Mirajane turned her head from side to side, the floor of Natsu's house was uncomfortable, even if she was laying on laundry that hadn't been washed in who knows how long. Her eyes fluttered open only to reveal the darkness of the room to her showing the barmaid that it was indeed quite late, the weight of Wendy's head on her chest was obvious and the snores of the older Dragon Slayer were clearly present in the dark room.

She let out a soft sigh, had everything that had happened to them earlier really happened? Laying her head back she closed her eyes once more as she listened to the two Dragon Slayers' breathing and Natsu's snoring. The oldest of the three could feel the trail of saliva running down her breast from where Wendy was drooling in her sleep, if she saw it she'd probably think it was the cutest thing in the world but right now it was too dark to see.

Cradling Wendy's head Mira sat up and looked around the dark room, she couldn't make out anything. Wendy nuzzled into her naked breast in her sleep Mira smiling lightly, the girl was probably full of questions about what they had done that day, Mira just had to make sure that neither Wendy or Natsu would tell anyone. If anything of that day got out they were going to be in a lot of trouble. Leaning down so she was closer to the dragon Slayer in her arms she opened her mouth.

"Wendy, Wendy wake up." Mira called softly to the Dragon Slayer who managed to nuzzle into her breast making Mira bite her lip, she couldn't believe how sensitive her breasts were at the moment, with all the sucking both Natsu and Wendy had done to them they were bound to be sensitive. "Come on Wendy, wake up." Mira insisted as Wendy moved around in her arms.

"M-Mira?" A tired voice came from within the darkness.

"Yeah, come on sleepy head, time to get up." Mirajane told her.

"But it's dark out." Wendy told her snuggling closer to the warmth of the older woman. "Let's sleep some more." She mumbled.

"No, come on Wendy. We have to get you back to Fairy Hills." Mira told her, truly she remembered Wendy's promise to the older Dragon Slayer of being here all the time with Natsu. If that was going to be a factor she'd doubt that Natsu and Wendy would ever leave the small cottage again. Plus she needed to get Wendy to Fairy Hills so that the young Dragon slayer could show her the recipe for the potion she had made Natsu drink and possibly find an anti-potion that would snap Natsu out of his lust filled mind. No matter how much she had enjoyed the lust filled moments with both Dragon Slayers she couldn't let Natsu to let his lust control him, no woman in Fiore would be safe then.

"Ok." Wendy breathed out as she pulled away from Mira before Mira saw that Wendy had stood up, she could smell the scent of sex wafting from the young girl and her mouth practically filled with saliva at the prospect of tasting the young girls tender moist lower lips once more. Shaking her head, her white hair flailing about as she snapped out of her thought. "Um... Mira..."

"Yes?" Mira questioned standing up.

"Um... my clothes." Mira's eyes widened, Natsu had burnt Wendy's dress to ashes and she remembered seeing the ruined underwear that she had seen earlier.

"We'll think of something." Mira assured her as she went over to where she had let her dress lay on the ground before pulling it up her form along with her red panties she had taken off earlier. Moving around the small cottage in the dark was a mission for the white haired barmaid but she finally found a light-switch and flicked it on, her eyes were drawn to the naked girl standing in the centre of the room rubbing at her eye to get the sleep out of it with a tired look on her face.

Looking quickly around the room she found Natsu's discarded boxes along with a discarded shirt of the Dragon Slayers, she walked over to them. Picking the boxes up along with the shirt she walked over to Wendy and crouched down before her.

"Leg up." Mira told her and Wendy placed a hand on Mira's shoulder to support herself before lifting her right leg up and Mira moved it so it fit in the boxer short leg hole before doing the same with the other and pulling the boxes up Wendy's legs to her hips. They were incredibly loose on the young girl but with a quick look around she found a string and tightened them up. It'd do until they got to Fairy Hills.

"Both arms up." Mira instructed again and Wendy followed without hesitation raising her hands above her head before Mira pulled the shirt down over her petite finger the hung off her. Taking a step back she had to giggle lightly, with her tired face and the much to baggy clothes on her Wendy looked adorable. "Come on, let's get you back to Fairy Hills." Mira told her as she made sure her dress was appropriate to exit the cottage in, apart from a few stains it was fine.

