85: No attempting to break through to other realities in order to create my own "Big Four"

Jack was in the library. This worried North, since as a rule the only time Jack researched anything was for a prank. And if he was planning a prank, even odds were the elves were involved, and his beautiful workshop would once again become the scene of mass destruction.

He approached Jack as quietly as he could, given he was six-foot-something with shoulders wider than a star linebacker's. Jack was so absorbed in his reading he didn't even notice. North took the time to scan the books scattered around the young winter spirit and paled. Time travel, dimension travel, wormholes…many of those books he had used once upon a time to create his snow-globes.

"Jack, what is it you are doing?" he asked finally.

Jack twitched and swung around to face North. His eyes were wide, pupils blown, and when he smiled there were a disturbing amount of teeth. "Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons," he said, words running together so it sounded more like 'risathebraytagledragons.' North had no idea what he was talking about.

Jack dragged over The Laptop (and yes, it did deserve its capitals, that bloody thing had been the spark of many a prank and Jack had somehow convinced the yetis to connect it to what Jack called 'tumblr', and North still wasn't exactly clear on what that meant) and showed him a picture. Jack was immediately recognizable with his white hair and blue hoodie and staff. But next to him were three other people and a…creature (lizard? wyrm? dragon? what?). There was a girl in a green dress with a wild mass of red curls; a girl in pink with blonde hair trailing out of the frame; a boy in fur with green eyes and floppy brown hair, his hand reaching up to scratch the chin of the black-skinned green-eyed dragon(?). "Look! It's my Big Four! I have a Big Four! I mean, we're not all in the same universe, and we haven't met (yet!), and y'know one's Disney and one's Pixar and two're Dreamworks, but what does that matter?" Jack pointed at the books and exclaimed, "Magic!"

It was like listening to Jack speak Old Pookan, or some equally obscure language. He heard the words, but the meaning escaped him. Finally, after staring at the eager Jack for an elongated moment, he said, "Jack, you know what we have said about getting ideas from the internets."

"Internets," Jack said under his breath with a mocking tone. North ignored him.

"What have we said," North prompted.

"Pranks inspired by the internet are to be performed by professional stuntmen or I will end up on America's Funniest Home Videos," Jack intoned. He added, "I don't know how that's supposed to be a punishment. That show's hilarious."

North thought of some of the things he'd seen on AFHV, and winced.

"Point stands," North said with finality. "No internet-inspired pranks."

Jack still looked mutinous, glancing at the books around him in a way he probably thought surreptitious. North added, "I will put you on restricted library access list. Must be with adult at all times."

"What?" Jack protested. "No! That's not fair!"

"Only so much crazy I can have in workshop, and elves fill quota," North said. He ushered Jack out of the library, making a mental note to send in a yeti to clean up. (Not the one that had modified Jack's Laptop.) "Go bother Bunnymund. He has library and not enough crazy in the Warren."

Jack's expression changed from pouting child to scheming teenager in a split second. "I'll tell him you told me so when he comes after me in a homicidal rage."

"Not in workshop," North said, and pushed Jack out into the cold. Jack gave him one last devil-child grin and disappeared with a rush of snow to the face.

The image I'm referencing is "RISE OF THE BRAVE TANGLED DRAGONS" by pandatails on devArt. Written for a prompt on the rotg kinkmeme, and inspired by Things Jack Frost Can No Longer Do As Guardian by Dorksidefiker on AO3.