Mukuro Rokudo had always had a soft spot for children, and when he had finally adopted one for himself, he had been over the moon about it. He was a twenty-five-year-old, tall, blue-haired man who had been living by himself for some time now, and despite his love for children which he wouldn't show openly, he was quite the antisocial person. He had gotten through his school years with just the one friend, a blond older than him by just one year named Belphegor who had been through a pretty cruel childhood – how the two had become best friends was something neither of them could remember as they hadn't gotten along at all when they had first met.

But now, seven years after school had finished, the two were still as close as ever – it was only natural that Belphegor was the first person Mukuro took his new, seven-year-old charge to meet.

"Is this your home?" The teal-haired boy by Mukuro's side looked up at the man with curious eyes just as green. He wore a white, sleeveless top and khaki shorts, and his hair spiked up slightly at the back, quite similar to Mukuro's.

"No, Fran." Mukuro smiled genuinely as he reached down to pat the boy's head. "This is my friend's home. We're going to go out for lunch together today."

The boy – Fran – nodded. He took note of his surroundings; the lawn was green and neatly cut, the white picket fence was in good shape, and the veranda attached to the front of the brown house was bare. He wondered what the condition of the house inside would be like, and he could only hope it would be better than the orphanage he had been taken to after his grandmother had passed away.

"What's your friend's name?" Fran questioned, moving closer to his new guardian. "Are they nice?"

"Kufufu~" Amusement shone in heterochromatic eyes as Mukuro looked fondly over the boy. "'Nice' is in the eye of the beholder, little one. His name is Belphegor, and he is whatever you perceive him to be."

Fran understood what the man was talking about; he was much smarter than he would let on. "What are we having for lunch?"

"Oya oya, you're full of questions, aren't you?" Mukuro didn't mind; he quite adored Fran already.

"It's better than me being full of shit."

The blue-haired man couldn't help but laugh loudly at this. He nodded in agreement as they stopped at the front door, reaching up to ring the doorbell. "That is a valid point, little one."

There was shuffling inside the house before footsteps came to the door. Fran tilted his head, not sure what to expect as the door was opened – to be honest, what he did see was just a bed-headed blond still in pyjamas who looked as if they could use a haircut.

"You look like tooth decay fungi." Fran displayed no emotion as he looked up into the face hidden behind long bangs of blond hair.

"What the fuck?" Bel frowned down at the boy, turning to glare at Mukuro. "Why'd you pick this one out of them all?"

"My reasoning is no one's business but my own," Mukuro replied calmly as he pushed past his friend. "I called you four hours ago when you told me you were almost ready."

"Ushishishi~" Bel ignored the little boy standing behind them, waving a hand carelessly in the air. "I got distracted."

Mukuro glanced into the living room, the entrance just a few feet to his left. He could see the TV resting against the wall in the corner, and he frowned as he noticed what had been paused on it – it was common to walk into Bel's home and find that he couldn't even be bothered turning porn off when he had guests – it was even more common to find that the man no decency and wasn't ashamed to continue pleasuring himself with other people in the room.

"Turn that off while he's here, Bel." Mukuro nodded his head towards the widescreen TV, reaching out to keep Fran by his side. "I don't want him seeing anything like that."

Bel shrugged as he stepped into the living room, doing as requested. When he came back, he said, "He's going to learn about it one day."

"Yes, but not this day." The younger male took Fran's hand in his as he led the boy into the living room. He sat Fran down on the couch that didn't have fresh, sticky white stains on the fabric, smiling. "Would you like a drink or anything to eat?"

Fran nodded. "Please."

"Alright. I'll find you something small to fill your tummy before lunch. Stay on this couch, okay? The other one... needs cleaning."

"Okay." Fran didn't seem to show much emotion. It was clear that he was happy and excited about being with Mukuro, but the man was worried that his charge didn't know how to express his feelings properly – as someone who naturally hid what he felt behind a playful smile, Mukuro knew he wouldn't be able to help the boy.

While Bel had disappeared into his bedroom to get dressed, Mukuro searched the cupboards for something suitable for Fran to eat. He eventually settled for an energy bar, knowing it wouldn't ruin the younger's appetite; it wouldn't do to take him out for lunch when he wasn't hungry after all.

When Mukuro returned and gave the boy the snack, Fran looked up at him with wide, curious teal eyes. "Your friend is making weird noises."

Mukuro tensed as he, too, recognised the noises wafting from Bel's bedroom, ones that the blond only made when he was in the middle of a solo session.

Patting Fran's head, Mukuro tried to distract the boy. "What do you like for lunch, little one?"

Fran just blinked, as if he couldn't not focus on the... rather interesting noises he could hear.


Bel wasn't very happy to know that with Fran around, Mukuro was forcing him to keep certain comments to himself. The younger male knew he was a naturally perverted person and that it wasn't easy for him to talk about things of a more suitable nature, but Mukuro was his best friend – his only friend – and he didn't want to lose him to a brat.

"Are you enjoying that, little one?" Mukuro and Fran sat on the same side of the table, leaving Bel to sit across from them, at the restaurant the two men often frequented together.

Fran nodded, looking up from the plate of spaghetti that Mukuro had ordered for him. He reached out for his glass of coke, taking a sip before he placed it back on the coaster.

"You know, you could just ditch the frog and we can go to a strip club or something." Bel had one arm resting on the table, his head in the crook his elbow and lower arm made. He was looking at Mukuro as he waited for his own order to be brought out to him, boredom quickly taking over him.

Mukuro just shot his friend an angry glare when Fran asked what a strip club was. Bel wasn't surprised when his groin twitched with interest at the idea of stripping the teal-haired boy; he had long-since come to terms with the fact that he was attracted to little kids just as much as he was adults – the only problem was that he knew how his friend would react if Mukuro knew that little piece of information about him, so he kept it to himself.

"It's a place where people go to strip the blankets off beds and make them again." Mukuro smiled, his heterochromatic eyes shining with gentleness. "Sounds quite boring, doesn't it?"

Fran nodded. "But then your fairy friend seems like quite a boring person, so I guess it makes sense that he likes making beds all the time." He ignored the way Bel's jaw dropped, continuing on with his verbal assault. "Did you see the state of his house? It was a mess! I think he should clean his own home first before he goes out and makes any beds for anyone else."

Mukuro could only laugh, knowing that Fran was on the right track, even if the blond wasn't out making beds for other people – if anything, he was the one worming his way into others' beds and making a mess of them, but Fran didn't know that.

"He cleans up his messes every couple of weeks," Mukuro soothed. "Either that, or I come and do it for him."

"Little shit..." Bel muttered under his breath, only to receive a kick in the shin from Mukuro and a warning glance.

Bel could see how protective Mukuro was of Fran already, and it made him wonder; what would the younger do if he knew that Bel was already stripping Fran in his mind and doing indecent things to his body that made him scream?

Probably nothing good. No, scratch that – definitely nothing good.