Naruto And The Dark Hadou Fox

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Chapter 1: Return Of The Shinobi Worlds Strongest.

October 10th. A day to be remembered in Konoha as a day of tragedy due to an event of natural disastrous proportions as the Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine-Tailed Fox) attacked the Leaf with every ounce of maliciousness it contained within it's chakra based body to destroy the village and kill all within it's walls and the ninja soldiers fighting back with everything they had despite how futile it would be with Kyuubi being the strongest of the Bijuu (Tailed Beasts).

For one child however it meant not only disaster for them but a thirteen year long nightmare to begin personally for him...

Flashback 13 Years Ago, October 10th...

There was panic through-out Konoha as it's ninja forces moved forward in an attempt to at least stall the walking mass of destruction that had invaded them.

And it's name was the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Hold the line! Do not let the Kyuubi through! We need to hold out until Lord Hokage arrives!" Shouted a Jonin as and several others fired off Katon (Fire), Suiton (Water) and Doton (Earth) jutsu's at the fox as it swiped at them taking out lives and injuring hundreds of others.

The Kyuubi roared with intense hatred with no on noticing the three tomoe red eye replacing the fox's own as it continued it's forced and destructive rampage to end the Hidden Leaf.

Konohagakure Hospital...

There was screaming echoing down in the halls of the facility as personal both nurses and doctors rushed to heal the wounded from the attack but with one in paticular pertaining to the birthing of three younglings with one whose fate would be changed in the future for the better.

"AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Screamed one Kushina Uzumaki in agony as she gave birth to her and the Yondaime Hokage's children with said man standing by her and in pain as his wife crushed his hand to relieve her own pain.

"KAMI DAMN IT MINATO! I'LL CUT YOUR BALLS OFF SO YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME AGAIN I SWEAR...!" Minato Namikaze could say nothing only hold in his own screams of pain as his hand was about to be crushed from recognition before a cry was heard as the doctor helping Kushina along pulled away a crying baby boy with dark hair that looked like a mixture of their hair color and darkened just a bit.

"It's a boy Ms. Uzumaki." He said handing the child to the nurse as Kushina proceeded to give birth to two more children, another boy who'se hair color was a perfect match to Minato's and a girl who'se hair was a replica of Kushina's own. All three children, now settled after being covered, were handed to the proud parents who were smiling and had tears of joy trickling down their faces. "They're beautiful Kushina." Said Minato as said mother agreed nodding as the newborns slept soundly.

"They are aren't they? What should we name them?" Kushina asked looking towards her husband who had some thought before snapping his fingers and rubbed the black haired childs head. "How about for this one, Menma. Seems fitting in a way doesn't it?" He asked as Kushina nodded a little tired from the birthing and looked towards the newborn girl. "For this little about Naruko? Our little ray of sunshine and brightness." She suggested as Minato nodded in agreement before they both looked towards their last infant and said together.

"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." The Yellow-Flash looked towards his wife smiling. "After the character from sensei's first book." Kushina nodded. "Though closer towards the term Maelstrom and NOT fishcake, I love ramen but not enough to name my children after it's toppings." Minato laughed and fussed over the newborns for a bit before an ANBU burst into the room in a panic as both looked up surprised.

"Lord Hokage the Kyuubi no Kitsune is attacking the village! We're trying to hold it back but we need you there sir!" He shouted waking the infants and causing them to cry as their mother hushed them back to sleep while simultaneously glaring at the ninja for scaring their newborns as the Yondaime's eyes grew wide before standing straight and at attention.

"How long until it reaches the center of the village Rat-san?" He asked. "At the rate the Kyuubi is going through us it's estimated at about ten minutes sir." The Yondaime nodded.

"Very well. Pull the defenses back to the last line I'll be right there to end this." The ANBU nodded and saluted before vanishing in a Shunshin (Body Flicker Technique) to address the current defense of the new battle strategy.

The Yondaime adjusted his coat and Jonin vest before looking down at his wife and kids and sighed knowing of only one way to defeat a creature like the Kyuubi, the strongest of the Bijuu. "Kushina..." She looked back at him wide eye'd and worried knowing what it is that he was going to say. "I-I can't Minato! You can't be considering using OUR children for this?!" Minato nodded and hugged Kushina to keep her calm and her stress levels down knowing it wouldn't be good for her heart after giving birth to three kids. "It pains me dearly Kushina it does but there is NO other way. Not even I can defeat the fox in straight forward combat, you know that because of it's limitless chakra supply but I can seal it to stop it for good."