"What about Natsu?" Wendy question making both look over to the sleeping Dragon Slayer.

"He'll be fine till morning. Right now we need to go and get you into your bed and I need to read that book you have." Wendy simply nodded as Mira flicked off the light and the two exited Natsu's small hut and headed back to Magnolia where they could go to Fairy Hills.

The two soon reached the girls dormitory and walked in, it was late at night, every shop in Magnolia was closed and the majority of lights were off, Mira even suspected that Fairy Tail had closed for the night. She walked the tired Wendy up to her room before the young Dragon Slayer opened the door, the blue haired girl stumbled for the bed not even bothering to change her clothes.

"Wendy, the book?" Mira questioned only for Wendy to point at the desk and Mira saw the book propped up on a stand situated on the desk and walked over to it.

Mira walked over to the large book that had potion's labelled on it, she turned to look over her shoulder and had to smile lightly as she saw Wendy already fast asleep on her pillow, her mind wandered to where Carla was so late at night but shrugged it off Happy hadn't been at Natsu's either, maybe the three exceed's had all taken a job together. Picking the book up she walked over to Wendy's side and pulled the blankets up over her before kissing her forehead like she once did for Lisanna.

"I'll talk with her tomorrow, she'll probably have a lot of questions." Mira thought as she watched the sleeping Dragon Slayer for a short time before turning the light in her room off and exiting the room and heading for the exit of Fairy Hills. When Mira arrived home she quietly went up stairs as to not disturb her brother or sister and went straight to her room. She placed the large book of potions down on her desk and looked at it before rubbing at her eyes, the tiredness of the day creeping up on her again.

"Natsu will be alright until tomorrow, he's asleep now anyway and if I wake up early enough everything should work out fine." Mira mused as she quickly stripped her dress from her form and stood in her room in just her red underwear before she walked over to her bed and slipped beneath the blankets with a small smile on her face.

Natsu's eyes shot wide open as he shot up into a sitting position, blinking widely as he looked around.

"Why can't I see?" Natsu questioned aloud waving his hands in front of him before finally realising it was just dark out. Sighing he stood up and ran a hand through his hair before stumbling through the mess on the ground towards the light-switch before flicking it on, blinking widely once more as the light irritated his eyes. Looking around he saw that it was the usual mess, he glanced around the room and found a pair of pants since he was stark naked and pulled them on not even bothering with any underwear, he needed to do laundry. Looking around he wondered what time it was before simply shrugging it off as he pulled on one of his old vests that he use to wear.

"Guess I'll go see if the guild's open." He thought with a yawn as he exited his little cottage and started to head to Magnolia. The streets were deserted and basically the only sign of life was himself and a couple of street lanterns that remained on showing just how late it was. Seeing the guild of Fairy Tail he smiled as he walked up to the doors hoping Mira was in so he could get something to eat after the long day he had.

"I wonder what Mira and Wendy are doing?" Natsu questioned aloud as he headed to Fairy Tail, he only remembered slight parts of what had transpired between the three of them that day. He heard Wendy speak of a potion or something along those lines and Mira being really angry at him but everything else was just pleasure. He simply shrugged his shoudlers figuring he could talk with the two when he got to Fairy Tail.

He went to push open the door to the guild only for it to pull inwards making him stumble forward slightly only for a hand to push him back and another to stabilise him.

"What? Are you drunk Natsu?" Cana's voice reached him, he could define it as a teasing gesture as he looked up to see Cana smiling at him, a drunken blush on her cheeks. "Haven't seen you at all today, must of gone on a bender without me!" She laughed as Natsu simply stared at her, her scent fogging his senses along with the scent of alcohol. "Never seen you drunk, man I bet your wild when you are!" She laughed heartedly as Natsu's gaze grew hungry as he stared at her. "How about it, want to have a drink with me before we call it a night?" Natsu simply nodded before Cana wrapped an arm around his and led him into the empty guild hall, there was no one there it was so late that everyone apart from Cana had gone home.

