A/N: Written for the Sailor Moon Flash Bingo on the Sailor Moon Fanfiction Challenges forum (link in profile), #039 – Mistress 9. This one's manga-verse, because of one minor detail I won't spoil for you. :D

Mistress 9, Hotaru and One Little Body

Mistress 9 had waited until she felt the presence of Hotaru die in her mind, but she had been wrong. Hotaru was still there, no longer fighting her control but waiting, watching as Mistress 9 lay Mugen Academy and the Sailor Senshi to waste. She waited until Mistress 9 had assimilated enough power to rip away from that confining body before she made her move – gripping her tighter than Mistress 9 imagined the weak soul still in her could, and preventing her from gaining her true form and even more terrible power.

They struggled for a bit, and Mistress 9 smelt weakness. She smelt the pain caused by watching, powerless, as Hotaru's body in Mistress 9's hands caused destruction. She felt the pain of being so close to her friend's heart crystal but unable to risk retrieving it. She found the perfect way to strike, and she did: she swallowed the souls of the Guardian Senshi whole, and with it, hope.

Hotaru went for the crystals. Mistress 9 let her have them. She didn't need them; not anymore. She could have used the extra power, but she could do without. It was her true formed she needed, she longed for.

Hotaru left an opening when she went of the crystals. Mistress 9 smirked when she grabbed it, and ripped Hotaru's confining body apart. She was done with it now, and she was done with Hotaru too.