A/N Note

Normally I don't put these on stories since I hate it myself but I need to address a little problem we seem to have here.

Namely this stop me business.

I've said it probably a million times before and I'll say it again, I DESPISE that Naruto canon crap along with that idiot Kishimoto and I will NOT keep quiet about the morons who seem to want to think it's good. I'll speak my mind however I damn well please and if you a-holes want a piece...

Come get some, bitches.

With that rant done I'd like to point out that I did NOT abandone this story, having a work-life takes up a majority of my time and I find it difficult to get to the rest. I will upload it when I upload it like I stated, also I hate Walmart as well but it was the only option I could get at the time.

Believe me those management folks are HUGE assholes. Let's leave it at that.

I'm working on the next chapter now which is already complete so be patient. I also stopped with the "Hurry Up" phase of mine a LONG time ago so anyone who thinks they can agitate me with that you can piss off.

It's almost done, I hate Walmart too and I won't stop speaking my mind for anyone. There you go.

Oh and for any Guests, say what you want but remember if I don't like it it's deleted and gone. Jackasses.

Be patient people.

-Dark Inari Of The Fist-