He looked back to his children seeing they had awoke but in a brighter mood as they smiled and reached for their father who smiled back sadly and rubbed each of their heads. "The village will be safe and gain three protectors to her spirit and the Will of Fire to boot." He said. Kushina nodded sadly and reluctantly handed each child to him.

The Yondaime cradled his newborns in his arms and performed the shunshin towards the battle-field for one last act as Hokage to the village and a father to his family.

Konoha Village Square, Hokage Tower...

The Kyuubi let out a fierce roar shaking the ninja's attempting to hold it back and the civilians that were being ushered to the village bunker for safety by several Chunin and a couple of Jonin. The fox set it's possessed eyes towards the tower as a poof of smoke and dispertion revealed the Yondaime Hokage in all of his glory with the people below cheering for him and the ninja's a sigh of relief before fighting back harder than before with renewed vigor.

Minato looked ahead as the Kyuubi started fighting back after a brief stare-down between the two and then looked down at Menma, Naruto and Naruko keeping his game face and layed them gently on the sturdy roof before going through several hand signs.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)!" He shouted as a large amount of smoke appeared around him and dissipated a moment later to reveal him standing on the head of a VERY large toad wearing a dark blue yukata, a large knife at it's side and smoking a pipe. It's skin was a deep red color along with lighter red lines along his body and had yellow eyes with a horizontal black line as the iris.

This toads name was Gamabunta, the boss summon for the Toad Contract.

Gamabunta blew out some smoke from his pipe and looked up at his head seeing his "preferred" summoner. "Minato, why have you summoned and right in the middle of the village to boot?" The Yondaime merely pointed ahead with his face still set in his serious mood. Gamabunta looked forward to where he was pointing and went wide eye'd as the Kyuubi stared back looking ready to charge at the toad boss. "The Kyuubi?" He looked back at Minato now fully serious himself and a bit ticked for what he had been summoned for. "You can't possibly think that I can defeat the fox, even if were worked together and used every ounce of chakra in our bodies do you?"

Minato shook his head. "No Gamabunta. I know very well that neither of us can stop such a beast like the fox, no I know what I have to do and I need you to just stall it long enough for me to do what needs to be done." He said preparing the hand signs for the Fuinjutsu (Sealing Technique) he had created and prepared for such an emrgency and last resort move.

Gamabunta nodded knowing what it was and blew out more smoke before un-sheathing his blade and preparing himself for an impossible fight. "So you've resorted to using THAT jutsu eh? Can't say I'm surprised especially against the strongest of the nine Bijuu." He sighed as Minato began the sealing technique and the Kyuubi charged at it's new target and Bunta doing the same with shooting forward with a strong, fast hop and clashed with the Bijuu's claws with his knife grunting at the fox's sheer strength. "I'll buy you the time you need for as long as I can keep up then tadpole but do me a favor and HURRY!" He grunted out being pushed back and unleashed some Suigadan (Water Fang Bullet) shots to push the fox back as well.

"Almost there Gamabunta!" Minato shouted seeing the people fully evacuated, the one's who weren't killed already anyways, nearly done with conjuring up his final move to stop the beast for good.

Gamabunta merely grunted in acknowledgement and let out a pain filled one a few moments later as one of the Kyuubi's claws slashed his right eye leaving a mark that would scar the Toad bosses face for the rest of his life.

He panted a bit holding his knife up with his left hand and using his right to cover his injured eye. "Now and I mean NOW would be a good time to finish this Minato before the Kyuubi finishes us AND the village damn it!" He shouted just as Minato clapped his hands together signaling the fuinjutsu summoning process.

"Fuinjutsu: Shiki Fujin (Sealing Technique – Reaper Death Seal)!" He shouted as the manifested spectral form of the Shinigami appeared behind him with a very demonic face, ghostly white hair and a blade in it's mouth along with seals along his left arm with beads and Minato's soul right in the middle of it's chest and in it's grasp.

He panted at the sheer amount of chakra alone that it took to summon the Death God but continued to stare down the Kyuubi defiantly who in turn did the same but with a small amount of fear knowing what the man was planning. Minato had kept his children sturdy on Bunta's head since his summoning and took them back up in his arms preparing to seperate the beast in three parts and sealing them within his children.

He panted a little but sucked in air. "Alright time to finish this Gamabunta." He said to the summons who nodded in return and looked back seeing the Shinigami look down at him before speaking.

"You have summoned to fight for you mortal? Then perhaps you know the price for my help?" The Death God asked with the Yondaime nodding. "Very well. Speak what it is you wish me to do then be ready for me to claim your soul."

