just now, each level of my island has gained a local name to reflect where you are. Island Fourth is meant to be the one holding our magical city. The level above will be an ocean and lake biome, which we are stocking with aquatic life now, the ones safest for others to be around at least. Above that, Island Second is an area made mostly of forest, which is turning out quite lovely."

He waved at the icy mountain rage. "Island First will be a mountainous region, but aside from a few changes and some interesting design plans most of that will be accomplished by carefully expanding space in select areas rather than digging a massive area of stone for no reason."

Daphne chuckled. "It also might be required sooner than planned, Harry. Glen said we may have a group of Yuki-onna arriving from Japan, the snow women are facing new legal measures forcing them further from society since cold temperatures are rough in modern times with so many people around."

Harry blinked. "How did they even KNOW about us?"

She shrugged. "It happens. A fox woman, a Kitsune, was apparently a friend with a werewolf and visited her home in Japan to tell some of her fellow Yokai..." Seeing the blank looks she sighed. "It will be covered by Magical Creatures later in our schooling hopefully, but basically there is a large number of ghosts, phantoms, and other creatures classified as Yokai in Japan that either never lived in England or were hunted and forced to flee."

Daphne waved a hand. "I'll admit I didn't know much about them either, but each nation has a group that are basically magical creatures banding together and Glen tells me more are finding out about the island as time passes. Russia calls them mamuna or khovanets, the French calls them the fae as they have separate names for most of the non-human magical creatures there, and so forth. It has caused quite a mess really trying to get those groups to work with each other with as few issues as possible."

Hermione had sparkles in her eyes, the idea of whole new cultures of magic to research... she dove back into her Master Book, searching for details. Harry snorted, she would likely find something since many Islanders had been scanning their personal collections into the Kingdom's library if only to get easier to read versions of their books for personal use.

Harry flexed his palm, the illusion of the island zooming in for easier viewing. "Back on topic, there are multiple levels to my island, and from Island Third and upwards will be free roaming creatures as I can bring them in, both to create a stable life cycle and provide interesting, beautiful, and useful species as I can access them for observation or harvesting ingredients. Runes will prevent them from accessing certain areas or paths, and the Kingdom's Cleaning Teams will prevent sanitation issues. I have crews of both Islanders and Magicals to ensure a clean and safe environment for my people and visitors."

He pointed toward the two lower levels. "As she mentioned, more traditional animals meant to provide food or ingredients for potions or rituals are being farmed on Island Sixth, along with the more mobile plants. Island Fifth focuses on stationary plants mostly, although both levels also have harvesting centers and processing stations powered and utilizing runes to get things done. Both of these two levels are focused on creating resources for the Island and researching improvements to the farms involved."

The lower most floor was filled with fog, as Harry wished to prevent security concerns for his new goblin residents. "The bottom most level I have given to the goblin nation, as part of the deal for them to open a Gringotts branch."

Seeing the shock from those who had been in the Wizarding world for their whole lives and the confusion from the rest, he shrugged. "Remember all those goblin wars from Professor Binns' rants? Years of conflict had all kinds of deals, contracts, treaties and general rules that really made life miserable for both sides of the war effort, but changing it was nearly impossible. In return for some valuable concessions, this will be one of the first new Gringotts branches opening in literally centuries."

Susan leaned close to the illusion, which was slowly rotating and showing the future layout of the city and rough ideas of what the other layers would look like. It was a bit odd since each level was expanded by different amounts and directions. "Are those Quidditch Pitches? Why so many?"

He chuckled as Terry Boot suddenly tried to get closer. "There are spaces on Island Third designated for many sports, connected by a series of 'fair grounds'. Those pitches are surrounded by permanent stadiums which are retractable into the ground, and are easily reached by the paths leading to the fair grounds so visitors can go shopping, get food, visit bathrooms as needed, and also see interesting events like musicals, sporting events, or art presentations."

Harry waved a hand, various devices showing that only those with a non-magical background recognized. "It is one in a series of projects that won't be finished until possibly the end of the school year, but Glen has been working with Nagnok to get some roller coaster engineers cleared to work with the runic team to add some rides like those as well. Income will come from tourism, in the future. If it doesn't pan out, at least there will be a neat place for us to hang out at."