Cana led Natsu to the bar before letting go of his arm, Natsu's sense being fogged with lust as he stared at Cana who grinned at him before turning back to the bar and leaned over it and going through the shelves beneath the counter. Her feet were off the ground and swinging slightly, her ass jutted out with her pants stretching tightly revealing her panty line beneath the fabric making Natsu groan as he stood behind her with a full view of Cana's behind.

"What'd ya want to drink Natsu?" Cana questioned without looking up. "We got some heavy stuff that Mira likes to save for special occasions or we got so-" Natsu pushed himself up against Cana the bulge in his pants clearly pressing up against her rear making her stop talking out of surprise at the sudden presence. "Natsu?" She questioned pushing up to look at Natsu to see him staring down at her, his eyes filled with lust what looked to be a drunken blush covering his cheeks to match her own. "Wha-?"

"Cana..." Natsu groaned as he reached out and placed his hands either side of her waist making her gasp at the warm touch of his hands on her soft skin. "You smell... great." He groaned as he rocked his hips making Cana gasp as she felt the pressure of what was in Natsu's pants glide up over her rear. She bit her lip as she looked up at Natsu over her shoulder from the corner of her eye, she had never seen Natsu in a sexual light before, he was always the doofus that had a heart of gold. But here he was and here she was...

"Has it really been so long that I'd do it with Natsu?" She questioned before her eyes widened as Natsu leaned over her, his hands trailing up from her waist his fingers running over her ribs before squeezing gently just beneath her breasts making her bite her lip even harder at the slight tease. "It could just be a one time thing... no one has to know." She continued as she glanced up at Natsu. "With how drunk he is I doubt he'd remember it." Natsu leaned over her, his vest falling open as he buried his face in her long brown hair and inhaled. She was even more surprised when he pushed her hair over to one side before kissing the back of her neck making her let out a slight whimper at the unexpected warmth of the kiss.

"Cana..." Natsu breathed out. "I want you." He said making her gasp as he rocked his hips into her once again.

"Screw it, it's just one time." Cana thought as she ground her hips back into Natsu's groin making him gasp. "Then take me." She whispered in a seductive tone looking at him as she tilted her head to the side. "You want me Natsu then take me. Show me that you're more then just fists." She grinned as he leaned over her more pressing his growing bulge into her rear making her moan before her eyes widened as his lips locked with hers, sure she had several sexual partners in the past not an excessive amount but none had ever kissed her first.

She returned the heated kiss with enthusiasm wondering where the Dragon Slayer had learnt how to kiss so well, she figured Erza taught him. Cana moved her hand down before unbuckling the belt around her waist, Natsu's sensitive hearing picking it up as his tongue fought with Cana's. Cana unbuttoned her top button of her pants, the belt hanging from loops either side of the button. She couldn't believe she was actually about to have sex with Fairy Tail's notorious Salamander, she had grown up with Natsu, they had been friends for years and she never even thought Natsu had a thought like this in his head.

It was always fighting of food with the loveable Dragon Slayer. As Natsu broke the kiss Cana stared into his lust drunk eyes she had to wonder why she had never seen Natsu in this way before, was she too caught up in telling her father the secret that she had kept for so long or just not interested in anything more then a friendship with Natsu? Right now she couldn't even begin to come up with an answer as Natsu's hand began to push her pants to where they sat tightly around her thighs leaving her bent over in her black underwear which matched the black bra she had become accustomed to wearing. She wiggled her hips slightly in a teasing manner and she saw Natsu grin at her.

"Come on Natsu, it's rude to keep a girl waiting." She told him. Natsu grabbed the waistband of her underwear and pulled the fabric down so it rested around her thighs like her pants revealing her smooth ass cheeks to him. She smiled as his hand brushed over one cheek before gripping it firmly. She wiggled her hips under his hand and gave him a naughty smirk before she let out a slight squeal as Natsu rose his hand and smacked it against her ass, her eyes were wide opened as she gripped the bench she was bent over as she stared at the rows of bottles across from her.