Minato turned back to the Kyuubi and spoke without hesitation. "To split the Kyuubi no Kitsune into three parts it's Ying and Yang chakra halves and the beasts soul into my kids here Shinigami-sama."

The reaper looked forward to the Bijuu who was even more fearful at this point and tried to escape even while possessed but was caught and pinned by chains coming from behind which shocked the Yondaime and looked back to see a panting Kushina with her infamous Chakra Chains coming from her back and holding strong despite her weakened state.

Minato snapped out of his stupor. "Kushina what are you-"

"You need to act now before my strength fades Minato!" Kushina snapped sweating heavily and holding on as best as she could. "No time to argue, besides you know I don't just stand back from this kind of situation." He sighed knowing she was right and heard a throat clearing itself seeing the Shinigami getting impatient but with it's beads ready.

"When your ready to begin today mortal." He spoke the impatience being clearly heard in it's distorted voice making the Yondaime nod mostly out of fear and turned his attention to the Kyuubi once more finishing the sealing with one hand.

"Seal!" He shouted as the Shinigami shot it's hand forward grabbing onto the strongest of Bijuu's and tore out it's chakra supply and soul and split all three with Minato performing a few more hand signs sealing the Ying into Naruko, the Yang into Menma and the Kyuubi's soul into his youngest Naruto and the sealing was complete with a final hand sign and the Kyuubi's body disentigrating into dust with a look of horror on it's face before dissipating completely.

Minato fell to his knee's feeling more exhausted than he's ever felt and sweating profusely and layed his now sleeping infants back on Gamabunta's head knowing his time was just about up. Kushina, exhausted herself, had brought her chains back in and limped next to her dying husband and sleeping kids with a few tears trickling out of her eyes knowing what happens next.

Minato huffed as the Shinigami hovered over them with expectance. "The deal is set and now your soul belongs to me Minato Namikaze. You may have a few moments to say your goodbye's." The Death God told him holding his soul in his hand preparing to devour it.

The Yellow-Flash nodded as the Sandaime Sarutobi and a squad of ANBU landed behind them. He hugged his wife, his kids and told Hiruzen what an honor it had been to serve the village as it's Hokage and explained to him to let the people know of the Kyuubi's fate with confidence.

He held hope the people would understand, both decision wise and as they're greatest Hokage next to Hashirama Senju, the Shodiame Hokage and wielder of the legendary Mokuton and Tobirama Senju the Nidaime Hokage and held a near demi-god like affinity for Suiton.

When all was said and done Minato stood with what strength he had left and nodded to the Shinigami signaling that he was ready. The Shinigami quickly devoured his soul in that instant and the now former Yondaime Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village fell still on Bunta's head life-less.

The Death God looked back at the infants and the one resembling Minato the most before making his exit knowing the child would become incredibly strong because of an unfortunate life.

Kushina along with Hiruzen picked up the sleeping infants and headed towards the Hokage Tower along with the ANBU squad to do as Minato wish and inform them of their victory along with Minato's and the Kyuubi's fate's.

Konoha Village Square, Three Hours After Kyuubi's Defeat...

The now re-instated Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and Kushina Namikaze and Minato's sensei Jiraiya the Gama-Sannin stood atop of the Hokage Tower with all three infants in Kushina's arms and the civilians and every ninja that survived below waiting for the news of Kyuubi's disappearance as well as the status of their Yondaime Minato Namikaze.

Hiruzen cleared his throat and used chakra to enhance the volume of his voice as he spoke. "My fellow villager's, today we were hit with a devastation known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune and lost many of our troops in the efforts of it's defeat as well as many loved one's. The Kyuubi was in fact defeated..." He let the last part sink in to restore hope and relief to an extent within them before finishing. "However it has come at price and as previously stated we lost many in it's attack both civilians and ninja alike, many among whom were very cherished loved one's." That had brought about quite a bit of depression though the Sandaime continued to inform them of the gravest piece of news he had left.

"I'm also sadden to announce that among the casulties of Bijuu's rampage, the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha is one of them." An outburst of cries and denials came up almost immediately before Sarutobi held up his hand to quiet them. "However his death is what caused the Kyuubi to be defeated as well for he sacrificed himself to split the beast into three seperate parts and has sealed them into his legacies."

