Loki didn't mean to think of Domino's house when he threw the floo powder and jumped into his chimney. Unfortunately, he did, and now he was stuck in the church's reception room, soot thrown across the eggshell walls. He assumed from the silence that Domino and the priest were fast asleep so he paced across the floral rug, not bothering to care about the muck that was trailing from the soles of his shoes. Checking his robe pockets, he confirmed what he had already known, he had used all of the silvery power to come here. Sighing, he slammed his palm against his forehead, unable to find a situation that could be more screwed up than the one in which he was currently. His fingers played with the tassels of his Slytherin scarf, trying to alleviate the stress building up in his chest.

In his frustration, he deviated from his pacing path on the carpet and walked onto the wooden floors, his sneakers squeaking against the oak panels. Automatically cringing, he hunched over and looked around wildly, trying to find out if someone had heard him and come downstairs.

The attack came out of nowhere. One minute, Loki was slowly returning his foot to the rug, the next he was on his back, cradling his stinging stomach. A baseball appeared, poking him hard in the ribcage and he winced, raising one hand in surrender, moving the other nonchalantly towards the wand stuck in his pants pocket.

"Loki?" He froze, looking up at his attacker, recognizing her voice, "What the hell are you doing here? You do realize it's like one in the morning, right? I mean, if you could've wrapped that tiny little brain of yours around something that resembled a plan, a warning would have been nice. A little knock on the window or something."

Loki rolled his eyes as Domino transferred the bat to her other hand, leaning down to help him up. He chose instead to push himself up, knocking away her arm as he straightened himself.

"Why do you have a bat?" He responded, still holding his stomach, "Do you even play baseball?!"

"I thought you were a thief!" Domino defended, gesturing at his black cloak, "You can't blame me either."

Loki cringed, looking down at his Hogwart's uniform, "I was...uh...just wanted to see you."

She raised an eyebrow, "And what? Kidnap me and send me to comicon?"

"No!" He raised his voice only to be met with an exaggerated shush from the girl in front of him. His voice returned to a whisper, "I was just thinking about you and happened to be near, so I dropped in…. I thought I could scare you." Loki frowned, it was as close to the truth as he could get.

"Yeah, and how'd that work out for you, huh?" Domino winked, swinging the baseball bat beside her.