Cana couldn't believe Natsu had just spanked her, hard. Even more surprising was how much she had enjoyed it.

Natsu leaned over her once more and kissed her neck again before moving down her back, moving over the thick bra strap that crossed her back and moving down to her lower back, her body shuddering underneath the light kisses he was applying. Reaching down he grabbed the waistband of his own pants and pushed them down to his thighs his cock jutting up and jumping slightly at the sudden release from it's confines.

He pushed forward and Cana gasped as his cock slid up through her ass cheeks, her eyes wide at how big Natsu was compared to her previous encounters with sex. She heard Natsu groan as his gentle thrusts pushed between her cheeks. She ground her ass back as Natsu gripped her naked hips.


"Mmm?" She hummed out, biting her lip not wanting to speak and show how much she was actually enjoying the attention from the Dragon Slayer.

"You're so beautiful." Cana's eyes widened at the sudden compliment of the dragon slayer and looked up to see with the lust building in his eyes there was sincerity in them too. She smiled up at him before moving back pushing against him till her feet were once again on the floor and rose into a standing position, Natsu's cock still pressed between her lower cheeks, she curled an arm up around the back of Natsu's head and pulled him down and forward into a kiss which he returned without hesitation.

His hands curled around her waist, one sliding up and cupping her bra covered breast and massaged the flesh globe while the second descended and ran through the slight trimmed pubic hair making her gasp as his fingers toyed with her opening. Both ground into one another as Cana was panting into the open mouth of the Dragon Slayer as his fingers entered her.

"Natsu, enough." Cana moaned as his two fingers delved deep inside of her until the final knuckle. "I want you, now." She told him staring over her shoulder at him. "All of you, I want it." Natsu nodded his fingers slipping from her insides before Natsu bent her over the bench once more and pressed his cock head up against her opening. "Yes that's it Natsu." She gasped as she felt the large head at her opening. "I don't think this is going to be a one time thing." She thought before she let out a scream as Natsu's cock suddenly pushed her lower lips apart and delved deep into her depths. "Oh god!" She gasped clenching the bench top with both hands gasping for air. "I feel so full!" She gasped before she felt Natsu's presence beside her a slight grin on his face.

"I'm not all in yet." He whispered to her making her eyes widen in surprise she felt Natsu withdraw from her depths making her clench her teeth before her whole body lurched forward as Natsu thrust into her again none to gently, her toes curled as her eyes were closed tight her mouth open in a mixture of awe and shock. That's when she realised it, Natsu's hips were pressed against her ass, his cock was as deep as it could get. She'd never felt anything like this before.

"God you're big!" She gasped as she tilted her head back. "So good..." She moaned as he began to withdraw once more before pushing in again, this time more gentler then the first two making her moan out his name. She felt Natsu lean back off her and grip her hips, her legs were somewhat restricted with how her pants and underwear were wrapped around them so she couldn't exactly do anything with them but simply try to support herself on the bench and rock back into Natsu's on coming thrusts.

"It's so good." Natsu groaned from above her making her smile, at least he was getting as much pleasure out of this as she was.

"Come on baby." Cana purred. "Fuck me hard." She smiled. "Where'd all that bravado go when you spanked me before, don't tell me that was it." She taunted making Natsu look down at her. "You want me right? Then take me. Fuck me!" She ordered and Natsu obliged. Within a couple of minutes Cana was a mumbling mess atop of the bench top as Natsu relentless fucked her silly... literally. Grunts were all that Cana was emitting as Natsu pulled all the way out before thrusting deep again.

"Cana! Ugh! I thought you wanted it like this!" Natsu groaned into Cana's ear, her eyes were rolled into the back of her head as she moaned. Natsu simply smiled as he slowed the thrusts of his hips down making Cana whimper slightly from underneath him as he gently rocked his hips back and forth.

"Fuck..." Cana groaned as she came down from a series of orgasms. "You don't hold back, even during sex. Huh Natsu?" She questioned as she glanced up at him. "Let's change positions ok." She told him making him raise an eyebrow at her making her smile once more as Natsu pulled out of her. She stood on shaky legs before looking over her shoulder at Natsu. "Do you mind?" She questioned as she gestured to her pants, Natsu simply smiled as she crouched down and pulled her pants down her legs and off.