As he finished Kushina had stepped up with her children still in her arms as the crowd murmured amongst themselves. "My husband Minato has in fact sealed Kyuubi in all three of them, Menma with the Yang Chakra of the Kyuubi, Naruko with the Ying Chakra of the Kyuubi and my other son Naruto with the Soul of the Kyuubi." Kushina said and finished as the crowd cheered for Menma and Naruko but when it came to Naruto there was quiet, hesitation and looking close enough looks of hate from civilian and even ninja alike.

Then came the outburst.






Many more sounds of outrage erupted from the crowd stupifying Hiruzen and shocked Kushina at first but then looked at Naruto again, his whisker marks and began doubting herself from a combination of the raging people below and the intense mental stress from the loss of the man she loved more than anything than before.

While Hiruzen and Jiraiya settled the crowd though the latter in quite a mental battle himself no one would predict the outcome of Kushina's future actions based on bigotry and her own anger.

Flashback End, Current Time...

Life from then on had been a living hell for the child known as Naruto. The anger, bigotry and her own stress caused Kushina to snap in a sense and began believing Naruto to have died that night along with the ignorant populace which unfortunately was made up of about 98% of the village in total. She had disowned him and despite Hiruzen's pleads she venomently denied him being related to her or her true children in any way and abandoned him, even going so far as to deny him the last name of Namikaze or Uzumaki.

Hiruzen had given the child to the orphanage hoping for him to be treated right by some of the citizens at least.

He was wrong.

During a Kyuubi Festival, to celebrate their victory and their Yondaime's passing and marked Naruto's and his former siblings birthday's, he had gone himself after for once finishing his mountain of paperwork and saw a blonde boy with whisker like marks being chased by a mob in a blood frenzy screaming for his death down a further alleyway making Hiruzen's own blood boil.

After taking in the mob, civilians and some Chunin, and getting Naruto to the hospital he gave him his own apartment to live in for shelter and hopefully away from the hate given to the poor child on a daily basis.

However as time went on things only got worse for him as even a few ANBU started to join in on beating the child senseless and the one's he assigned to guard him turning away from their duty with a smug pride.

Especially from an Inu (Dog) masked ANBU Captain.

Sarutobi managed to work around the Council, who were also against the boy especially Kushina the new Clan Head of the Uzumaki/Namikaze Clan since her husbands death, and placed Naruto into the Ninja Academy in the very least for him to learn to defend himself from any mobs looking to beat his head in.

Unfortunately the teacher's also lost quite a few members of their family and either refused to teach him, sent him out of class for even answering questions right or purposely taught him wrong lessons to stunt his growth and hope he's killed soon.

Today is October 10th and once again marks the anniversay of the Kyuubi's defeat and the annual Kyuubi Festival.

It also unfortunately, marks another time of year for a mob to go on their annual Fox Hunt and try to kill Naruto with all of the bigotry within their black hearts.

"Why?! Why do they hate me?! What did I ever do to deserve this?!" Were the thoughts of one mentally anguished child named Naruto or known to the villagers as "Demon", "Fox Brat" and "Whore's Demonic Spawn".

He was running down a partially empty street as the night went on with tears down his face and several shurikan stuck in his back and one in his thigh as another mob was looking to take his life, worst was that there were several Jonin and ANBU in the crowd this time rather than Chunin and one or two ANBU.

"Why won't they leave me alone?!" He thought once more as he clearly heard the people running after him calling for his blood. Naruto ran down through an alley hoping to lose them using the shadows but ran smack dab into a dead end wall by mistake. He slid down still crying profusely as the mob cornered him and wore evil and arrogant smirks knowing they had him trapped.

"WHY?! Why are you doing this to me?!" He shouted out in great anguish as the faces of crowd became nasty snarls and smirks.

"You know why Demon!" One civilian man shouted holding a pitchfork.

"Your the one who took our loved one's away and nearly destroyed our village!" A female Jonin shouted in anger preparing hand signs for a Katon jutsu.

"Now it's time we did the village a favor and avenged the Yondaime, the Sandaime is too old and blind to see you for what you truly are you monster!" One ANBU growled un-sheathing his katana and charged forward preparing to the supposed Demon's life and with them being hailed as heroes.

He was stopped however as he slowed and fell to the ground with the crowd watching in horror as blood pooled out of the hole in his torso where his heart should have been. It had been MUCH too quick to see what happened but as always they blamed Naruto even though the only blood on him was his own because of their assaults on him. A few more charged in, these two being Jonin, and were about to unleash jutsu on him but both were sent flying back into the crowd dead like the ANBU but with their faces caved in from what looked like...a punch?

