Author's Note

Tell me what you think, and if I should continue or not, either way I'll probably end up finishing up the story anyway.

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Bella walked to her house, her graduation was getting close it was only two months away, and she wasn't sure what she was going to do afterwards. She had decided that no matter what she would get out of Forks, she wasn't going to stay in Forks anymore. Bella walked into her home and she felt something was different, it wasn't a bad feeling it was a feeling of freedom, as if she had changed by stepping into her house. Bella pushed off the feeling and headed to her room. She laid down in her bed, it was early, and she still had an hour before Charlie got home. Bella closed her eyes, she had instantly gotten tired and decided to get some sleep.

Bella was dreaming. She saw a door, and she felt a pull to go to it. She cautiously opened it and stepped inside. She looked around the room and found a bench there was a lady sitting on it. Bella walked over to the bench and took a seat next to the lady, and looked at the view in front of her.

"You're more powerful than anyone could've imagined," the lady said.

Bella gave the lady a confused look, "Do I know you?"

"No, but I know you," The lady said, "I'm Maria Antoinette, I was the first Enchantress, the past Enchantresses thought it would be fair if I was the one to speak with you, I was the first and you are the last."

"I have to stop taking mid-afternoon naps, my dreams are getting crazier," Bella said.

Maria laughed and pinched Bella causing her to jump in pain, "If this was a real dream then you wouldn't feel pain, your body is temporarily in the middle of the living and the dead. You're are here so I can talk about your destiny as an enchantress."

"What's an enchantress?" Bella asked looking at the lady beside her.

"An enchantress, is a type of witch," Maria said, "Being an enchantress means holding great power and great beauty. I think the beauty is just an extra perk. What really matters is the magic you hold within you. Being the first, I was the strongest, well the strongest until you came along. Every enchantress is chosen for different reasons, some are dark and some are light, you, you are in between you don't belong to one side completely. I was an enchantress of light, but the enchantress that came after me was of the dark."

"So I'm dark?" Bella asked.

"No, what you are is neutral, you will be light when you need to be, but you will also be dark when you need to be. Enchantresses who are light cannot kill any creatures, they cannot use their powers for their own will and they must adhere to the laws of the world, but enchantresses who are dark use magic to kill, and for their own personal gain. You are the one that stands in the middle. You can use magic for anything you want, but the spirits know you will never commit to the dark side fully since part of you is still light. Being on the dark side does not necessarily mean you are evil, it just means you have more of a different view on your magic," Maria said.

"So you're telling me that I can use magic?" Bella asked.

"Yes, you have limitless power," Maria said, "Since you are already of age and are from both sides you can live forever. You have the opportunity to become a vampire, but not like the Sparklers, I mean as the traditional vampires. They are of a whole other breed, and are much stronger than the Sparklers."

"By sparklers are you talking about the Cullen's?" Bella asked.

Maria nodded, "Yes, them. Many also call them cold ones but I like the term Sparklers better."

Bella smiled, "Why me you said I was chosen for a reason."

"You have great power within you, and you deserve this," Maria said simply.

"If enchantresses are so powerful, how did you die, how did any of them die?" Bella asked.

Maria smiled, "Every enchantress of the light goes willingly when the time comes, most enchantresses of the dark turn themselves into vampires, which takes away their powers. After that they all turned, they became too dependent on their powers, and don't last long in the vampire world."

"So I can become a vampire because I'm neutral?" Bella asked.

"Yes," Maria answered simply.

"Will I change when I wake up or whatever," Bella said still confused for where she was.

"Yes, your beauty will increase," Maria said, "You will also get the mark."

"The mark?" Bella asked.

"It's like a modern day tattoo, it'll be on your wrist," Maria said, "The cold one bite will dissolve and the mark will appear in it's place."

"Is that all that'll change?" Bella asked.

"No, the bad thing about enchantresses is that they cannot give birth," Maria said.

Bella nodded in understanding, she wasn't really planning on kids anyway, "Will I ever talk to you again?"

"No, when you go back to reality, you'll remember all of this and then your powers will be activated. When they're activated you'll get two books. One will be the Enchantress book of the light and the other would be the enchantress book of the Dark. They each contain the spells used by past enchantresses, and any information they gathered over time. They will now belong to you and only you. No one else will be able to see inside them but you. The books will always come to you when you call for them." Maria said.

Bella nodded, "Is there anything else I should know?"

"You need to be careful Isabella," Maria said and with that she grabbed Bella's hand and led her back to the door.

Bella hugged Maria, "Thank you for explaining this to me."

"You are welcome my dear good luck on your life," Maria said. Bella walked through the door and woke up on her bed where she was before. She felt a pain on her wrist and looked down. It was the mark. Bella smiled, it was truly beautiful. The symbol was simple it was a dragon wrapped around a flower with the word enchant on the bottom. Bella looked at the dragon and noticed it would move around the flower. She got up from the bed and walked to the hallway bathroom. She needed to wash her face and wake herself up a little. Bella looked herself in the mirror and jumped back in surprise. Her hair had grown and become wavier, her eyes had become a richer shade of brown, all her baby fat was gone, her body had become more toned, she had grown a few inches, and become a bit tanner losing that pale white color she had, and she had grown more curves and had looked stunning. Bella smiled, this wasn't going to be easy to explain, but she didn't want to tell Charlie, if the power she held was true, she didn't want to risk anyone using him against her. Then it hit Bella, her books. She ran back into her room and sat down on the bed.

She crossed her legs and held out her left hand, "Book of Light," She paused and held out her right hand, "Book of Dark." Bella saw her window open and a white book landed on her left hand and then a black book landed on her right hand. Bella smiled and then she froze she felt her mind being filled with millions of facts about the supernatural creatures of the world, and she now understood the supernatural world. Bella sat back leaning against the head board and began reading the books. She wanted to learn everything she could. Suddenly, whatever she ended up doing after graduation, didn't seem so important anymore.