He gestured. "The top three Island floors are meant for recreation after all. There are a series of fishing and boating piers being built on both sides of the land on Island Third, with the fair grounds, rides, and sporting events going on in the middle. The main animals on this level will be aquatic, so both sides of the area can enjoy fishing, boating, maybe water skiing or para-sailing if people seem interested. The merfolk have passages underneath the surface, close and occasionally connecting with the vampire tunnels, but those paths are restricted to full islanders."

Harry nodded. "Vampires won't be able to attend the day activities obviously, not without protection, but we have advanced magical lighting so all kinds of stuff is planed during the night hours. In fact, most of the facilities we plan on building will be run by a vampire crew after nightfall. They prefer it apparently."

Several of his friends seemed on edge. Finally Neville spoke up. "Will it be safe? With vampires everywhere, I mean."

He blinked. "Why wouldn't it be? The clans I met with so far have been nice enough, and the Island Security Force is already very well trained."

Susan shrugged. "Eventually they have to feed, and most aren't willing to go for anything non-human."

He hummed. "Well that won't be an issue, they are never hungry at this point. Work well with others too, unless someone starts something. After all those years you pick up skills apparently. I think a couple actually joined the ISF recently, if I remember correctly."

Daphne blinked. "Wait, really? I thought you had them hunting off island!"

Harry looked at her in confusion. "Why would they hunt?"

She threw her hands up. "They need to feed! We JUST said that!"

Everyone saw sudden understanding on his face... followed by something like embarrassment. "Ah, right. That."

Daphne gave him one heck of a look, and he caved in. "Everyone remembers that I built this body, right?" Seeing the nods, he continued. "Well, after all the work designing myself from the ground up, creating a new body built to do nothing but consume food and produce blood took me like five minutes."

She looked at him in shock. "So somewhere is just a copy of you being drained all the time?"

Harry shook his head. "No, the whole situation was weird enough already. My new body looks like a big pot. I thought it was funny at the time, but now Pot Potter creeps me out. It's in a secured place, and at least now we have a use for the massive amounts of leftover biological material produced by our farms. Anyway, all vampires or those needing access to magical blood sign a special contract Glen set up to protect me and mine if they wish access to it. They even store bottles of it in their inventories, since that puts it in stasis."

Susan was somewhere between fascination and disgust. "Well... That was something I didn't want to know. So I guess that means the vampires have no issues then?"

Daphne was grumbling. "Well THAT explains why every Dark Lady of the Night I met was looking at you like a piece of prime rib. They probably are addicted to you already."

Harry coughed, ignoring his blush. "Anyway, Nagnok has been creating a facility off the shore closest to Drake Island as a sort of visitor center. Visitors can fly, portkey, floo, or drive to that area, pass through security, pay a fee, and then they get a temporary Dragon Bangle and can visit the island. When it breaks or runs out of time, they get pulled back to the visitor center after a brief warning. Unlike friends like you or my islanders, no one else gets a permanent bangle."

He held up one of the temporary bracelets, a plastic and glass creation that was brightly colored. "They restrict access to non-visitor areas, can be connected with a Gringotts account to make spending easier while visiting, come with a few restricted applications, and safely self destruct without damaging anything you store in it. No reason to spend lots of money for people who aren't my subjects."

Neville was distracted by the numerous plants displayed and the massive forest on Island Second, dominated by a single tree that looked godlike in comparison to its tiny fellows. All these changes hadn't been talked about when he was working with the development team way back at the start of summer. "Is that a real tree?"

Harry nodded. "An accident while growing the forest, it is now a vegetarian restaurant, hotel, and rapidly becoming a bird reserve. Hedwig had me build a small Dark Lady Fortress at the very top of it, as it makes it easier for her to hunt with her laser vision." He carefully ignored the reactions. "The teams had me modify the forest floor as well. Added a few rivers, waterfalls, and of course the standard tunnels and canals. There are nature paths throughout the woods already, with more planned as we grow the thicker and stranger forests farther away."

Hannah raised a hand. "What did you mean by Laser vi..."

Harry nodded. "Good question, this layer is mostly avian themed with forest dwelling creatures like Unicorns, Thestrals, and all kinds of other creatures."

Thankfully Hermione spoke up. "Is that a ski lift on Island First? Wait, will there be snow? Ski slopes?"