They were contemplating on what was happening even getting a bit fearful of Naruto who still hadn't moved from his spot and looked on in curiosity himself before what sounded like a scoff came from all around the mob.

"After so many years I return to find such a disgraceful sight."

That spooked the crowd quite a bit as the ninja within it attempted to locate the source of the voice.

"Grown men and women and even trained fighters releasing ignorant hatred on a mere cub, how...disgraceful."

Several civilians and a few more ninja fell with the same face crush and missing heart fatal injuries as the the other three. One ANBU with gravity defying silver hair stepped out with his katana equipped and Raiton chakra flowing through it, electrifying it. "Whoever you are come out and show yourself so you can die along with the monster Demon lover." He spat while the mystery voice merely gave out a dark chuckle.

"You were the student of that fool and you can't tell the difference between child and beast..? How sad you are..."

Another section of the mob fell and now they were terrified at something that could seem to get fatal hits on them with none of the ninja able to see or detect where he or it was coming from.

That's when they felt it.

A massive surge of power like no other that dropped the higher experienced ninja right on their stomachs with difficulty in getting air into their lungs and the rest dying with their hearts imploding from not being able to withstand such intense pressure. There was a flash and a black ball of energy with a funnel of the power surging up into the heavens appeared between them and Konoha's proclaimed Demon.

Hokage Tower...

Hiruzen had been signing off more paperwork than usual, as always on this holiday, unknowing that it was to keep him busy while the people could have their go attempt at killing Naruto on this day.

That's when he too felt it.

An aura he hadn't felt in many many years, since the Second Great Shinobi War in fact and it frightened the hell out of him back then and even more so now because it was coming from inside the village and near the Red Light District.

His eyes widened. "Naruto!" He shouted within his mind and quickly donned his battle armor and calling his personal ANBU squad. "Neko (Cat)! Dragon! Hawk!" He yelled as they appeared also feeling that intensive amount of power. "Let's go quickly! I have a feeling this pertains to Naruto." They nodded not questioning him despite their own doubts and all four ran to the aura signature.

Red Light District...

They arrived to see multiple dead civilians and ninja with injuries caused by some sort of blunt and powerful force trauma and looked ahead to see the living ANBU along with Inu down on the ground and unable to move from the pressure.

Sarutobi looked around and saw his own ANBU guards on the ground as well and in the same condition, it seem to be lifted off a bit on his own person but he too could barely move or breath due to the intensity.

Naruto was looking on in even more curiosity as a figure started to be made out in the dark aura cloud.

He was tall that was something the child could definitely make out, he also seem to be wearing a martial arts outfit of sort, a Gi if he remembered right from over-hearing it from a ninja with a bowl haircut and some kind of tight looking outfit.

The only other thing he could make out was a kanji glowing bright red on his back, he could barely read thanks to the academy's teacher's so he didn't know what it said but it did seem...ominous?

On a knee now Sarutobi could only glance on in fear as his mouth hung open partially, he remembered now where he felt that aura before and those red eyes as well...

The second war was decades ago but he would never forget the feeling of it from back then.

Fear. His own and the sense that the mans aura instilled into others.


And rage though albet controlled to an extent, so it didn't control t-the powerhouse right in front of his eyes. The cloud of darkness had dissipated almost completely and now the figure within it could be seen to make him out.

He stood roughly around 6"4 and was built like a tank, to be blunt, as his muscular figure showed he trained, a lot by anyone's standards. He was barefoot and wore red tough leather martial art fighters gloves and his Gi was a night black along with the belt around his waist and wore a red bandana that looked to have been damaged in several time's in battle and looked to have been longer at one point, he also had dark brunette hair with long strands over his face or specifically over mostly his right eye.

Lastly both eyes were a glowing red right in iris and pupil and the background pure black.

Sarutobi gulped with what strength he had. "I...I can't believe that "He" has returned to the Elemental Countries, HERE of all places too?!" He thought in panic knowing now EXACTLY who this man is and one that every country including Konoha looked for to recruit.

The man no one in the history of the countries has manage to overcome or even tire him in a fight.

The figure let out a breath and popped his neck before looking directly at the downed ANBU in front of him and Sarutobi and the ANBU he brought with him just behind them. His eyes glew an even brighter red as he spoke and sent shivers down the ANBU, Hokage and of course the child of eight behind him.

" Agato. One whose fists have NO equal and after 30 years I...Have...Returned!" The end of the sentence enforced by a burst of dark aura.

The Shinobi Worlds Strongest warrior has returned.

End Of Chapter 1.

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