A/N: I apologize for the short length of these first two parts, but I promise it will get better!

P.S.: "The Wardens" is a working title and I may decide to title it something else later on, so don't be confused if it changes – it's still the same story!

Clara jumped as the Doctor roared and a series of thuds and clangs proceeded.

"Are you alright? Doctor?" Clara yelled as she threw her book down and ran to the top of the stairs leading below the console.

"AHA. Yes, Clara, I'm fine. I cannot, however, say the same for our situation."

"What does that mean?"

"Good or bad news first," the Doctor asked as he and Clara sat down on the top step.

"Bad," she responded.

"Ok, well the bad news is that I don't have it."


"It is the good news. I found out what part I need to replace."

"So you found out what part you need, but you don't have it," Clara clarified.


"Wonderful," she said as she slumped her shoulders. "So now what?"

"Hadn't thought that far ahead yet. Let me get back to you."

Clara grunted and stood up to return to her book. "How exactly do you find parts for a TARDIS, though. Nobody just sells them, right?"

"Not exactly, no. They're hard to find. Intergalactic museums. Junkyards. Personal galleries. Hard to say. Just have to look around and hope they turn up within a few days."

"Better get looking, then!"

"Or months," the Doctor added quietly, hoping she wouldn't hear.

"Months?!" Clara glared at the Doctor. "Do not tell me that, Doctor, because I won't be stuck out here with you for months."

"You won't be, I promise! We'll get help so it will go faster!"

"From who?" The Doctor stared at her for a few moments with no answer. Clara sighed and sat back down on the step.

"Wait!" She spun back around as the Doctor yelled. "Maybe…" The Doctor let his sentence trail off as he made his way towards the TARDIS phone. Clara waited as he dialed a strange and complicated-sounding number on the keypad and then held up the phone to his ear.

"Come on, pick up," he said as he bounced his leg impatiently. Suddenly, Clara heard a voice yell into the phone from where she stood and the Doctor flinched and held the receiver away from his face.

"Yes, I know it's been a long time. B-" The doctor was cut off by more yelling and what sounded like gunshots. Clara raised her eyebrows.

"Are you still there? Good, because I'm in a bit of a pickle and would really appreciate your h-" The Doctor paused again and let the sound die down some. Clara heard a sharp shout come from the receiver and the Doctor slapped the phone back to his ear.

"Are you alright? Ok, I'm sending coordinates to you now. Clara," the Doctor said as he ran to the scanner and frantically pressed buttons, "you might want to move."

Clara didn't question him and started to walk towards him.

"No! Not there?"

"Well, where then?"

"I don't know, exactly. I guess we'll just have to hope for the best."

"The best for what? Doctor! What's going on?" The Doctor didn't respond to Clara.

"Did you get them? Alright." He hung up the phone and Clara looked at him for an answer. Suddenly, there was a flash of light next to her, and when Clara jumped around to look, there was a man standing there. Clara yelped as he fell to his knees, holding his side.

"Jack! Jack, are you alright?!" The Doctor exclaimed as he bent down next to the man.

He grabbed Jack's hands gently and pulled them away from the wound he was cradling. They were covered in blood.

"Been better, Doc," he replied, and choked on the pain as he tried to laugh.

"Clara, go get the first aid kit out of the medical room, please." Clara immediately turned and ran out of the control room. The Doctor stooped down, put Jack's arm around his shoulders, and helped him into the captain's chair a few feet away. Jack grunted as the Doctor lowered him into a sitting position.

"You can't ever keep yourself out of trouble, can you?" the Doctor exclaimed.

"Sorry, just can't help myself," Jack chuckled. He looked up into the Doctor's eyes. "You changed again. How long has it been since I last saw you?"

The Doctor thought for a moment. "I don't know. Maybe… five, six hundred years? Maybe more. How long for you?"

Jack looked down at his watch. "As of right now, three hundred and forty-two years, thirty-six days, and eleven minutes."

The Doctor laughed and shook his head and Clara came running back into the control room, first aid kit in hand. Taking it from her, the Doctor knelt beside his friend and opened the kit.

"I've got it, here." Jack grabbed the required tools, set them on his lap, and unbuttoned the front of his shirt with some difficulty, as his hands were shaking and slippery with blood. The bleeding didn't appear to have stopped yet and as the Doctor watched Jack work at the buttons, he noticed how white he had gone. Jack finally finished opening his shirt and the Doctor began to investigate the wound.

Clara knelt on the opposite side of Jack to the Doctor and put a hand on his knee. "What happened?" she asked in a calming voice. She, too, had noticed that Jack was loosing too much blood and she was afraid to let him go unconscious. He turned to look at her and his eyes lit up.

"Hello," and a goofy smile was his response, and Clara laughed.

"Hi, but you didn't answer my question. How did this happen?" Jack glanced down at the gunshot wound in his side, as if he had forgotten it was there.

"Oh. Um, 1864. American Civil War battle that would later be known as the Battle of Totopotomoy Creek."

"Wait, you can time travel too? Doctor, he can time travel too?" Jack held up his wrist gingerly to show Clara the leather band that was wrapped around it.

"Vortex Manipulator from when I was with the Time Agency. Travels through time and space, just like the TARDIS, but not quite as smoothly. Takes some getting used to." Clara smiled and suddenly realized that she didn't even know who he was.

"What's your name, I heard the Doctor call you…"

"Jack. Captain Jack Harkness, at your service." Jack leaned forward in his seat in an attempt to bow, but inhaled sharply through his teeth at the pain and gently replaced his back against the back of the chair.

"Hey, hold still," the Doctor chastised. Clara looked down to see the Doctor pick up a large pair of tweezers off of Jack's lap and prepare to remove the bullet that still appeared to be lodged inside. The excess amounts of blood made her feel queasy, so she looked back towards Jack's face to see his eyes shut. Clara patted his leg.

"Jack, you need to stay awake a little longer. Jack!" Very gently, but with enough force to make his eyes flutter open, Clara slapped his cheek.

Jack moaned in pain, but the Doctor quickly and successfully retrieved the bullet and dropped it into a metal bowl with a clang. A few stitches and a gauze bandage was applied, then the Doctor and Clara each threw one of his arms around their necks and began to half-walk, half-drag him to a room he could lay down in. They guided him on to a bed, and before helping him lay down, removed the bloody shirt that he was still wearing.

Jack fell unconscious the moment Clara lowered his head onto the pillow.