He moved that section closer, accidentally moving the entire 'My owl is dominating avian life' issue aside as the ice level expanded. "It won't be up until the final design for the mountains are done, unless the snow women issue ends up changing the schedule. A series of slopes ranging from basic to extreme are already in the plans. Runes on the rock will create layers of ice, covered in snow. The sky will be able to produce snow as well from filtered sea water. The lifts will be magical in nature for safety, a series of rune covered poles moving the vehicles through summoning, levitation, and banishing charms."

Harry gently moved the image to show steaming pools of water near sheer cliffs, thick walls in the pool preventing anything falling over except thin streams of water gently cresting the edge to create a waterfall of colors. "I requested some hot springs which will be near some changing stations for outdoor relaxation, and of course allow some romantic atmosphere since the roof shows the sky far above most cloud layers."

Hannah looked at the illusionary star filled sky above the hot spring in wonder. "We'll get to visit it, right Harry?"

He smirked. "Not just visit, all of you have been provisionally granted dual-citizenship. That's why you have the executive version of the bangles rather than the lower cost government employee or citizen models. I have already built a new home with plans on my friends being around. It's something like a resort or vacation house kind of deal, each of you have a room that belongs to only you in my guest wing, and can come visit whenever you want."

The model shifted. "It was one of the first buildings to begin construction, the Barracks, and most of it already has been setup." Grinning at their stunned looks, he zoomed in a bit more. "This top floor is only open to me and those I allow, and while it doesn't have my throne or the areas for my closest staff and security groups, it does have a heavily restricted area where the guest quarters are located. I realized early on that if I didn't make places like this where we can all safely relax that I would crack from stress."

Harry pointed. "Each room of yours has a private bathroom, large closets, and if needed shelving and other furniture. As you see the guest wing is more like a guest horseshoe, circling the large inner room where I added a few features. That courtyard is actually entirely sealed but uses more of my illusions to look like the outside, like what we have going on here in this train car."

He enlarged it so everyone could see it without leaning into each other. "This is the regular pool, this one is heated, ask Hermione about 'hot tubs' for details. The private Quidditch Pitch is constructed over the pool, which hopefully will prevent injuries. I decided against including a general sports field, didn't want grass in my house. Over there, away from the water and humidity, we have the bowling alley, dart boards, pool tables, and air hockey tables. That area also has normal tables if you want to play one of the board games or card games I've gathered. I even have a dancing hall, although I am still learning how to do so properly each night."

Daphne hummed with satisfaction. "He's getting better at it. Also, Harry's kitchen is amazing. He complains that he can't cook, but that is just compared to his private chef's dishes." She missed Tracey's sneaky look when she realized the two had probably spent time in each others arms dancing the night away. Prime teasing material.

Harry pouted. "I'm getting better." He waved at the balcony. "I have been having breakfast on the balcony most mornings, the view is amazing. Especially now that we have the Water Spike system, they reflect the sunlight beautifully at first light."

With a grin, he pointed at one of the larger rooms on the floor with stadium seating facing a wall. "But one of my complicated personal projects will hopefully be very interesting to everyone. This room is a prototype theater, one that may be replicated on the island later this month if it works as expected."

He looked up at the stunned group. "I still haven't got it fully working yet to my satisfaction, but I plan on not just having those old films after I get the bugs worked out. See these mirrors?"

Harry tapped on one of the large mirrors that were mounted in the guest rooms. "As Hermione knows, magic and technology have always had issues. What she likely doesn't know is that this seems to happen due to conflicts between different types of magic, magical collision if you will. Aside from the fact that my kingdom is flooded with my power alone, magic can and HAS been used to connect mirrors together in the past. Some books about communication mirrors had everything I needed to get started, and I came up with these."

The illusions vanished, showing a new one. On one side was a series of small mirrors, in the middle were 14 larger ones, and on the right was a strange device. "The mirrors in the middle each display a single type of content, content either captured live by the device on the right or provided by these disks. When the correct commands are provided, each of these middle screens can store hours of visual and audio data for future viewing."

His hand pulled the left row of mirrors aside. "These mirrors are only able to connect to my main mirrors, called channels. They are unable to contact each other, and they are the product that will be sold later on. Essentially it is a giant network of communication mirrors that can only call fourteen people, who happen to be video channels."