Cana turned around and he looked up at her, her pussy lips were slightly swollen and her hole was gaping slightly. Her thighs were slick with sweat and pussy juice from her climax. Natsu kissed the inside of her thighs making her sigh in pleasure before he rose once more. She glanced down to the erection sticking out from his hips.

"Who knew you'd be a sex machine." She smiled at him before kissing him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her bra clad breasts into his chest. She jumped up slightly and sat on the bar before wrapping her legs around Natsu's hips and pulling him forward. "Now, let's go again." She smiled as she locked lips with Natsu again as he thrust into her once more in the new position. "Ugh god we should of done this ages ago." She moaned into his ear as she wrapped her arms around Natsu's shoulders, she leaned into him and bit his ear. "So should of." She gasped as Natsu thrust into her again making her gasp.

"Let's do it again and again and again." Natsu told her thrusting in with each repeated word making her gasp in pleasure each time.

"Don't make promises you can't keep." She moaned, closing her eyes just enjoying the feeling Natsu was giving her.

"Be with me always." Natsu whispered into her ear making her eyes widen as he leaned down and kiss her shoulder. "We can be like this always." He told her as he leaned her down so her back rested on the bar top, her legs still wrapped around Natsu's waist. "Just us." He finished pulling back at Cana's eyes widened as she stared into the Dragon Slayer's own, his eyes were dead serious.

"N-Natsu, what's gotten into you?" Cana questioned her cheeks heating up slightly and not just from the alcohol in her system or the current sex she was having. Natsu stopped his gentle movements with his hips and placed his hands on either side of Cana and pressed his lips lighly to hers.

"Be mine." He told her.

"L-Like... boyfriend, girlfriend?" She questioned making Natsu take a deep breath of her scent his gaze coming back even more glassy.

"More then that." She gasped as she was laid down long ways on the bench Natsu moving atop of her, her hair lay sprawled out beneath her as she looked up at Natsu with a shy expression, never had someone been like this with her before, wanting to be more then a simple couple true her relationships never lasted long in the first place but she truly didn't know what Natsu was suggesting, was it marriage? She highly doubted it.

"You're drunk." She smiled and he grinned down at her as their hips began to rock against one another again, the two simply getting back to what the current situation was at hand. Leaning down Natsu nuzzled her neck as she wrapped her arms around him as he picked up his thrusts once more. Cana writhed in pleasure beneath the Dragon Slayer wrapping all four of her limbs around him as he continued his movements.

Cana was lost to her pleasure, the eruption of each of her climaxes simply making her loose herself even further when Natsu finally grunted and announced his own climax she simply wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. All she could offer was a silent scream into Natsu's mouth as Natsu released inside of her bringing her to her final climax. Natsu pulled back from the kiss and he looked down at her, both mattered with sweat their hair sticking to their foreheads, a few strands of brown hair connecting with Natsu's forehead made her let out a slight giggle.

"That was..." She sighed with a look of pleasure on her face. "I've never felt that good before Natsu." Natsu simply smiled at her and that's when she realised that Natsu was still hard deep within her, she could fill his cock twitching slightly within her depths but it showed no sign of softening. "Geeze, you're ready to go again!?" She laughed.

"Aren't you?" He questioned making her raise an eyebrow at him.

"Let's go back to my place and we'll see what happens." She smiled as she quickly locked her lips with his Natsu kissing her back. Soon enough, with some idly groping from Natsu the two were dressed and heading out of the guild and heading for Cana's residence, she didn't live in Fairy Hill's like a lot of the girls she simply had an apartment in Magnolia.

Right now she didn't care that Natsu wouldn't be drunk in the morning or if it would be awkward with the Dragon Slayer from now on, she simply cared that Natsu had shown her a new light to him. She wasn't about to let such a catch get away from her easily. She'd fight tooth and nail to keep a man like Natsu at her side.