Harry held up the illusion of the strange device, covered in runes and metal. "This acts like a recording device, duplicating a non-magical tool called a 'video camera' from Rose's world. The screens act like something called a 'Television Network', while the small displays act like 'Televisions'. "

He grinned at a stunned Hermione and Daphne, as he had left both out of this project. "So long story short, I have a magical method of showing news, sports, and movies. It should be usable anywhere, even while at Hogwarts. It took a lot of rune work and most of my free time, but I think this will be huge when released."

Hermione just gazed at the increasingly detailed notes appearing over the hologram, showing how much work had been done so far. "I've never seen something like that! What are those disks? What do you mean by movies?"

Harry laughed. "Well in this world moving theaters never really took off, so no one bothered to design smaller viewing systems to watch motion picture films. Thus no one bothered to make a lot of 'movies' to begin with. But that is only in OUR world."

He smirked. "Rose's world is flooded with technology, including radio shows, plays, musical theater, movies, and like I said, television. The devices I sell won't have the ability to play those disks yet, but those are Digital Video Disks, or DVD's. They can store information like a magical portrait, later showing pictures and sound that was recorded. For now I have to copy each one from Rose's reality after purchasing the publishing rights... the Goblin nation in both worlds are handling all the details really."

The group began a good amount of whispering after the concept was explained a bit more. Harry was happy to pull out the documentation and pass along the plans to Daphne for his currently being created Television Network, current named 'Oracle TV'.

He looked at the more lost, less technical portion of his friends. "Basically I had Nagnok setting up the paperwork for this since I recently ran out of personal time, but I am going to be selling these TV's to people. Already got business licenses required and everything, as there has never been a device like this before. It also means that the staggering number of laws preventing competing news sources do not apply to this."

Harry pulled out a list. "I have been having my financial team going out and making magically bound exclusivity contracts, both here in the magical world and out there in the non-magical one. Had to let them throw my name around, but basically my new Network will have exclusive coverage of most magical sports and good coverage of the rest for many years to come. The contracts will be VERY difficult to over throw, even if the Ministry throws a fit later."

Daphne was already looking through the profit projections, eyes wide. Hermione was just curious. "So what would you have for viewing then?"

Harry chuckled. "I already got some channels set up and showing content as we speak, for testing purposes. Channels one, two, and three cover various magical sports. Obviously there can be conflicts with so many places having games at the same time or what have you. Channels four, five, and six do the same for non-magical sports. Channel seven is a news show, 'Oracle News', which will cover major stories in both the magical and non-magical world. They are currently focusing on Island news, obviously."

Hermione blinked. "Three, Three, One... Seven? Is there a reason for magically significant numbers?"

He shrugged. "A side effect to how much magic I produce, these kinds of numbers crop up around me without my notice most of the time. Anyway, Luna's Quibbler is the official newspaper for the island right now, and I expect it to remain as popular as ever. But the new Television Network needed so many people that I am really glad we are getting all kinds of qualified people from the massive number of immigrants coming onto my island. Most positions are at least temporarily filled, and I think Luna will want to be involved in a news segment at some point on the channel."

Harry chuckled at Luna's excited squeal and checked his notes again. "Channels eight, nine, and ten will be showing a series of educational material focused at young children, teens, and adults respectfully. I'm not sure how well it will do, but I've been hiring a large number of tutors in various fields anyway while getting Drake's Island's school system up and running. I plan to give each of them an hour minimum to teach various lessons for display. They only have to do one per week, and past performances will be shown more than once so new viewers can benefit. The runic team is helping to design tools to refine and edit the video to increase viewing quality, possibly adding examples and other clips as useful."

Giving a grin to Hermione, he continued. "Channels eleven, twelve, and thirteen will show movies, again targeted toward children, teens, and adults. That last one caused some controversy, as some adult content is pretty... extreme. There is a certain level of censorship for now as a compromised. Once home devices are available, we will likely release the films filled with extreme nudity, violence, and gore... but there is no way to filter content with current versions." He winced. "I have already heard part of the arguments from the Religious council, but let's just say it is an ongoing debate."

Shrugging, he continued. "Rose's world has more than enough movies to fill up those channels with content, so Channel fourteen will be a guide listing all current programs being shown per channel and what is scheduled next. Full guides will be printed in the Quibbler each week, so people can plan ahead if there is something they wish to view."

He gathered what notes his science addicted friends hadn't 'borrowed', and stored them away. "The MTV (Magical TV) goes on sell next month unless we find something really wrong while testing it. I figure if it works in two separate realities AND in Hogwarts, it won't have issues almost anywhere else."

Daphne could feel how large a development this could be for the Island, gaining the power of the people through the news and the love of the people through their unique programing. "How long have you been working on this Harry?"

He sighed. "About a week real time, a few months or more mentally. Had the idea when I was working through deciphering some memories I copied in Rose's world. One random jerk had started watching a movie that was really cool, but stopped before the end because he was interrupted. This whole thing came about because of how annoyed I was that I couldn't finish watching the thing."

She blinked. "Which movie?"

Harry chuckled as he began handing out buckets filled with warm buttery popcorn to his confused friends. "Well I can easily play back my memory directly to a fake screen now that I got the full thing from Rose's world. Anyone interested in watching something called 'Star Wars'?"

~~~Core Threads~~~

Hours later and close to the end of their train ride, Harry was glad he had taken the time to do this side project. The success of the fourth Star Wars movie among his friends had convinced him even more that he should continue his heavy investment into the 'Oracle Network'. He had already tasked Wisdom with passing along some notes and messages for Rose's Gringotts branch through his connections to Ruby, and that the network should be duplicated in her dimension. It's not like her world had magical television either at this point, and his method required no electricity, no cables, no satellites, and thus no need for commercial financing. The subscription fee to gain access to the movie and sport channels was much lower than paying for a ticket, a camping site, and renting a magical tent... and so very inviting.

Even the organizations involved were happy, as without the middle man and considering the drastically lower setup cost, everyone was gaining larger returns than working with standard cable or satellite services anyway.

After all, a new device just needed some runes and a series of security spells... and that was it. Take it anywhere, it would never lose service or access unless their subscription stopped... and even then they could access the Guide channel, the News, and the learning channels.

Glen had called in after the movie which had caused a stir and forced him to introduce her to everyone. She seemed more than a bit amused that all his friends were now half his height, but stayed on topic thankfully. The issue was basic, the Religious Council was questioning how construction for religious facilities would be handled. In the end he decided to have a religious block of buildings instead of randomly building them all over the place. Not only would it ensure simple setup for underground shortcuts and water passages, but it should reduce the confusion when trying to guide friends to your place of worship.

It should also quickly point out any groups not being 'accepting' of other's beliefs, which he wanted to nip the bud. He wasn't going to allow any religion to overrule his non-discrimination policy, and if there were going to be problems it would be best brought out as soon as possible rather than letting that sort of thing fester in the dark.

Hopefully constant exposure to other ideals would keep interactions mild between groups. He did insist that every facility have a designated space for a water wall and an underground entrance. It was VERY unlikely vampires would join a religion that hunted them for centuries, but he wanted to allow the option if desired. Any trouble makers would have to deal with the ISF.

In the end, he provided each group with a limited amount of funding (Enough for a generous size building to be crafted), letting Glen know that if they wished to create something more complicated or fancy that it could be addressed at a later date after at least basic religious services were up and running.

Short call over, he then got to watch Terry get teased for his stunned reaction after seeing Glen for the first time while Daphne tried to snap Tracey out of her giggling inner imagination. He personally was glad Windy had been distracted at the time. Not everyone had met her yet, but he was sure they would have quite the reaction when they did.

At the Hogwarts station he also got the surprise of invisible bat horse things that pulled the carriages. He would have asked Luna about them but she had already joined Astoria and Ginny heading off to the boats. When he realized that no one else seemed to pay attention to the things, he decided to bring it up later.

One hand twist modifying a carriage later and all of them piled inside, another hand wave made the vehicle nearly weightless to avoid hardship caused to the poor whatever-it-was pulling the group. Hopefully his luck would continue to hold out and he wouldn't make too much of a scene this year.

~~~Core Threads~~~

Harry blinked as he entered the Great Hall.

Oh yeah. Snape.

The man was radiating hatred like lava on an ice lake, searching each child with vicious eyes as they entered with anger in his stance and his form ridged and unyielding. Good thing Harry had placed a mild notice-me-not charm on himself before entering.

Harry had honestly forgot the man. His summer had been pretty busy after all. Goran was safe now of course on Drake Island, although he used his massive Dragon Bangle to teleport back here to visit Hagrid from time to time. Still, this level of rage being publicly displayed was unexpected.

It required Windy to put that hatred into context for the boy. Harry was the son of the man's arch nemesis, the man who married Lilly Evans, who's son was brilliant beyond compare in magic. Said son ignored most of Snape's attacks and insults. After Snape tried to kill him and his son, that same boy very nearly permanently crippled the wizard.

Then that boy developed a line of potions that conquered the market, turning Snape's greatest achievement of becoming a Potion Master and made it less than worthless. What use was Snape as a Potion Master if Potter's Potions gave stronger results, better taste, and longer shelf life... for less money? Less money than the ingredients required?

That the school now had an ongoing contract with the little bastard to supply potions that HE, the great Potion Master that Severus Snape had used to provide...

Well, the man clearly wasn't happy.

On the other hand, Dumbledore seemed to have reached some higher level of existence. Or was about to fall asleep. The other teachers barely seemed to care one way or the other at the moment.

Harry absently ignored the hat's song this year, focusing instead on scanning a complete copy of each teacher's mind. If Snape suddenly had a headache due to a slight 'mistake' on Harry's fault, well that was just awful.

He tried to care about the other students, but really was just waiting next to Hermione and Terry for the younger trio to get sorted. Oh he clapped and all, but his attention was elsewhere.

Astoria Greengrass was sent to Slytherin with her sister, and sat next to a recovering Tracey, whom had begun sending him some smoldering looks. Draco may be a problem at some point, but right now looked somewhere between horrified at everything and trying not to exist.

Even if he did grow a backbone again, Astoria's Dragon Bangle allowed Harry to set more and more magical tags and nodes. If any issue occurred, Watcher would know... and Harry would drop like the hammer of God.

Luna quickly joined Ravenclaw, and skipped over to sit on the other side Harry, pushing Terry out of the way without a word to the others amusement. Waiting for the 'W' names took far too long before Ginny joined Gryffindor and sat next to Neville, their friends applauding the three girls after each sorting.

Finally Dumbledore was poked hard enough to snort awake and stand. "In times of great strife and turmoil, I once again implore everyone to continue to stockpile pudding until the time to rise draws near..." Luna's gasp was over looked as McGonagall snapped a stinging hex, making the old man open his eyes again. "ERG! Another year, another chance for everyone to learn exactly why one shouldn't play with magical branches without supervision. We have a new Defense against the Dark Arts professor..." Albus glanced over at the over-dressed, nearly sparkling gentleman with a wide smile, who seemed eager to speak. "For now. I'm sure he will be missed. Alright, everyone dig in!"

The powerful wizard ignored the shocked look from the overly pomaded person, certainly doomed to some sad fate, and began constructing a set of towers using chicken legs.

Harry was just happy to have some food... until his first bite. Without his raw magic enhancing it, these dishes were... mild. Bland. Not bad, but lacking the quality and care that he had enjoyed from his Island dishes. Unthinking, he tapped his wrist popping up the silver communication window with Glen, her beauty smiling at the boy. "Yes sire?"

He gestured at his plate. "Sorry Glen, forgot how bad outside cooking is compared to the Island. Ask Chef Ramsay to prepare enough food for about... I don't know, two hundred people or so, buffet style. I can handle distribution on this end after he sends it by post."

She nodded. "Consider it done."

When the window vanished he realized that EVERYONE in the hall was staring. At him. At his massive new body towering over his classmates, which his spell HAD been keeping everyone from noticing. Snape looked somewhere between ready to explode with rage and completely confused over what was going on with the brat. Professor Flitwick mostly looked intrigued at the spell work implied by the silver illusion. The other professors looked confused, aside from Professor McGonagall dropping her head in her hands and Headmaster Dumbledore completely unaware of everything as he worked to defend his dinner.

He felt himself beginning to blush. This couldn't get worse.

As if to prove him wrong, the warm black arms covered in dripping blue runes slowly wrapped him in a hug. Apparently Windy had decided it was time for some personal attention. The 'Eeep' at his side and a quick glance let him know more of her were hugging Hermione and Luna.

In the absolute silence, Windy's words slid like warm naughty fingers dipped in oil. "Don't worry Sugar, I'm sure they aren't staring at you."

Well not NOW, obviously. "You are wearing clothing this time?"

He felt her shrug. "Mostly."